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Did Zac Efron Use Steroids for Baywatch?

Did Zac Efron use steroids to get in shape for Baywatch? We think that these are the steroids that got him in shape for the movie.

Zac Efron Steroids Baywatch

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Zac Efron is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

You may or may not be familiar with Zac Efron, but this actor’s physique had raised some questions among certain members of the audience – “Is he on steroids?”

What caused people to ask this is simply the fact that his physique has seen a rather sudden and significant change during his preparation for the Baywatch movie. As a matter of fact, his body fat percentage seems to have dropped from around 10% to under 5%. Not only that, but it seems like he put on some additional lean muscle mass on top of that.

Of course, Zac is not someone who just “got ripped” overnight. He had been training for years and had decent bulk for a long time, but one can’t help but ask the above question, especially taking into account the apparent simultaneous fat burning and muscle building. We all know that is impossible without steroids, so is he really taking them? Let’s find out!

Is Zac Efron on Steroids?

It should be pointed out that his current physique actually is attainable naturally. He is hardly a mass monster, and the low body fat is the focal point here. With a proper diet, hard work and enough persistence, many people could achieve that… after years of dedication, of course.

But he didn’t work on it for years. Actually, this transformation took place over the course of several months. That can only be attained if you have the right genetic predisposition for it, which Zac does not. Instead, he has that recognizable lithe ectomorph body shape which. While that does explain the low body fat, it does not support the muscle mass he currently has with it.

He Trained with the Rock

It is fairly obvious that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is using steroids, and the two have been training partners during Zac’s preparation for Baywatch. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Zac is on steroids, but if you’re training with a steroid-user, you are all the more likely to become one yourself.

Facial Muscle Changes

When you take steroids, your testosterone levels reach heights that are far beyond normal. This affects your upper body muscles, even those that you do not train, specifically the jaw and the face.

It is evident that his face is quite a bit “blockier” than it used to be, and that his jawline bulked up too. All in all, these “manly” facial features are the result of high testosterone. Your testosterone levels reach their all-time natural high during puberty, and if your face gains those traits later on in life, as is the case with Zac, it can be safely assumed that they are the result of steroid use.

Aged Skin

In merely two years, Zac Efron his face appears to have aged dramatically. It just so happens that steroid use has been linked to premature ageing, as a result of lower collagen production. What happens at low collagen levels? Your skin becomes thinner, wrinklier and much less elastic.

However, it affects all of the skin, not just the face. Another way to recognize this skin-thinning effect is to pay attention to an individual’s vascularity. Put simply, the thinner your skin, the more veins will be visibly bulging under it. Ever wondered why steroid users are so much more vascular than natural bodybuilders? There you have it. Low body fat and thinner skin, and Zac Efron got them both.

Deeper Voice

When you compare Zac Efron’s current voice with the way he sounded only two or three years ago, you will immediately notice that it’s deeper. This is another telltale sign of steroid use. Testosterone plays a pivotal role in how deep a person’s voice is, and steroids equal very high testosterone.

More Body Hair

In the past, Zac Efron his skin was what you would call “as smooth as a baby’s”. Even his legs, which are often very hair with most people, were extremely smooth. Yet, in the Baywatch movie, he sports a very hairy chest.

Yet again, it can all be attributed to testosterone. Not only would steroid use lead to your body hair thickening, it would also make it grow ridiculously fast. You could shave your chest in the evening, and the hairs would already be growing back the very next morning.

Thinner Hair

Again, once you compare the way Zac Efron his hair looks today to what it looked like a couple of years ago, there is very noticeable thinning there. The culprit? You guessed it, it’s testosterone again. Men are prone to balding exactly because of high testosterone levels, and when you take your testosterone levels to new heights with steroids, it can greatly accelerate the process.

The Final Verdict

All evidence seems to point to the fact that Zac Efron is indeed guilty of steroid use. After all, all the telltale signs are there: rapid fat loss, increased bulk, thicker body hair, facial muscle development, voice deepening long past puberty and so on. Now, what exactly could he be taking?

Very likely, it is winstrol. Zac did not get any enormous muscle mass. Granted, the gains are still there, but the fat burning effect is all the more potent in this case. It just so happens that winstrol fits perfectly here. Why?

  1. It is excellent at burning fat
  2. Winstrol flushes the extra water from the body, which results in that dry look and excellent muscle definition
  3. It only builds a small amount of muscle

The numbers one and two are both very evident in Zac’s case. Extremely low body fat percentage and very dry look all-around leads us to believe that he experienced plenty of both those effects, all the while losing no muscle mass and actually gaining some. Combine this with all the signs of increased testosterone, and all the puzzle pieces fall together.

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