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Did Steven Cao use Steroids?

Steven Cao, the twenty-two-year-old bodybuilder is admired by thousands for his amazing physique. The question is, did he use steroids or is he natural?

Steven Cao Steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Steven Cao is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

At just twenty-two, Steven Cao is a pro-bodybuilder and social Rockstar. He’s got an enormous fan base with over 300 thousand followers on the gram. It comes as no surprise that various sports brands want to work with this fitness icon. His 85k YouTube subscribers get to see him wear sponsored gym gear and use BPI Sports supplements.

It’s obvious that Steven Cao has a huge following, as many of you requested us to research if he’s used steroids.

Steven Cao his v-taper is likely his most popular feature, his lats are humongous, especially combined with his slim waistline. You’d almost think he could fly, that’s how wide he appears to be.

Let’s have a look at his statistics:

Height: 5’2

Weight: 179 pounds

Fat percentage: 4-6 percent

Now it’s time to determine if he achieved his physique in a natural way or if he’s juicing. Fact is that if he’s juicing it’s not too obvious, which can’t be said for Chul Soon for example.

He Doesn’t Claim to Be Natty

We typically see guys that deny steroid use to make sure we all know, for example by:

  • Using hashtags such as #natty or #natural all over the internet (Mike O’Hearn)
  • Having a page on their website about not using performance-enhancing drugs (Helmut Strebl)
  • Mentioning it in their social media profiles (Jeff Seid)

Steven Cao doesn’t do any of these things

This doesn’t immediately mean that he’s on steroids, of course, many bodybuilders don’t feel the need to communicate that they’re natural or just don’t care. Some are never accused of steroid use, so why would they.

Steven Cao, on the other hand, gets accused of juicing every single day. Just have a look at his insta pics, the needle emoji is💉 featured as a comment underneath most of his pics.

This is a red flag, he gets accused of steroid use on a daily basis but doesn’t communicate if he is, in fact, using steroids or natural. But again, the fact that he doesn’t respond to these accusations doesn’t mean that he’s a user of anabolic steroids. So, we’ll have to dig a bit deeper.

His Physique

As previously mentioned there are no huge tells that stand out on Steven his physique.

The only thing worth mentioning is that his veins are incredibly visible for a 22-year old, this is because guys his age have a naturally thick skin due to peak collagen production. It’s a known fact that steroids enhance vascularity because they increase muscle mass and thin the skin.

It is, however, possible that Steven his skin is thin due to genetics. Just pointing out his vascularity is not a solid argument to claim that Cao is juicing. However, we’ve never seen such great vascularity in other natural guys of his age.

Steven Cao Physique

His Transformation

Analyzing someone their transformation is often the most reliable way to determine steroid use. Fortunately, we’ve found some of Steven Cao his older bodybuilding pictures. He started working out when he was 16, and as you can see he was in pretty good shape as a teen (left pic).

Steven Cao Transformation

If his size remained similar to his teen physique there would be no red flags. This is because most significant muscle gains are made during the first few years of working out. For those wondering why that’s because during this period the stimulus has the most impact on your muscles. Later on, even the most experienced natural bodybuilders don’t pack on a lot more muscle.

Steven Cao however, has approximately gained an additional forty to fifty pounds of lean muscle mass in just 5-years. Furthermore, his body fat percentage decreased significantly. This is about the same amount of muscle someone would be able to pack on within this timeframe if on steroids.

In our opinion, there is no logical explanation for his huge size increase except for steroid usage. Steven, however, says that’s it due to the fact that he got better and more efficient at working out the older he was. Therefore, his mass increase could be due to an enhanced diet and workout plan.

We find this unlikely because even if you’re not working out at full capacity, or don’t lift daily, your body is still going to be affected by the stimulus. As explained, this is the reason why the most gains are made when you start with fitness.

So Did Steven Cao Take Steroids?

We believe Steven Cao has likely started experimenting with steroids around the age of eighteen. His first serious gains date back to when he was 16, but it wasn’t until he turned 18 that he really started packing on pounds of muscle mass.

Steven does have a natural appearing physique and doesn’t seem to be bloated or anything. Therefore it’s unlikely that he has used many steroids. Our guess is that he used something like a testosterone booster to pack on the forty to fifty pounds of muscle mass. This due to the fact that testosterone doesn’t have that many side effects that can be seen. Furthermore, testosterone is a great fat burner, which would explain his amazing vascularity.

Keep in mind that it’s not possible to pack on 40 to 50 pounds of muscle with a few testosterone cycles. It’s the combination of using testosterone over a longer period while busting your ass in the gym for at least a couple of years and a carefully selected bodybuilding diet.

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