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Why You Shouldn’t Use Anabolic Steroids

Ever since they first came to be, steroids have been controversial. Opinions remain divided on this topic. Are steroids really as bad as some people say? Or are they, in fact, safe? Is the fuss surrounding their side-effects actually totally uncalled for?

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These questions certainly have the ability to spark up a fiery debate.

The truth is β€” none of them have a definitive answer. Although media contributed to the spreading of the misconceptions about steroids, they are not entirely untrue. Steroids can be dangerous, but not as often as the general public might think.

There are certain guidelines that steroid manufacturers have to follow. Still, not every brand opts to do so. That’s why currently on the market, we can see both legal, as well as illegal steroids.

Legal Steroids

Legal steroid brands are the ones that follow all the safety and health guidelines. These brands typically come from reliable and reputable companies that you can trust. We always recommend buying legal products, as they are least likely to cause you any harm.

Still, some users find the legal steroids too mild, or they simply don’t want to pay that much for them.

Illegal Steroids

The illegal steroid industry is quite popular nowadays. People often want results quick and without breaking a sweat. Similarly, people also want to become fit overnight. And steroids offer them just that, at least in theory.

Companies take advantage of that by creating illegal versions of steroid products. Basically, they create counterfeit products of legal steroids and sell them at a lower price. The thing is β€” these illegal brands don’t always display their list of ingredients honestly. That’s usually because they use highly illegal substances in their steroid products. With these kinds of products, you never know what you’re getting.

It is important to note that if you consult with your doctor before taking steroids, and go to regular check-ups, you probably won’t experience any issues. On the other hand, taking steroids that you bought online from a dodgy looking company most likely won’t end well.

Steroid Abuse

Another reason why steroids are deemed dangerous is due to all the horror stories people tell about them. However, these stories are not always as they seem. Some of them are sheer lies, and some of them are fabricated to a certain extent.

What we mean by ‘fabricated’ is that some of these storytellers concealed the fact that they abused the steroids. They probably took huge amounts of steroids or completely disregarded the instructions. And in all honesty, every drug can be dangerous if you abuse it.

There are plenty of doctors who prescribe steroids as part of a patient’s therapy. For example, Anavar (a common anabolic steroid), can help burn victims recover faster. So, obviously, steroids are not all that bad.

The Bottom Line

Are steroids as risky and dangerous as the rumors say?

The answer is both yesΒ and no.

Illegal steroids can be dangerous, even lethal. Therefore, we recommend you stick to legal steroids.Β 

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