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Does Sadik Hadzovic Take Steroids?

Sadik Hadzovic is a professional bodybuilder that has competed in ‘Men’s Physique’ and ‘Classic Physique’. Some think he uses steroids. Does he?

Sadik Hadzovic steroids

Sadik Hadzovic is a professional bodybuilder that has won 4 IFFB Men’s Physique championships including the ’15 Arnold competition. Most of you know him from the Mr Olympia stage where he won silver two times in a row. He lost to Jeremy Buendia both times.

For those who are unaware, the Men’s Physique competitions he participates in are no regular contests. This class focusses on Aesthetic physiques, such as that of Jeff Seid. Unlike in general bodybuilding, size is not the main focus.

A typical aesthetic bodybuilder is muscular and has a slim waist accompanied with a v-taper.

Something you often find in aesthetic athletes such as Sadik Hadzovic is that they appear more massive than they are. Take Buendia for example; the guy only weighs 164 pounds when he’s competing; this goes to prove that if you’ve got a slim waist and small joints you can still appear very muscular without the need for tons of muscle mass.

Career Switch

sadik hadzovic vs jeremy buendia

Because Sadik lost Mr Olympia Men’s Physique twice, he decided to try out in a new division, the “Classic Physique”. In this division, contestants strive to build physiques similar to that of old-school bodybuilders. Although very similar to Men’s Physique, more mass is required.

His Measurements

Height: five foot eleven

Weight: 190 pounds (competition), 210 pounds (off-season)


sadik hadzovic vs frank zane

Repeatedly readers have asked us to examine whether or not Sadik Hadzovic has used steroids. That’s what we’re going to find out in this article.

One of the main reasons people think the bodybuilder might have used steroids is because his measurements are very similar to those of ‘The Chemist’ a.k.a. Frank Zane, a bodybuilder and Olympia legend that has used anabolic steroids.

Frank Zane was 5 foot nine, weighed 185 pounds on stage and 200 pounds during the off-season. Sadik is 5 pounds heavier, but he’s also two inches taller.

In our opinion, this is not enough evidence to say someone’s on steroids, although we get why it gives people the idea.


Young Sadik Hadzovic

Fact is that bodybuilding is more manageable for individuals that have great genetics. Natural Bodybuilding legends such as Mike O’Hearn often have genetics on their side.

When we take a look at a photo of Sadik before his bodybuilding days (he was a model at the time) we see a guy that already had quite a good physique at a young age.

If a guy gains a lot of muscle all of a sudden then this a likely indicator of steroid use, Sadik, however, had genetics on his side from the beginning.

Controversial Gains

Sadik Hadzovic's 4 year transformation

Sadik has shared a transformation photo of himself via his socials that caught the fitness community its attention. People highly doubt that these gains are natural given the relatively short 4-year time frame.

We must admit, he looks humongous in the after foto compared to the before photo. It is however relatively easy to appear bigger by getting a severe pump from lifting and flexing your arms. The pose in this transformation picture creates the illusion of artificial gains.

Just a few weeks ago Hadzovic uploaded another picture that shows him posing. As you can see he didn’t gain that much size.

The real change is that Sadik is not retaining the same amount of water he did in 2016 and he has got better conditioning and more enhanced muscles (look at those delts!)

Furthermore, you must keep in mind that he switched to a division that requires a different approach. Classic Physique requires more mass than Men’s Physique. When we look at Sadik his gains, we think they can be achieved naturally throughout a few years.


To conclude, we think the bodybuilder has amazing genetics but doesn’t juice.

Sadik doesn’t show any typical side effects of synthetic steroid use such as Gynecomastia or Baldness.

Natural bodybuilders experience 9/10 of their gains at the beginning of their career. After a couple of years, they’ll start packing on less muscle mass with each year. The same goes for Sadik. He didn’t get that much bigger.

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