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The Most Successful Natural Bodybuilders

Although steroids are very popular and widely spread, especially in the bodybuilding industry, not everyone has given in to their charms. And the 15 bodybuilders we’ll list here today are the perfect example of that.

Top Natural Bodybuilders

Believe it or not, it’s not that easy to differentiate a natural bodybuilder from a fake one. With the recent rise is steroid development, many bodybuilders can get away with steroid use without anyone noticing. Even an experienced athlete might have a hard time telling who’s a fake natty.

Although steroids are very popular and widely spread, especially in the bodybuilding industry, not everyone has given in to their charms. And the 15 bodybuilders we’ll list here today are the perfect example of that.

Some of these bodybuilders have been accused of using PADs in the past. However, there wasn’t enough evidence to back up the accusations, or they simply turned out to be outright lies.

The men we’ll talk about today are all natural. They’re a real-life proof of how big of a role genetics play in bodybuilding. And even though their appearance can be attributed to their diet and exercise regime, not everyone can reach that level of muscularity. These bodybuilders are handsome freaks of nature, and each of them is unique in his own way.

15. Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

Carter may not be the bulkiest bodybuilder on the list, but he’s definitely worth mentioning. Because he’s all-natural, he doesn’t have the stereotypical ‘Hulk’ physique. However, he has almost no body fat at all. Besides, he’s 6 ft 2and weighs 190lbs, which is absolutely astonishing. But his most prominent feature are definitely his rock-hard abs.

You see, Carter has been actively bulking and monitoring his progress since he was 16. So, his ripped physique didn’t just fall from the sky, it was earned. Despite some of the allegations, Carter has never taken steroids in his life. Still, we can see why someone would assume he had some help getting his incredible physique.

Nowadays, Brandon Carter is a popular fitness instructor, nutritionist, and life coach. He’s also a YouTuber, trying to teach others how to get to where he is today through proper dieting, supplementation, and exercise. Although us viewers might find his advice helpful, we have to face the fact that we’ll never look like him. After all, he was blessed with great genetics, as well as persistence when it comes to exercising and dieting.

14. Connor Murphy

Connor Murphy

Much like Brandon Carter, Connor Murphy is also a fairly successful YouTuber. However, his channel is focused on picking up women rather than fitness and dieting. Still, nobody can deny the effort he put in in order to look that good.

He recently started lifting weights, so he’s not as bulky as he could be. But his progress is evident, and he clearly has the potential. He did have some breaks in the meantime, but in the end, he is a great bodybuilder. With6 ft 2in height, and 196 lbsin weight, Murphy has a near-perfect physique.

Connor Murphy is a human being just like the rest of us. He had his ups and downs when it comes to his muscle size and weight, but he was always natural no matter what. When you look at his childhood photos, you can clearly see that he has always had it in him. It’s fairly clear that he’s not a PAD user, which makes him that much more impressive.

13. Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid was always an athletic type. He started playing sports and exercising when he was 5 years old, and not much has changed until today — except his body. As crazy as it may seem, Seid was already ripped when he was 12 years old, and there’s photo evidence for that, in case you don’t believe us. Currently, Seid is 6 fttall and weighs a whopping 210 lbs.

As far as aesthetic is concerned, Jeff Seid has plenty of it. We can count all of his muscles just by looking at him. He has a bodybuilder’s dream body — a thin waist, pronounced chest, and hard abs. But he’s not just about the appearance. Seid also has a lot of strength and athletic ability.

However, Seid’s physique hasn’t changed much since he was a teenager. That’s when he reached his maximum bulking capacity. But from that point on, he pretty much stayed lean and didn’t work on gains as much as he could have. We believe that if he had continued to bulk, by now he would have probably been at the top of this list.

12. Ryan Terry

Ryan Terry

Ryan Terry was a hunk even before he started lifting weights. He was athletic and loved playing sports. And apparently, that was enough for him to gain muscle. Throughout his life, he competed in multiple pageants and won a couple of titles, such as the Mr. International title. His current weight is 190 lbs, which is more than appropriate considering his height, which is 5 ft 10.

He’s most famous for his bulking method, uniquely called the ‘Terry Bulk.’ This method involves eating and gaining body fat in the off-season, which then turns into muscle. After seeing a couple of his dramatic progress photos, some people were quick to judge him and call him out on steroid use. However, Terry has most likely never ‘juiced’ in his life. At least not in the last decade. After all, he was a part of the UKBFF, so he was regularly tested for PAD use. His tests always came back negative.

During his bodybuilding career, Terry has competed against the best bodybuilders in the business, some of which are on this list, like Rob Riches and Jeremy Buendia.

11. Chris Jones

Chris Jones

We have yet another YouTuber on the list, and this time, it’s Chris Jones, from Physique of Greatness. And just like with the others, Jones was also accused of taking steroids. In all honesty, these accusations were not completely unprecedented. When we look at his before and after pictures, it’s really hard to believe that he managed to get that ripped without any help. In the ‘before’ pictures, Jones has a pronounced belly and much less defined muscles, which is the complete opposite of what he looks like now.

Although that may be true, Jones has never taken any PADs. The truth is — when he got his newbie gains, he didn’t slow down like most young bodybuilders. Instead, he put even more effort into his muscles, eating copious amounts of food, and lifting weights like crazy.

Another evidence that points to his ‘natty’ status is the fact that he is African-American. Men of darker races have naturally high testosterone levels, so it’s very easy for them to bulk up.

10. Mike Thurston

Mike Thurston

Mike Thurston obviously has an insane physique, which led many to believe he’s a steroid user. But that’s completely untrue. Although he hasn’t been tested yet, there is plenty of evidence that proves he’s a natty. For one, he doesn’t have any of the apparent steroid side-effects, such as hair loss, dry skin, etc.

In addition, Thurston was ripped when he was 10 years old! That just goes to show that he had great bodybuilding genetics to begin with, and that he always had the predisposition to be muscular. Despite the excessive use of alcohol during his college years, Thurston managed to not only remain healthy but also gain an incredible amount of muscle. He now weighs 210 lbs, and he is 6 fttall.

Thurston makes his living as a professional bodybuilder and fitness model on Instagram, and he currently has over 400 thousand followers.

9. Rob Riches

Rob Riches

Rob Riches is truly an inspiring figure. He is well-known for being a natural bodybuilder, even though there have been some allegations against him in the past. He has a strong media presence, as well as a popular YouTube fitness channel and Instagram account. On there, he shares all of his bodybuilding tips and tricks and helps others achieve their fitness goals. He’s currently at 190 lbs, which is the perfect weight for his height — 5 ft 10.

Riches did YouTuber once because of a stimulant he took right before a competition. As a result of that, many called him out for being a fake natty. However, just like everyone else on this list, Rob Riches is completely natural.

First of all, he is not a steroid user. Secondly, he competed with the UKBFF, and other strict all-natural bodybuilding competitions, where he was often tested. Besides, Riches puts in a lot of effort into his appearance. He exercises and builds every day. But more importantly, he has a crazy eating regime, which helps him keep his body fat percentage below 7%. Actually, he never went above 7%, which goes to show how determined he is to stay lean.

8. Anton Antipov

Anton Antipov

At first, it may be hard to believe that this monster used to be just a regular skinny guy. Well, to be perfectly honest, even when he was skinny, Antipov had pronounced muscles. A long time ago, he was just into partying, not really looking after his eating and exercising habits. But in 2004, Anton Antipov decided it was time to get serious. He started gaining mass by exercising and ingesting a ton of protein.

The effects were immediate. In the blink of an eye, he turned from a 5 ft 11 regular skinny guy to a 190 lbmonster packing serious amounts of muscle. Consequently, the Internet became rife with rumors about his steroid use. Fortunately, just the fact that he participated in NPC and IFBB competitions discredit any doubts about his natty body. While it hasn’t put an end to the rumors, Antipov is quick to shut up any Internet troll that occasionally comes up.

While he may be blessed with good muscle-building genetics, Antipov had to kick his partying and drinking habits in order to reach perfection. His journey truly started when he quit alcohol in 2007.

7. Jamie Alderton

Jamie Alderton

Without a doubt, Alderton has already proved himself as a capable bodybuilder, participating in competitions such as WBFF, Musclemania, and BNBF. And for someone to be able to participate in serious natural bodybuilding competitions such as these, they have to go through a year-long series of random tests. Even the most cunning bodybuilders couldn’t sneak their way through screenings like those.

Alderton’s body is the perfect combination of genetics combined with a spartan lifestyle. He has been taking great care of his body for quite a while now — ever since he was 13 years of age. You don’t need steroids when you’ve got discipline, heart, and a lot of time. That’s why you can’t see any flushed skin on Jamie Alderton, nor can you see his hairline receding.

What you can see, though, is sponsorship from one of the biggest supplement companies in the world — Grenade. No wonder they chose Jamie Alderton to be their brand ambassador. Who better to represent a supplement company than an all-natural 6 ft 190 lb hunk of muscle?

6. Jeremy Buendia

Jeremy Buendia

If you were to see Jeremy Buendia only on the stage of a bodybuilding competition, you might not be able to recognize him in the street on his off days. This guy likes to enjoy life when he can, and he doesn’t mind letting loose when he’s not competing. However, don’t be fooled by his off-season appearance. When the time comes for Buendia to compete, he loses weight like a professional fighter, not a bodybuilder.

In fact, cutting weight seems to be all Buendia actually does. His excellent genes and a bit of hard work provided him with a beastly body since his late teens. Some critics say that his shoulders are not as developed as they should be for a guy his size — but there’s the catch. If Buendia weren’t all natural, those shoulders would have grown double in size.

Another advantage Buendia has is his weight. Clocking in at 165 lbswhen he’s competing, he’s pretty light for his 5 ft 8. We mentioned before that he likes to let loose, so his weight can reach 190 lbswhen he’s not competing.

5. Steve Cook

Steve Cook

Steve Cook is a prime example of how people of all body types can get their physique close to perfection without any steroid abuse or hormone injections. At 6 ft 1 and weighing a beastly 212 lb, Cook surely is a huge guy. He started out by playing high school football, which was a perfect base for his bodybuilding career.

When Cook finished high school, he was already bulky. Unfortunately, he had too much mass. Since then, Cook has learned to get his eating regime in order, thereby reducing his body fat percentage. His hard work surely paid off, as he has become totally ripped in the meantime. If somebody dispelled the long-known myth of the chicken-legged bodybuilder, it’s Steve Cook.

In recent years, Cook is one of the main bodybuilders in the GymShark crew. Alongside David Laid, he is teaching people how self-discipline combined with a carefully planned out eating and exercising program can make almost anybody become strong and muscular.

4. Mike O’Hearn

Mike O'Hearn

Mike O’Hearn is one of the most talked about bodybuilders in the last few years. There were multiple occasions of people calling him out as a fake and claiming that he does use steroids. Although it is hard to believe that a man so big can exist without any help from steroids, all the evidence suggests that O’Hearn is, in fact, all natural.

For one, Mike O’Hearn is an INBA veteran who competed for a number of years. He even holds four titles with the federation. You see, it is impossible for someone to win 4 titles with the INBA and abuse steroids at the same time. The number of tests O’Hearn went through during this time eliminates the possibility of steroid use.

Secondly, O’Hearn has a long history of bodybuilding. He was more massive than most bodybuilders when he was only fourteen, and he just kept on growing. At 6 ft 3 and 247 lbs, he’s a true-to-life, all natural monster.

3. Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda is easily one of the most recognizable faces (and waists) in the bodybuilding scene. And he always had it in him. When Panda was a kid, he was already bigger than most people in their 30s, and he was just hitting puberty. His excellent genetics didn’t fail him at all, and he continued training and growing until he was about 20. Afterward, Panda stopped focusing on mass and started developing a disciplined eating regime.

What followed next was international recognition by the bodybuilding community for his unworldly physique. Panda is a huge man on all accounts, being 6 ft 1and weighing a whopping 230 lbs. It seems impossible that a man of his size can have such a slim waist. Be that as it may, Panda is rocking that waist that he worked so hard for.

Not wanting for his hard work to get tarnished, Panda agreed to undergo a lie detector test. He swore that he had never taken steroids in his life, and theYouTuber confirmed it. Panda prides himself on his natural physique, and he’s willing to prove it in any way necessary.

2. Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik Hadzovic

Weighing 210 lbsat 5 ft 11, Sadik Hadzovic is another excellent example of how a man can both enjoy life and compete in professional bodybuilding events. Even though you may see him loosen up when he’s in his off-season, he’s pure muscle when he gets up on the stage. Bodybuilders come from many different backgrounds, and Sadik used to be a model before he started competing. His modeling days probably taught him a thing or two about losing weight quickly and efficiently.

Like many other bodybuilders, Sadik seemingly hasn’t grown since his modeling days. Of course, that indicates that he hasn’t done steroids since they would have made him grow even more than he already did. Additionally, his slim model waist wouldn’t be possible if he was juicing.

If you take a closer look at his deltoids, you can easily see that they’re perfectly natural. They don’t have that bloated look as they do in steroid-users. In addition, there are no apparent side-effects, such as acne, receding hairline, or giant traps. It seems like Sadik Hadzovic simply upped his modeling game to a whole new level.

1. Donte Franklin

Donte Franklin

If there is anyone on this list who can take pride in their first-class genetics, it’s Donte Franklin. There aren’t many people on Earth who can build like him. It seems effortless for him to go to the gym and rack on some more muscle. To be honest, he’s probably spent more time in the gym than some of us have spent watching TV. Franklin’s perfect genetics left some space for him to skip on his eating regime, which is why he has more mass than some of the other bodybuilders. He currently weighs 215 lbs, which is a lot considering he’s 6 fttall.

Fortunately for Franklin, mass hasn’t stopped him from competing in the NANBF and INBA. And everyone knows — you can’t compete in either one of the those  while using steroids. In light of all that, we can rest assured that Franklin is indeed all-natural.

If he were only to cut down on his weight just a little more, Donte Franklin just might be the next superstar bodybuilder, following the footsteps of legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Eugen Sandow.

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