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Does Terry Crews Take Steroids?

Terry Crews is an American actor popularly known for his muscular physique. Did he get jacked naturally or with the help of anabolic steroids?

terry crews steroids

If you’ve never seen a commercial starring this guy you probably don’t own a TV. Terry Crews played in numerous advertisements and the actor starred in a few Hollywood blockbusters including White chicks and The Longest Yard.

The Longest Yard is centered around American Football, but did you know Terry Crews actually used to play in the NFL? He played for seven full seasons before he retired in ’97.

The football star turned actor has been surrounded by steroid allegations as long as we can remember. In this article, we’re going to find out if there’s any truth to these.

Natural Claim

terry crews natural bodybuilder

On the 29th of May, 2011 Terry Crews posted to his official Facebook profile that he’s free from steroids, always has been and always will be. He adds that he’s proof you can get big without drugs.

Is he telling the truth? It’s no secret that steroids like Dianabol are readily available to Hollywood’s elite. Then there’s the fact that Terry’s physique plays a huge role in the jobs he gets.

We’ve seen plenty of self-proclaimed natural bodybuilders that turned out to be secret steroid users. In bodybuilding being natural is a unique selling point since most of your colleagues are juicing. Being natural can land you very lucrative sponsorships with supplement manufacturers etc. Hence why lying about being natural is very common.

Naturally Achievable Physique

It’s important to mention that Terry Crew’s physique is attainable without the use of steroids.

Some guys like Mike ‘O Hearn are blessed with great genetics, which is crucial in natural bodybuilding. It’s likely Terry Crews has good genetics as well.

Generally speaking, black men have better genetics for muscle development than people of other ethnicities. If a random black and white men would follow the same diet and workout plan it’s possible the black man gains fifteen pounds of muscle while the white man only gains ten.

Have a look at this picture of a young Kai Greene in which the professional bodybuilder was of similar size as Terry Crews at just seventeen years old. Kai’s arms were approximately sixteen inches here. There’s no way you can get in such great shape at this age unless you’ve got exceptional genetics.

Kai Greene

Healthy Lifestyle

Terry Crews is known to be very health conscious. He finds it extremely important to do lots of cardio next to bodybuilding because cardiovascular exercise keeps your heart healthy.

Terry told bodybuilding.com that he knows a lot of bodybuilders that regularly skip cardio. These guys might look good, but they’re neglecting their overall health.

The actor also is a firm believer in intermittent fasting. Scientific research has proven that intermittent fasting is a great way to keep your body strong on the inside.

Furthermore, Terry says that he’s fully aware that you must lift as heavy as possible to boost testosterone levels, but that it’s also very important not to lift dangerously heavy as you might miss out on gains by injuring yourself.

In our opinion Terry his outlook on health does fit a natural bodybuilder, however, this is no hard evidence of him being natty. Therefore, we have to look at the additional evidence.

Minimal Vascularity

Terry Crews Flexing

The thinner someone their skin is the more their veins pop. This is called vascularity.

Different factors attribute to someone their level of vascularity, such as age, steroid use, fat-percentage and genetics.

Some people naturally have less collagen in the skin making them appear more vascular than others.

Steroids usually significantly increase the level of vascularity as they increase red blood cell production and decrease collagen production. Add developed muscles and a low fat-percentage to the mix and someone will look like a human roadmap.

Therefore, if Terry Crew had used steroids he should be one of the most vascular guys on earth, right? He checks all the other boxes: ✓Age ✓Muscular physique ✓Low body-fat

The thing is, the actor is not veiny at all. Even if he flexes at his absolute hardest there’s no vein to be seen.

This proves to us that Terry Crews has a thick skin. This would’ve been impossible if he had used steroids, steroid use would’ve decreased the collagen in his skin significantly.

Just have a look at a bodybuilder of similar age that has used steroids, Ronnie Coleman for example. You’ll understand what we mean, this guy’s super vascular!

ronnie coleman vascularity

Conclusion: Terry Crews Doesn’t Use Steroids

In conclusion, we’re pretty confident that the actor is all natural. Firstly, he’s always been the same size, steroid users typically gain a lot of muscle out of nowhere. Secondly, Terry’s not vascular at all. Lastly, the actor is all about the healthy lifestyle.

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