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Does Ryan Terry Use Steroids?

Ryan Terry is a famous IFBB bodybuilder and ex Mr Britain. Did this Brit build his signature physique with the help of steroids or naturally?

Ryan Terry steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Ryan Terry is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Ryan Terry is a British bodybuilder that has competed against industry heavyweights like Jeff Seid in competitions such as Men’s Physique and Mr Olympia.

Ryan got the fourth prize in ’14 and second in ’16 on the Olympia stage, when he lost to Jeremy Buendia.

The bodybuilder has always been into sports, as a kid, he loved gymnastics and swimming. He became very interested in bodybuilding as a teenager because the sport increased his confidence.

Ryan Terry loves to be on stage, prior to his first bodybuilding competition he won Mr Britain and Mr International. These are competitions focused on being the ‘perfect man’.

Ryan has never commented on the use of anabolic steroids on any of his social channels. He neither claims natty or steroid use directly.

The bodybuilder’s physique is definitely attainable in a natural manner. However, as we’ve seen in the past this doesn’t guarantee someone’s actually completely natural. Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss whether he has taken steroids or not.

His Measurements

Height: five foot ten

Weight: 187 pounds

Body-fat: 5 percent

Suspicious Photo

Ryan Terry Transformation
Via bodybuilding.com

There’s a photo that has circulated bodybuilding forums for a while now which has raised suspicion in the bodybuilding community. This photo shows Ryan Terry his transformation from April 2013 to March 2014.

Many fitness enthusiasts argue that the bodybuilder has packed on more muscle than naturally possible.

However, there are two things people don’t consider:

1. Both pictures are taken in a gym. What this means is that the 2014 photo could’ve been taken just after Ryan’s workout, so he could’ve had a nice pump going making his muscles appear bigger than they actually were.

2. The April 2013 picture was taken just before the bodybuilder competed in the UKBFF, so he was dieting hard.

Natural bodybuilders that diet hard in preparation for a competition are more likely to lose muscle mass since their calorie consumption is lower than usual. As a result, they’re likely to look flatter, because the muscles retain less water and Glycogen.


This picture of the bodybuilder earlier in 2013 proves point 2:

ryan terry 2015
Via ryanterry.co.uk

His pose might be different, but the Bodybuilder definitely had more muscle mass a few months prior to when the April ’13 picture was taken. Therefore, it’s assumable he regained his normal water and glycogen levels after competing.

Furthermore, if Ryan has taken steroids during this period he definitely did something wrong, because he should’ve had a lot more muscle mass than in the ’14 picture.

To be precise, Ryan Terry packed on approximately 5-10 pounds of muscle mass between April ’13 and March ’14. If he’d used steroids a lot more would’ve been easily possible. Just look at Bradley Martyn’s transformation for an example.

Drug Tests

Ryan has competed in a couple of UKFBB competitions. However, these competitions only test athletes when they come off the stage. This allows bodybuilders to be smart with their steroid use and stop just in time for a competition. Therefore, these tests aren’t enough to claim natty.

The IFBB competitions he competed in do not test at all. We guess this will only surprise you if you were under the impression that heavyweights like Phil Heath and Kai Greene were natural.

So, unfortunately, we can’t determine if Ryan Terry is juicing based on drug testing history.

His Transformation

ryan terry before after

There are no pictures of a really young Ryan Terry to be found online. However, in comparison to his Mr Britain days (2011), the bodybuilder has a similar physique. The only real difference is that he has packed on a few pounds of extra muscle. Considering the 6 year period we think it’s assumable that these gains are natural.

Ryan says he improves his physique with traditional bulking and cutting periods. If he were on steroids he’d be able to maintain his optimal physique throughout the year without the need to bulk up and then cut down.


Ryan doesn’t show any of the typical synthetic steroid side effects such as hair loss, extreme vascularity, flushed skin, water retention, steroid gut, gynecomastia, huge traps or disturbed skin.

Verdict: Ryan Terry Doesn’t Take Steroids

Ryan Terry has a great physique, and although he must’ve worked really hard for it we do think he’s got great genetics. He slowly gained some muscle mass throughout the years, not because of steroid use but by bulking every winter.

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