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Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther): Steroids or Natural?

Michael B. Jordan is no stranger to muscle man roles. Does the actor use steroids to get in shape for new movie roles or does he take the natural route?

Michael B. Jordan steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Michael B. Jordan is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Marvel fans rejoiced when an old fan-favourite character, the Black Panther, got his own movie. It came out and made good money. More perplexingly, it attracted the audience from both the African-American community and – surprisingly – the Alt-Right. The former loved the character for his African pride. The latter loved him for his conservative views on his nation of Wakanda. But this is a topic for a different text. Right now, we will focus on Michael B. Jordan. Or more specifically: did the actor portraying Eric Killmonger take steroids for his role?

Michael B. Jordan is no stranger to superhero or muscle man roles. In 2015 he played the Human Torch in Fant4stic, a reboot attempt of the franchise. Shortly before Black Panther, he put on some muscle for starring in Creed with Stallone. However, this last change didn’t go unnoticed. Between the boxing flick and the superhero blockbuster, Jordan beefed up an incredible 39lbs of muscle. Did he use enhancements, or did he just get his swole on naturally?

Michael’s Transformation

Michael B. Jordan first gained about 24lbs for Creed. To any natural (or natty, as we swolegetters like to call them), this is pretty normal. With the intense workout regimen he underwent, it’s entirely possible that he got it the natural way. His appearance in Creed proves this. He is lean, tight and strong, but he is not huge. To put it another way, his muscle mass looked and felt non-enhanced.

Then came the Black Panther. As any Marvel comics enthusiast knows, the original Killmonger is a beast. He’s enormous, jacked up to the extreme. Yuge, as president Trump would call it. Thus, to get the extra 15lbs, Michael B. Jordan had to take some steroids. It’s just not possible to get that amount of muscle in that amount of time by merely exercising or cutting. The proof, however, might just be in the look of Jordan’s Killmonger.

His Physique

Giving the man one cursory look, we wouldn’t fault you if you concluded that Michael B. Jordan didn’t take any steroids. He doesn’t have gynecomastia (the less-than-popular “bitch tits”), nor any acne. Hell, he doesn’t even have a typical steroid gut most users do. So the jury’s out, right? Can we stop doubting? Is Jordan off the hook when it comes to steroids?

Well, not really. Comparing the old Michael B. Jordan to Killmonger Jordan gives away a few clues. His face looks more bloated than usual. If you use anabolic steroids, you can retain some fluid in your face area. When you look at the man’s midsection in the movie (which I would suggest to the ladies out there), you can spot slight bloating. One side-effect of taking steroids for bulking includes a bloated, smooth-looking gut. In other words, it’s exactly what Killmonger Jordan has, and regular Jordan doesn’t.


Michael B. Jordan probably took some steroids. There is no way he could have gotten his extra 15lbs for his Killmonger role by being all natural. To achieve this, he would have had to increase his frequency of training massively. Alternatively, he’d have had to do an aggressive bulk. In other words, he’d have had to gain roughly 10% body fat and then do several months’ worth of cutting. He did neither one of these two. Therefore, the only logical answer is that he took steroids.

But that’s not enough for us. We should learn what steroids Michael B. Jordan could have possibly used.

The Steroids He Could’ve Used

Judging from his regimen and outside circumstances, Michael B. Jordan probably used one of three steroids. These are Dianabol, testosterone, or Deca Durabolin.

A steroid user would typically get about 50lbs of lean muscle after several cycles. Now, obviously, Jordan didn’t gain this much muscle for his role of Killmonger. He only added about 15lbs to his muscle mass. That means that he did merely one steroid cycle or, equally possible, used some weaker stuff. So, which steroid did he use if he only did one cycle? Well, most likely Dianabol or testosterone.

Still, there’s a chance he did several cycles. In that case, Deca Durabolin would be of more use. Unlike Dianabol or testosterone, it wouldn’t build as much of Michael B. Jordan’s muscles. However, Deca Durabolin would fill his muscles up nicely and add to their overall size.

Some Final Words

Well, there you have it. Michael B. Jordan used steroids to gain muscles quickly for his Killmonger role. Comparing his look in the film to his everyday look, he didn’t do too much damage. In fact, he probably did the shortest steroid cycles possible. But there is one thing we can say for certain – Marvel managed to redeem not one, but TWO Human Torches successfully. Sure, this has nothing to do with steroids, but it’s a fun fact to know.

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