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Signs That Sylvester Stallone Used Steroids

Sylvester Stallone fans can’t help but wonder if the buff actor has used steroids to build his signature physique. In this article, I discuss what he (likely) used.

Sylvester Stallone steroids physique

A lot of our readers have requested us to do a steroid analysis for the famous Rocky Actor. Therefore today we’re discussing if Sylvester Stallone has used anabolic steroids.

Nobody can deny that Sylvester Stallone had a fantastic physique throughout his career. Rocky and Rambo have inspired thousands to hit the gym and start working on their bodies; this also explains the great interest in Stallone’s possible help from physique-enhancing drugs.


Let’s start by looking at Mr Stallone his measurements back in his early Rambo days.

Rambo Physique 1982
Stallone in the 1982 movie Rambo: First Blood

Height: 5”5 | Weight: 163-180 lbs | Body fat percentage: 4-8% | Chest size: 50 inches | Waist size: 30 inches | Arm size: 17 inches

When we look at these measurements, we must state that they’re attainable by natural bodybuilders that have good genetics. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the actor has not used steroids. However, one thing must be said, is that to build such a physique a lot of hard work is necessary for which we have to give props to Sylvester.

Furthermore, the most prominent aspect of Sylvester’s Rambo physique is his muscle tone; he had the shrink wrap effect going for him. Let there be no misunderstanding, cutting steroids do help achieve this hard look more effortless.

His Transformation from 29 to 71 Years Old

Time to dig into the central question: Are Sylvester Stallone his gains natural or did he have some help from steroids?

The best way to determine if someone has used anabolic steroids is to look at their muscle development throughout the years. When someone has built a suspicious amount of muscle in a short period or if typical steroid symptoms such as Gynecomastia suddenly appear steroid use is likely. In other words, natural bodybuilders progress in a relatively slow manner compared to steroid users who often suddenly start packing on pounds of muscle.

’75 – Farewell My Lovely

Farewell My Lovely

If we look at Sylver Stallone at the beginning of his career, we notice that he’s already in great shape and nothing suspicious is going on.

’76 – Rocky

Rocky poster

This movie was his big breakthrough and introduced Stallone to the general public. His physique hadn’t changed, his muscle mass and fat percentage seemed to be pretty similar. This physique is easily attainable by lifting regularly, so the chances that he used any steroids here are nihil. His body didn’t change much for  Rocky 2 as well.

’82 – Rocky 3

Rocky 3

Fast forward six years to Rocky 3, and we see a somewhat more shredded Sylvester. We estimate that his fat percentage dropped from about 10% to 7%. Due to this weight-loss, this Rocky has better abs and vascularity. He got a fitter physique at this point, but nothing raises a red flag.

’85 – Rocky 4

rocky 4

Ten years after Farewell my lovely we see Sylvester Stallone in better shape than ever before. In the three years since Rocky 3, the actor has made some serious gains; his muscles appear much fuller and more defined. At this time Sylvester weighed 163 lbs, so he had become super lean for this movie.

We estimate that he reduced his body-fat percentage from around 7% to 4% for this movie. In the low single digits, every bit will drastically change your appearance. At this point, Rocky could’ve participated in a professional bodybuilding competition.

However, it’s worth mentioning that his cutting progress could’ve been natural given the three-year time frame. However, it’s questionable.

Furthermore, Sylvester Stallone is known to have hired former Mr Olympia Franco Columbo to help him get in shape for this movie. It’s common knowledge that during this era well-known bodybuilders such as Franco, Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno cycled steroids to build their ripped physiques.

Sylvester Stallone and Franco Columbu
Sylvester Stallone (Left) and Franco Columbu (Right)

If we look at pictures from both Sylvester Stallone and his trainer during the ’70s, we notice that they share a similarity, namely flushed skin. This reaction is a common effect of cutting steroids such as Clenbuterol.

Did Franco put Rocky on cutting steroids?

’88 – Rambo 3

Rambo 3

At this time Sylvester Stallone was 42, and he looked better than ever! Playing the legendary character Rambo he had even fuller muscles than before and appeared to be even more cut.

Something else that’s noticeable is that his skin turned even more flushed as during Rocky 4, which contributes to the idea that the actor had started taking cutting steroids.

’93 – Demolition Man

sylvester stallone demolition man

It’s 1993, and our favourite action movie actor stars in the blockbuster Demolition Man together with Wesley Snipes. In this movie Sylvester Stallone doesn’t look “just fit”, he seems like an absolute beast! Since Rambo, he has made enormous muscle gains, which raises another flag.

The thing is, people can pack on the most significant amount of muscle mass in the first few years of lifting, because of the new stimulus the muscles experience. Significant gains during a later stage of a bodybuilders life often are the result of steroid use, especially if they’re as substantial as those of Sylvester.

On the other hand, say Sylvester had taken a bulking steroid such as Dianabol then he would’ve probably become even more significant and less defined. So my first guess is that he has taken steroids which help to pack on lean muscle mass, such as HGH.

And that’s not everything; there are more signs that he has used HGH.

Proof of Growth Hormone Use

Sylvester Stallone facial change
Sylvester Stallone his facial change

After appearing in Demolition Man Sylvester Stallone acted in several more movies including Rocky and Rambo spins-offs and TheExpendables. At this time the actor was 60 and still was in great shape! But the case for HGH usage got stronger, his waist had become more substantial, and the actor appeared to be somewhat bloated, which are common HGH effects. Additionally, his head seemed to more significant and not due to a bad diet, because he was still in great shape; this also points towards HGH use.

Furthermore. in ’08 NBC interviewed Sylvester Stallone and he admitted to using HGH after being arrested with nearly 50 bottles of HGH during travels. However, Sylvester goes on to deny having used HGH for bodybuilding purposes, which we find questionable.  There’s one thing we partially agree on; he mentions that HGH is not going to get you in shape, it’s the years and years of training that does. This statement is partially true as we can’t deny that HGH does help in the process of getting more muscular.

Watch the NBC interview below:


It’s clear that Stallone has used HGH, although he claims to have used it for different purposes than bodybuilding, which many people find hard to believe. Human Growth Hormone use could’ve played a big part in building his physique later during his career.

Furthermore, we think he may have used Clenbutrol around the time Rocky 4 came out due to his very cut and dry appearance at the time.

To conclude, Sylvester Stallone might’ve had some help from HGH and cutting steroids such as Clenbutrol. Both products help bodybuilders pack on lease muscle mass and get shredded. However, we must give him huge props for being in such great shape throughout his career and at his current age.

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