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Does Rob Riches Take Steroids?

Rob Riches is a bodybuilder that failed the UKBFF drug test but claims to be a lifetime natural. Is he secretly juicing or in fact natty?

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Rob Riches is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Rob Riches is a British bodybuilder who takes a lot of pride in his lifetime natural status, meaning that according to himself he has never used anabolic steroids of any sort.

The bodybuilder is quite popular, he has acquired a huge social following. His Instagram page @robrichesfitness has over 180.000 followers.

He also has a lot of success with his informative YouTube videos on bodybuilding, or as he likes to call them ‘Physique Hacks‘.

One thing is certain, Rob is one of the most dedicated bodybuilders out there. His definition of a cheat meal isn’t McDonald’s, but a fruity sandwich with some jam smeared on top.

Many fitness enthusiasts consider Rob Riches the perfect example of a natural bodybuilder, hence why many of our readers requested us to find out if he indeed is natty.

Did Rob Riches build his 180 pounds, 5’11, and 5% body-fat physique all natural or did he have some help from steroids? Let’s find out.

Rob Riches Drug Testing History

In 2013 Rob Riches failed the UKBFF drug test resulting in a fine and 6-month suspension. Immediately rumours started surfacing that he had used Anavar and Growth Hormone. The UKBFF put an end to these rumours by stating that the bodybuilder had used ‘N,alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine’. This stimulant is declared illegal by the bodybuilding federation because of its performance enhancing characteristics.

N.alpha.. is not an anabolic steroid, but it does stimulate the nervous system and boosts energy levels. However, it doesn’t have an influence on the physiques composition. Therefore, it makes no sense to use this substance prior to a competition.

Rob Riches claimed he had no idea he used this stimulant and blamed Driven Sports for adding it to their Craze Pre-Workout supplement without listing it.

After doing some research we found out that Driven Sports its owner, M. Cahill has previously faced criminal charges by the U.S. anti-doping agency for adding illegal amphetamines to “natural supplements” without mentioning it. Furthermore, M. Cahill supposedly sold designer steroids to a baseball player which cost the athlete his career.

Despite failing the UKBFF drug test (for a substance that technically isn’t a steroid) the English bodybuilder has passed many others. Rob Riches successfully passed Muscle mania, NPA, and BNBF their tests.

Blessed with Good Genetics

Sometimes fans of bodybuilders mimic their every move in the hope to build a similar physique. Often they fail. Why? Regardless of ones dedication genetics play a great role in your bodybuilding success.

Rob Riches is genetically blessed. He’s not much more masculine than back when he was 21. In other words, the bodybuilder made a lot of gains as a beginner that offered him a great platform to become a successful bodybuilder.

Some of you might argue that even though he didn’t get a lot bigger he did maintain an extremely low fat percentage for many years. Something that’s very difficult without the help of a cutting steroid like Clenbuterol.

We do agree that the older you get the harder it becomes to maintain a low fat percentage without steroids. However, if you know what you’re doing and you’re dedicated it’s possible. Look at Helmut Strebl for example.

The reason it becomes harder is mainly that your metabolism gets slower as you grow older. Furthermore, your testosterone levels decrease with approximately one % a year when you’re over 30.

Rob Riches is just 32 years old, therefore it’s still very doable for him to maintain a low fat percentage consequently.

No Steroids Symptoms

Those of you that frequently read our blog know that bodybuilders that use illegal steroids for longer periods of time will usually show signs of steroid use. The most common side effects are red skin, steroid gut, water retention, insane vascularity, bad skin, hair loss, and Gynecomastia.

Rob Riches has never shown any of these signs.


To conclude, we think it’s highly unlikely that Rob Riches has taken steroids. There’s no hard evidence of steroid use and it is very reasonable to assume the bodybuilder is natty.

His physique is the result of over a decade of hard training and smart dieting.


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