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Does Mike Thurston Use Steroids?

Mike Thurston is a British bodybuilder, fitness model and social media personality. In this article, we discuss if the famous athlete has used steroids or if he’s natural.  

Mike Thurston steroids

Mike Thurston is a twenty-six-year-old bodybuilder from the United Kingdom. The social media star from Leeds was starting getting attention back in ’13 when his Instagram page blew up after he started posting shirtless photos. He currently has over 400K IG followers and nearly 600k Youtube subscribers. As you’d expect, fitness companies like EHB labs gladly partner with the bodybuilder to promote their products.

The bodybuilder is 6″2 and weighs approximately 250 lbs. He is different from other bodybuilders and celebrities featured on our site because he’s known for his notorious alcohol consumption. Usually, bodybuilding and alcohol don’t go well together. However, Mike, his gains seems to be unaffected by drinking.

This raises a question: Is it Mike Thurston his genetics that allows his drinking behaviour not to affect his gains, or does he use anabolic steroids to retain his progress?

Signs of Steroid Use

Mike Thurston is a big buff dude, but he has no obvious steroid tells.

His traps and shoulder muscles appear natural, and he doesn’t look extremely flushed. Only a bit when he’s getting ready for a competition.

He’s also pretty vascular, which is easier to achieve with cutting steroids. However, his veins don’t pop as much as you’d typically see in steroid users.

His Genetics

Often it’s difficult to verify if someone has excellent genetics or if they’re using steroids.

One possibility is to review athletes their physiques from their teens. When they’re scrawny during puberty and suddenly get huge in their twenties, steroids might’ve played a part.

However, if a bodybuilder was jacked years before he/ she started lifting it’s obvious they’ve got great genetics. Take Mike O’Hearn for example, that guy was a beast at just fourteen.

And if being a beast at 14 sounds crazy, then prepare yourself for even better genetics, because we’ve found a photo of Mike Thurston when he was 10 years old.

Basically, this bodybuilder from Leeds was in better shape as a kid than the most grown man that lift, and he didn’t even lift at this time. If you have a hard time growing your calves, you might want to cover the bottom half of this picture, because Mike Thurston’s kiddy calves might be better developed than yours.

Mike Thurston kid
Mike Thurston in 2000

His Transformation

Mike Thurston transformation
18 (left) vs 24 (right)

Mike first started working out during his first year at college, being eighteen at the time.

Mike Thurston once said that he drank three to four times a week during his first year at college. Then in his 2nd year, he started to take bodybuilding more serious and cut down on the alcohol.

Fast forward another 6-years, and we get to look at a twenty-four-year-old Mike, who seems considerably fitter. However, his improvements are not in size, but in fat loss. He appears way more shredded, which is no surprise because he was about the hit the stage for a competition.

His minimal muscle gain also indicates no steroid use, if he had used steroids in these 6-years, he would’ve been more muscular, leaner or would’ve at least shown typical steroid symptoms such as Gynecomastia.

In our opinion, these results are 100% achieved naturally. If Mike had taken steroids, he would’ve packed on a lot more size. His gains are typical for guys that start working out seriously.

If all this picture proves that a low-fat percentage really enhances your physical appearance.

You can check Mike’s full transformation in the video below:

Drug Testing History

Mike Thurston has competed in several bodybuilding competitions, including the WBFF. However, there’s no drug testing history for Mike. He never competed in a contest that tests for steroids and PEDs.

Some people might argue: “Why does a natural bodybuilder compete in a competition without drug tests?”.

Yes, it’s true that this organisation doesn’t test blood or urine, but you must keep in mind that bodybuilding is a career. The WBFF gets a lot of attention in the fitness world and doing well in this competition significantly increases a fitness athletes chances of sponsorships.

Furthermore, Mike Thurston isn’t regularly called out unlike guys such as Phil Heath. Therefore, it’s likely that Mike doesn’t feel the need of proving that he’s natural.


Mike’s genetics initially decided that he was going to get jacked. In his late teens, Mike discovered the benefit from nature’s gift and started lifting. Eventually, he turned his passion into a career in personal training and bodybuilding.

In our opinion, it’s very likely that Mike Thurston is natural. He has great genetics, and he shows no signs of steroid use, making this an easy verdict.

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