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Did Pham Vu/ Woodbridge Use Steroids?

Pham Vu (Woodbridge) is a bodybuilder known for his amazing abdominal and trap muscles. In this article, we discuss if the athlete has used steroids.  

Pham Vu Steroids

Pham Vu often referred to as Pham Woodbridge due to a mistake by a popular bodybuilding website who used the name of his hometown as his last name is a popular bodybuilder.

Pham Vu gained fame when bodybuilding blog bodybuilding.com awarded him a community price. Vu’s abs and traps impressed many of the blog’s readers, leading to an interview with fitness magazine simply shredded.

To cut right to the chase, in theory, it’s possible to obtain Pham’s physique in a natural manner, but we find it highly unlikely. It’s either great genetics or some form of performance-enhancing drugs.

One thing must be clear, it takes an enormous amount of effort in the gym and dieting to build a physique as his. However, in this article, we’ll be analyzing if he’s might used any steroids.

His Statistics

Age: 33

Height: five feet five

Weight: 155 pounds

The first red flag is his weight, Pham Vu is incredibly muscular for just 55 pounds, which raises the suspicion that his fat percentage is so low that it’s only obtainable with a cutting steroid. On the other hand, we must admit that since he’s only 5”5 this weight is not too bizarre for someone with around 7 percent body fat.

Pham Vu His Physique

Pham Vu physique

Pham’s body compensation doesn’t scream steroids, which is why people are quick to convince he’s natural. Unlike typical steroid users he’s not floated, doesn’t have steroid-gut and there are no signs of Gynecomastia. However, he does have humongous traps that are typical for steroid users.

To elaborate, remarkably big traps are often the result of steroids use because they have more androgen receptors as other muscles. In other words, traps significantly increase in size when cycling testosterone.

But, in all fairness, just his signature traps are not enough evidence to prove steroid use by Pham Vu.

His Transformation

Pham Vu young

If you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ll be aware that a person their physical changes throughout the years tell a lot about potential steroid usage.

So let’s check if Pham’s gains throughout the years raise any suspicion.

Pham Vu started lifting in 2001 when he had just turned 17. He was inspired by a mate that had become buff working out, and Pham wanted to do the same.

In the first two years of lifting, we can see that his gains appear to natural. But then, between ’03 en and ’10 Vu’s gained around 30 pounds of additional muscle, especially his traps, belts, chest and arms had gained a lot of muscle mass.

Pham vu before/after

In these 7 years, Pham Vu went from a muscular guy to a serious bodybuilding physique.

His initial gains appear to be natural because when someone starts lifting he’ll naturally gain a lot of muscle due to the new stimulus. However, after a couple of years, everybody will have a harder time packing on a lot of mass naturally.

What’s suspicious is that Pham Vu’s biggest gains took place after the “newbie face”. Often this is only possible when on steroids because there’s too much of a plateau in place otherwise.

Red Flags

A counter argument may be “but he gained the 30 pounds in 7 years, so that’s an average of four pounds a year”. However, what you must keep in mind that averaging 4 pounds of lean muscle gain a year naturally is pretty much impossible for most bodybuilders.

The body’s muscle growing potential decreases significantly after the first year of lifting. On top of that Pham Vu is ripped throughout the entire year, making such muscle growth even more unlikely, since there’s no pure bulking.

Another red flag is that natural bodybuilders that have amazing genetics such as Mike O’Hearn were already absolute monsters in regards to their physique’s during their teens. Pham on the other hands was far from a muscular beast in his teens.

From what we’ve seen normal guys like Pham are able to naturally pack on about 30 lbs of muscle mass at max after puberty. Pham Vu on the other hands managed to pack on around double this amount.

In our opinion gaining this extraordinary amount of muscle after your teenage years is nearly impossible without the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Add to this the fact that Pham’s traps resemble those of a typical steroid user.

So You Think He’s on Steroids?

Going off Vu’s gains timeline, he may have used anabolic steroids to build his amazing physique. However, we must give him the benefit of the doubt, because the symptoms aren’t as obvious is in someone like Phil Heath or Rich Piana.

If Pham Vu has used steroids he will probably have used Testosterone. That’s because Testosterone allows you to develop his signature traps, chest and arms without getting bloated or extremely dry.

Testosterone allows bodybuilders to pack on muscle at an enhanced rate, thickens muscle mass and gives muscle’s a full look.

Do keep in mind that just using testosterone won’t build you a physique similar to that of mister Vu. It’s the combination of testosterone with a lot of working out and healthy dieting.

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