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Does Vin Diesel Use Anabolic Steroids?

Vin Diesel is an American actor popularly known for playing Dominic Toretto. Some people think he has used steroids to build his physique. Did he?

Vin Diesel Steroids

It’s no secret that Hollywood actors have access to the best anabolic steroids, take Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone for example.

Vin Diesel is an actor that’s often subject to steroid allegations. Fitness enthusiasts that have seen the Fast & Furious movies can’t help but think: did the actor use steroids?

In this article, we’re going to find out if there’s truth to the speculations or if the actor has built his muscular physique naturally.

His Measurements

First, let’s have a look at Vin Diesel his measurements. The actor is five foot eleven and weighs 225 pounds. His chest is 53 inches, and his body-fat percentage is approximately 14%.

The actor isn’t as shredded as his colleagues Chris Hemsworth and Mark Wahlberg, but he doesn’t lack in the muscle department.

To find out if his muscles are built naturally or with the help of steroids we must take a look at all the available evidence.


In 2013 the actor was interviewed by Jay Leno. The talk show host addressed the steroid allegations by asking Vin Diesel if he’s ever thought about using any.

Vin responds by saying that the only product that he uses is whey protein and he doesn’t feel the need to take steroids because he doesn’t consider himself a bodybuilder.

This response is no hard evidence by any means, but we do find it suspicious that the actor nearly took half a minute before answering the question, appears to be uncomfortable and immediately switches the topic.

One might think he’s trying to hide something?

His Transformation

If you’re familiar with our blog, you’ll know that we always look at people their gains timeline to determine possible steroid use.

People that have built their muscle mass without steroids have very similar gains timelines. They make the most significant progress in the first few years and then the muscle gains gradually become less.

A steroid user will be able to keep packing on muscle mass where a natural bodybuilder would have hit a plateau. Furthermore, steroid users often blow up in a short time. We’ve seen hard gainers that started using steroids like Dianabol and all of a sudden they packed on 50 pounds of lean muscle mass.

When we look at pictures of Vin Diesel at different ages it seems that he has gradually built his muscle mass over time, so nothing suspicious.

Steroid Symptoms

Vin Diesel is rumoured to use steroids because of the following three symptoms we commonly see in people that use anabolic steroids. 1. Steroid gut 2. A bloated appearance and 3. So-called growth hormone nose.

But does he show these symptoms?


vin diesel bloat

A swollen abdomen is very often the result of human growth hormone. HGH is not a steroid, but it’s considered to be in the same league of performance-enhancing drugs.

Bloating is a symptom we see in HGH users. Natural factors can also cause bloating. However, such bloat only lasts for a short period whereas steroid bloat doesn’t.

Young Vin Diesel had a well sculpted and masculine physique defined by a slim midsection, which is a very natural look. He wasn’t bloated back then. Nowadays he still isn’t bloated. It’s obvious he just gained some fat.

The picture below shows what real steroid bloat looks like:

Facial Features

A symptom that’s typical in HGH users is something called growth hormone nose. When someone uses HGH for more extended periods, their nose will increase in size. This growth is something you can see in Sylvester Stallone, who’s known to have used HGH.

If you look at pictures of Vin Diesel, you can notice that his nose slightly increased in size. However, we think this is merely due to ageing.


Vin Diesel personally claimed that he didn’t use illegal steroids on Jay Leno’s show and we believe him.

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