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Does Mike Rashid Take Steroids?

Mike Rashid is a well known American bodybuilder, author, entrepreneur, boxer, and social media fitness guru. Does he use steroids or is he natural?

Mike Rashid on steroids

Mike Rashid was a boxing pro, before becoming a celebrity bodybuilder. He has founded and owns a gym dedicated to bodybuilding, called Iron Addicts headquartered in Miami, Florida. Mike Rashid also has a clothing and supplement line which has been very successful.

People often think of Mike as the guy who has made the most muscle naturally possible on the body of a mere mortal, and that he is somewhat superhuman since his genetics have allowed him to accumulate that amount of mass.

Others, however, think he is an impostor who is using steroids to make gains. These ‘haters’ often leave comments on his Facebook page, which has more than 1.6 million likes (Mr Rashid has to be doing something right).

Now, let’s examine the information available online to find out whether Mike Rashid is using steroids or if he is natural.

Natural Claim

If we look at some of the comments people have made online, they often call him a ‘fake natty.’ Still, there are no sources that have Mike saying he is all natural.

Mike Rashid has said that he doesn’t want to associate with illegal substances such as steroids. However, he does not claim he hasn’t taken any. That’s a bit suspicious because a person accused of being a ‘fake natty’ and lying to people would go out of his way to prove he is legit? For example, Simeon Panda got himself tested twice on video.

Mike hasn’t done this. Therefore, we have cause for suspicion that Mike is not 100% natural. However, since he hasn’t claimed to be natural, we can’t call him a liar either.

Furthermore, In the video below Mike does say: “I don’t knock the natty movement. I don’t get involved in it, because I’m not… I mean, I’m not interested…” 

Steroid Bust

In February of 2017, the police arrested Mike’s business partner who co-owns the Iron Addicts gym, Richard Rodriguez, on charges of selling as much as $10 million in illegal steroids.

Once this news generated on the Internet, the trolls had a field day. People called out Mike for selling steroids and mentioned that the gym was doing other illegal things as well.

However, an investigation by the DEA found that no illegal substances are available at the Iron Addicts gym. Rodriguez was importing these from China, and repackaging them in a laboratory in Arizona, before shipping them from an address in Miami.

Mike Rashid claimed at the time that he wasn’t aware that Richard was doing anything illegal, though he did have a bad feeling about him. He also said he wouldn’t have partnered up with Richard had he known about this.

Enhanced Look

Mike Rashid androgen receptors

At first glance, Mike’s body doesn’t exactly look natural. Many would say that his features closely resemble those of a person who is enhanced. For example, his shoulders are massive, and his traps insane.

Anabolic steroids work by binding with the cytoplasmic (free within the cell) androgen receptor. Because of the high concentration of craving androgen receptors, the shoulders are one of the most steroids-responsive muscle groups together with the upper pectorals and the Musculus trapezius.

Roids love shoulders and traps like a chubby child enjoys burgers, chips, and Xbox. However, all these traits can occur naturally as well.

His Transformation

young Mike Rashid

Another piece of evidence people cite when accusing Mike of using steroids is his transformation. From the picture above, it seems that Mike has lost a lot of his body fat while adding more muscle.

In the after photo, Mike Rashid is approximately 5′ 11″, 220lbs and 5–8% body fat. Taking it as 8% body fat (to give him a fair chance) his FFMI is 28.4 – it is tough to achieve this naturally.

Furthermore, an average unenhanced male bodybuilder can gain approximately 40-50 lbs of muscle in their life, and according to Jason Blaha, Mike Rashid has lost 35 pounds of muscle since the Iron Addicts Miami fiasco. Because Mike is still a big guy, he initially gained more than the 40-50 lbs of muscle naturally possible.

Professional Bodybuilding

Mike Rashid has been dismissive of all natural competitions in bodybuilding. He claims that he could win those easily since those competitors aren’t even in great shape. That is a bit suspicious.

There are many great all natural federations out there, with ripped bodybuilders like Shane Raymond or Donte Franklin competing. These include the BNBH, the INBA, and the NANBF.

All of those federations have rigorous tests to make sure they catch anyone who uses steroids. That means that people who are using steroids would likely try their hardest to steer clear of those competitions. As for Mike, he has taken part in shows held by the WBFF, but they have no steroid testing policies listed on their web page.

The Verdict

To cut a long story short, it seems to us that Mike Rashid could have been taking steroids.

There is one key feature that gives it away, and that is his estimated FFMI of 28.4.

I won’t go into too much detail about the fat-free mass index or the research on it since you can check this yourself. FFMI is an excellent, almost guaranteed way of determining if someone is juicing.

To calculate an FFMMI score you need a person their height, weight and body fat % (which you can roughly estimate from photos) and input this data into an FFMI calculator, for example, the Fat-Free Mass Index (FFMI) Calculator.  If the output is over 25, the target person is likely enhanced. Of course, if it’s under 25 someone can still use steroids, but it does mean their body is attainable in a natural manner.

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