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PCT Review – Post Cycle Therapy Supplement by Crazy Bulk


This PCT review covers everything you need to know about CrazyBulk’s post cycle therapy. How does it work? Real user testimonials, and more.

Are you in search of a good Post Cycle Therapy product? Then look no further than CrazyBulk’s PCT supplement.

This supplement is a natural and legal formula manufactured to detoxify your system by removing toxins from your organs after steroid use. CrazyBulk PCT will restore normal testosterone levels and prevent nasty side effects.

Characteristics: TOTAL Post Cycle Recovery, Preserves Muscle Gains, Detoxifies and Cleanses

Price: $49.99 for a 1-Month Supply


Why a Post Cycle Therapy?

Post Cycle Therapy is when one uses supplements that work with a range of mechanisms in the body to stabilize and restore natural hormone levels after ending a cycle of the suppressive anabolic androgenic steroid cycle.

Once users stop taking anabolic androgenic steroids they are left in a state where natural testosterone production is suppressed, sometimes to extreme levels. Additionally, steroids levels are continuously lowering in their system, leaving them in a catabolic state at the end of a cycle. This can affect their ability to retain the muscle mass gained during the cycle. This is why many people would agree that they want to find a method to restore their natural testosterone production to create the best environment for maintaining health and muscle frame following a cycle.

If you go into a cycle without thinking about post-cycle therapy then you could be left dealing with serious side effects including gynecomastia (man boobs), high blood pressure, and potentially losing all of the gains you worked so hard to get.

How Does CrazyBulk PCT Work?

This Post Cycle Therapy from CrazyBulk prevents steroid users from typical side effects caused by factors such as unnatural testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol levels. This supplement significantly decreases the chances of losing muscle mass, getting gynecomastia, water retention, and infertility.

This supplement is manufactured using only 100% natural and vegan ingredients. Thanks to research this formula is incredibly efficient in getting rid of toxins in the liver and the rest of the body. Furthermore, it keeps harmful radicals away.

Additionally, CrazyBulk PTC will assist in regulating and normalizing hormonal activity in the body thanks to its testosterone and no-boosting capabilities. A great benefit of this is that users will be able to recover quickly from workouts and retain lean muscle mass.

When & How to Use?

Post Cycle Therapy is a key part of every steroid and pro-hormone cycle. Steroid users must cleanse and detoxify their system.

The manufacturer CrazyBulk recommends taking two tablets a day. A single bottle of PCT contains 60 tablets, enough for approximately one month.

You should take one tablet in the morning with your breakfast and the other one with your lunch.

The Ingredients

The following ingredients make CrazyBulk PCT a potent Post Cycle Therapy supplement:


Zinc Citrate: This very important components assistant in maintaining healthy red blood cells and improves the immune system. Furthermore, Zinc assists to increase the muscle recovery process and enhances the quality of sleep after working out. Keep in mind rest after lifting is crucial for good results.

Tribulus Terrestris: This is a natural testosterone booster that prevents muscle loss, boosts strength and endurance, and maintains energy levels in the body.

Milk Thistle: This ingredient is of great benefit to steroid users because it undoes or minimizes the liver damage caused by steroid use.

Grape Seed Extract: This extract is a potent anti-estrogen and aromatase suppressor that has great antioxidant properties.

Saw Palmetto: This ingredient also functions as an anti-estrogen suppressor that assists in normalizing hormone levels after steroid use.

The Disadvantages

Even though it’s a great PCT supplement it does have some downsides:

  • Premium Price
  • Only available online
  • International Shipping may take up to a week

Why Do We Like It?

A lot of bodybuilders forget how crucial a good PCT product is after cycling steroids. Even for non-steroid users, it’s of great importance to look after their body by detoxing and cleansing every once in a while. This way you get to enjoy your gains in a healthy manner.

CrazyBulk Post Cycle Therapy supplement helps you with that, and in our opinion, every bodybuilder that is serious about bulking up and building muscles needs to use a PCT product.

Where to Buy?

Crazy Bulk PCT is exclusively available through CrazyBulk its official store.

Currently, the manufacturer offers a great deal. If you get 2 two bottles you will receive a third one as a free gift.

This offer applies to CrazyBulk it’s anabolic supplements as well, so this is a great time to stack PCT with other great Crazy Bulk products.

Unopened bottles may be returned within two weeks after purchase for a full refund.