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Does Steve Cook Use Steroids?

Steve Cook is popularly known for his aesthetic physique. In this article, we’ll analyze if he’s built his physique with or without the help of steroids. 

Steve Cook steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Steve Cook is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Steve Cook is a popular American bodybuilder who competes in the “Mens Physique” division. This division focusses mainly on Aesthetics. The best-known bodybuilder in this Mr. Olympia division is Jeremy Buendia.

Together with his many ventures bodybuilding is Steve Cook his full-time job. The athlete is sponsored by supplement manufacturer Optimum Nutrition and bodybuilding site bodybuilding.com. Furthermore, Steve Cook owns his own clothing company “Swoldier Nation”, a name that refers to his followers.

Currently, the bodybuilder has acquired over 900.000 Facebook fans. As you can image, the queues at his meet & greet at expos are huge.

For those wondering how Steve Cook has acquired such a huge fan base, we think it’s due to the following three factors: 1. he’s super jacked, 2. Steve claims to be natty, and 3. he is a genuinely nice guy.

His Measurements

Height: Six foot one

Weight: 212 pounds

Body-fat: Seven %

Arms: Nineteen inches

Natural Bodybuilder

Steve Cook shredded

Steve Cook doesn’t really share his view on steroid use. However, he does, indirectly claim that he’s a natural bodybuilder via his body space page. On his profile, he states that it’s his goal to develop a natural physique similar to that of legends such as Frank Zane.

He doesn’t say “I’m natural” or “I don’t use steroids” on this page. However, it’s clear that he’s trying to communicate that he’s natural.

In this article, we’re going to find out if he’s indeed a natural bodybuilder. In the past, other athletes have lied about being natural for various reasons. For example, there are bodybuilders that deny steroid use because of their image or they don’t want to promote steroid use.

Gains Throughout the Years

Steve Cook transformation

When we look at older pics of Steve we notice that he build the most significant muscle mass during his High School years when he played football. His arms even appear slightly bigger than they are nowadays.

According to Steve Cook himself, he weighed 235 pounds in this photo, which is approximately 20 pounds heavier than he’s now.  As a bodybuilder, he mainly learned to cut and become more shredded.

Because his muscle mass remained similar since this photo was shot our guess is that he didn’t use any steroids since otherwise, he’d be ridiculously huge by now.

The possibility does exist that Steve Took steroids to build muscle in high school. But we don’t think is very likely. Someone that uses performance-enhancing drugs as a football player would even more likely do so as a bodybuilder.

Symptoms of Steroid Use

If you look at any photo of Steve Cook you’ll see that he always appears natural, he doesn’t show any typical symptoms of steroid use such as bloating, steroid gut, acne or gynecomastia. However, as most of you know, a natural appearance doesn’t have to mean someone doesn’t use steroids.

Drug Testing History

As we’ve stated Steve Cook has participated in the Men’s Physique division of Olympia. Additionally, he has competed with the NPC.

The NPC directly states on their website that they’re a federation of natural bodybuilders, but they don’t mention drug tests on their website. Pretty shady?

We did find some info in regards to NPC’s drug tests on bodybuilding internet forums. The Federation supposedly tests for steroids via piss tests when athletes come off stage after competing. These tests are far from conclusive since they’re both easy to manipulate and not conducted at random.

If you want to pass tests like these but keep using steroids all you need to do is plan your cycles in such a way that the substance is cleared from your system on the day of the test.

The Mens Physique division of Mr. Olympia also doesn’t share any information about drug tests on their site.

To conclude, it’s likely that Steve Cook has been tested for steroids at some point in his career, but these tests probably weren’t conclusive.

This, of course, does not indicate that Steve has used steroids. However, it would’ve been easier for our verdict if he’d competed with a federation known to thoroughly test for drugs.


The bodybuilder didn’t pack on any muscle after his high school football career. This is something we see often in big natural bodybuilders. They gain a lot of mass when they innately start lifting and slowly their progress comes to a stop.

Furthermore, Steve Cook shows zero signs of steroid use. Therefore, we have to conclude that it’s very unlikely that Steve’s used steroids.

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