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Ulisses Jr: Steroids or Natural?

Ulisses Jr is a very successful aesthetic bodybuilder that is rumoured to have used steroids. In this article, we’ll discuss if he’s natural or not.

Ulisses Jr Steroids

The fitness community doesn’t care if a buff bodybuilder uses steroids, look at Calum von Moger for example. However, if a bodybuilder claims to be natural and they’re buff people start wondering, as is the case with Ulisses Jr.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll analyse if the bodybuilder takes steroids or is natural.

Natural Appearance

When we look at Ulisses Jr, we must say the bodybuilder seems pretty natural. His aesthetic physique is entirely in proportion. Muscle groups that are prone to overdevelopment because of steroid use seem normal. We don’t see any of the typical physical tells such as a ‘roid gut’, ‘bloating’, ‘massive delts and trapezius’.

However, from experience, we know that a natural appearance can be deceiving and doesn’t have to mean that someone’s not using steroids.

Some people might assume Ulisses Jr takes steroids because of his size. However, just size is no good indicator of steroids use. There are quite a few big bodybuilders including Mike O’Hearn and Terry Crews that don’t use steroids.

Only if somebody looks artificially huge (guys like Phil Heath) someone’s appearance is enough to determine steroid use.

Drug Tests

Ulisses Jr has competed in several Muscle Mania competitions and won different natural titles. His victories include ‘Universe Natural’ and ‘World Natural’. Muscle Mania conducts drug tests. However, we don’t find these conclusive.

The problem with these tests is that it’s clear when they’ll be conducted, namely directly after the bodybuilders come off stage. This moment allows the athletes, if they want, to plan steroid cycles in such a way that the steroids are out of their system when they have to test. Therefore, the only conclusive drug tests are those conducted at random.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Ulisses Jr plans out steroid cycles, but the possibility that he has competed against juicing contestants is very high.


There are a few pictures to be found online that have convinced people that the bodybuilder has suffered from Gynecomastia, a typical side effect of steroid use.

When we look at these pictures, we’re pretty convinced it’s Gyno as well. This symptom occurs when estrogen levels rise too high due to steroid use, as a result, ‘male boobs’ start to form.

However, Gyno doesn’t have to be the result of steroid use, even though it’s a pretty common side effect.

Gynecomastia is something that may naturally occur, especially during puberty. Looking at old pictures Ulisses Jr potentially had gyno during adolescence, making it less likely that it’s a side effect of steroids.

Gains Throughout the Years

ulisses jr transformation

Looking at a bodybuilder his/ her transformation throughout the years is a significant tool in determining possible steroid use.

Ulisses Jr his transformation raises a few questions.

Natural bodybuilders pack on a lot of muscle when they initially start going to the gym, and it’ll gradually become harder to pack on mass. Simeon Panda‘s transformation is a perfect example.

Approximately 9/10 of gains are made in the first few years of bodybuilding when going the natural route.

Steroid users, however, can experience significant gains where natural bodybuilders would’ve hit a plateau. Typically they suddenly become huge when they start using steroids.

In his teens, the bodybuilder built some decent mass and in his 20’s Ulisses Jr looked like a real bodybuilder. A natural bodybuilder would’ve not been able to pack on much more mass after this point.

However, Jr packed on approximately 40 additional pounds of muscle mass after he should’ve hit a plateau.

Instagram Bio

This bio is not a dominant factor in determining steroid use, but it did catch our attention. Fitness Youtuber LuiMarco accused Ulisses Jr, who long claimed to be the ‘greatest natural bodybuilder’ of being a ‘fake natty’.

Shortly after this video went live on YouTube, the bodybuilder changed his Instagram bio from ‘Natural Bodybuilding Icon’ to ‘The Official Instagram of Ulisses Jr’.

As we’ve said, this can’t be considered a valid argument as there are many possible reasons why a bodybuilder would make such a change to their bio.


In our opinion, it’s likely that the bodybuilder has juiced. His most significant gains took place long after he initially started lifting, which is pretty much impossible without the help of steroids.

We think he might’ve used testosterone since he started gaining a lot of muscle in his 20’s without side effects.

Moderate testosterone use allows bodybuilders to pack on some serious muscle mass while still looking natural.

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