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Does Sergi Constance Use Steroids?

Sergi Constance has taken bodybuilding by storm. He has built one of the greatest physiques in the sport. Did he do so naturally or with help from steroids?

sergi constance steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Sergi Constance is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Sergi Constance is a twenty-seven-year-old professional bodybuilder from Spain. The athlete has been featured on the covers of several leading fitness magazines including ‘Muscle & Fitness’.

The bodybuilder also is a successful entrepreneur that runs his own clothing company and works with supplement manufacturers such as MyProtein.

Some of our readers have requested us to find out if this Spanish bodybuilder has used steroids. That’s what we’re going to find out today.

His Measurements

First, let’s have a look at Sergi Constance his stats.

Height: Six foot one

Weight: 207 pounds

Body Fat: 5 percent

Gains Timeline

By looking at one’s gains throughout the years we’re capable of pinpointing suspicious gains. For example, if someone has steadily gained muscle for a long time, but then all of the sudden packs on a humungous amount of muscle steroid use is likely.

The picture below shows Sergi Constance his transformation. The left part is him in 2010 and the right part is the bodybuilder in 2015. What we can conclude is that over the course of these 5-years the bodybuilder didn’t really pack on a lot of muscle mass. However, he did shred some serious body fat, to our estimation, he went from 8 to 5 percent.

sergi constance transformation

This picture really shows how a lower fat percentage enhances one’s physique, but it doesn’t indicate steroids use.

Earlier Days

A question that arises is, did Sergi Constance use steroids prior to 2010? Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a picture of the bodybuilder this far back. Therefore we can’t determine if Sergi has built muscle with steroids earlier in his career.

The amount of muscle the Spanish athlete had in 2010 is attainable without steroid use, although it isn’t easy and genetics play a big part.

We don’t think the bodybuilder has used any performance-enhancing drugs. Because there are no other transformation pictures it’s likely Sergi Constance has been this size for many years. Natural bodybuilders make their significant gains in the first few years that they work out. The more years you’ve been lifting the less impact it will have on your muscle tissue. In other words, newbs can grow muscle at a quicker rate than people who’ve been bodybuilding for a longer time.

Enhanced Vascularity

The one thing that’s really noticeable in Mr. Constance’s transformation picture is how vascular he’s gotten. His veins really pop now.

Enhanced vascularity can be a result of steroid use, as some steroids, like Dianabol increase red blood cell production and thin skin.

However, it’s also a likely result of fat-loss. Many bodybuilders don’t get vascular until their body-fat percentage drops below 6 percent. Sergi dropped from 8 to 5 percent over the course of 5-years which is a logical explanation for his improved vascularity.

Trenbolone Shoulders

Some people on bodybuilding forums have pointed out that Sergi Constance his shoulder muscle are exceptionally well developed. Some people even go as far as suggesting that he has ‘tren shoulders’.

Wide and huge shoulders can be the result of using an androgenic bulking steroid such as Trenbolone. That’s because the shoulders have a lot of androgen receptors, which means steroids have can have more effect on the muscles.

In our opinion, Sergi’s traps are perfectly in proportion to his body and not that humungous as on typical steroids users. Therefore, we think that his big shoulders are a result of good training and genetics rather than steroid use.

If he’d taken Trenbolone or a similar product his traps would likely be as impressive as his delts.

Bodybuilding Competitions

sergi constance competition

Some bodybuilders compete in competitions exclusive to natural bodybuilders. The federations behind such contests often conduct strict drug tests. Therefore if a bodybuilder has recently competed in such a contest the likeliness of steroid use is basically nihil.

Sergi, however, has only competed with federations that don’t do drug tests, including the NPC and IFBB. Therefore we can’t use any testing records to determine that he’s natural.

Verdict: Sergi Constance Doesn’t Use Steroids

We’ve decided on this because the Spanish bodybuilder has not shown any steroid tells between 2010 and 2015. He doesn’t suffer from any side effects such as dry skin, male boobs, roid gut, bad skin or artificial traps.

Sergi Constance definitely is a big guy, but everyone (with good genetics) can achieve his physique naturally. However, this definitely won’t be easy. As shown by Sergi it takes years of dedication and hard work.

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