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Does Simeon Panda Take Steroids?

Simeon Panda is a British bodybuilder and YouTuber that claims to be natural. Is he telling the truth or did he use steroids? Find out here.

Simeon Panda Steroids

Many bodybuilders would kill for Simeon Panda his big upper body and slim midsection hence, why many people wonder if Simeon built his physique all natural or with the help of steroids. Simeon claims that he’s 100% natural.

The bodybuilder is doing great career-wise. Recently he became a Muscle Mania Pro, and he got sponsored by supplement manufacturer MyProtein. These events put Simeon Panda in the big leagues together with icons such as Ulisses Jr.

To put his popularity into perspective, Simeon Panda has approximately five million Facebook fans, that’s more than both Phil Heath, and Kai Greene have.

When you’ve got such a large fan base, and you claim natural, questions will arise naturally. Some wonder if Simeon is lying about not having used steroids. Is he? In this article, we’re going to find out.


Anyone can see that Simeon Panda is a buff guy, but exactly how big is he?

Simeon is about six foot one and weighs 230 pounds. He currently sits around 7 per cent body fat. His arms are 21 inches, his chest 50 inches and his midsection 31 inches.

These are insane numbers for a natural bodybuilder. We get why some people suspect that he uses steroids by looking at his stats alone.

But if we want to find out if he’s juicing or not we have to look at more factors.

Arnold Argument

Simeon Panda vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

Several industry experts have accused Simeon Panda of steroids use merely on the fact that he resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Amongst these experts is Jason Blaha Fitness.

Arnold took steroids back when he was a professional bodybuilder, so when people noticed that Simeon Panda is the same size as Arnold used to be, they automatically assumed he used steroids.

Although they share some physical similarities, they’re far from the same size. When we compare the two bodybuilders, we can see that Arnold had at least 30 pounds more muscle.

The evidence is even in the statistics. As we’ve mentioned Simeon his chest is 50 inches, that of Arnold was 58 inches. Eight inches is a huge difference!

To conclude, even if Simeon Panda was more significant than Arnold you shouldn’t automatically assume he uses steroids.

Drug Testing History

Simeon Panda competes with Muscle Mania. Unfortunately, their drug tests are easy to manipulate.

Why? That’s because they conduct drug tests the moment a bodybuilder comes off the stage and not at random. The athletes know exactly how to plan their steroid cycles. They’d have to make sure that steroids are no longer in their system before the test.

Of course, the fact that Muscle Mania their tests are easy to pass doesn’t mean that Simeon Panda uses steroids. So we must look at the additional evidence.

His Transformation

Simeon Panda transformation

One way that helps determine steroid use is looking at a bodybuilder his transformation. Natural bodybuilders gain most muscle in the first few years. At some point every natural bodybuilder hits a plateau, at this point, it becomes much harder to pack on additional muscle.

What this means is that when you see a bodybuilder who’s been working out for years that suddenly packs on significant amounts of muscle mass, it’s likely due to help from steroids. Is this the case for Simeon Panda?

When we look at the picture above, we can see that he has gained most of his mass during his first few years of bodybuilding, after that he gradually became more prominent. His overall gains timeline seems very natural.

It would have been suspicious if he had become much more significant after 2009.

Slim Midsection

We rarely get to see a midsection as thin as that of Simeon Panda on a guy of his size. That’s because steroids like HGH help build a big midsection. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger his waist was 3 inches wider than that of Simeon.

Lie Detector Test

Simeon is well aware of the steroid accusations. Therefore he decided to partake in two independent tests, a polygraph, and a hair follicle test.

The polygraph (lie detector) test is by Mr Cargill, the NADAC senior examiner and chairman of many polygraph associations, including those of the UK and US. In other words, this is the examiner you need to hire for conclusive polygraph tests.

Mr Cargill usually conducts tests for criminal cases, but this time he was going to find out whether Simeon Panda used steroids or not.

Cargill asked Simeon if he’d taken steroids, human growth hormone or other performance-enhancing drugs. The bodybuilder denied all allegations and swore that he’s natural.

Simeon passed the test which is 98% accurate; this means that Simeon most likely is a natural bodybuilder.

However as sceptical as we are we need more proof than a passed lie detector test. Fortunately, there is.

Hair Follicle Test

Simeon Panda also had a hair follicle test done. These tests can prove if someone has used steroids or any form of performance-enhancing drugs in the past 90 days.

Simeon passed this test as well.

The problem with this test is that it was not at random, it took place on a pre-determined date. This timing means that the bodybuilder could’ve stopped using steroids for three months to pass the test.

We hope that Simeon Panda one day gets tested at random so there’d be a real conclusive test verdict. Maybe he’ll participate with one of those federations that do so?

Addressing the Allegations

Simeon Panda uploaded a video to YouTube in which appears together with colleague bodybuilder Ulisses Jr. In this video, Simeon says that he has never used steroids.

This video is no proof, but it adds to the list of things the bodybuilder has tried to prove that he’s natural. He got tested several times and took the time to address the allegations on video.

Great Genetics

Some people are under the impression that just taking steroid is all it takes to become as big as a Mr Olympia contestant.

The huge bodybuilders that use steroids, such as Phil Heath and Kai Greene were already big before they started juicing. They have great genetics.

Just have a look at these two bodybuilders at the beginning of their careers, when they were still natural:

Young Kai Greene

If these guys didn’t start using steroids, there would still be people doubting their naturalness. Simeon Panda has similar genetics to these guys.

Just genetics won’t get you there. Hard work is required, and that’s what makes Simeon Panda so successful as a bodybuilder, he works his ass off.


We came to this verdict because after analysing all the evidence it’s much more likely that he’s natural than that he’s taking steroids. 1. He passed various tests and 2. His gains timeline is natural. 3. The bodybuilder has never shown any side effects.

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