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Maxx Chewning: Steroids or Natural?

In our section Steroids or Natural?, we are going to discuss Maxx Chewning today. Maxx is a popular powerlifter and a fitness celebrity who is well known in the YouTube world.

Maxx Chewning steroids

Let us start by listing his body statistics:

  • Height:5’10″ / 177.8 cm
  • Weight: 165 lbs – 175 lbs / 75 kg – 79.54 k
  • Body fat: Something between 8 and 10%)
  • Best lifts:Bench — 300s / Deadlift — 630 lbs / 286.36 kg / Squat — 400s
  • Frame: Small

If we were to judge based on Maxx’s size, we would say that he is natural. i.e., he is not using steroids. After all, he is not a large guy, at least not when we compare him to the standards set in the modern fitness industry.

On top of that, at 165 lbs – 175 lbs and 5’10″, Maxx fits perfectly into the category of naturally muscular men. However, we do have to note that these numbers refer to individuals who have reasonably good genetics for building muscle naturally.

Fake Photoshop Look

We can argue that Maxx has some photos where he looks photoshopped. However, many Instagram photos look great only thanks to powerful polishing touches, such as making the most of the angles. For that reason, we can’t be completely sure.

We can be certain of one thing, though. When we compare him to the majority of his colleagues and friends, we can see that Maxx looks less impressive. For example, you can notice that his shoulders aren’t popping. In addition, he doesn’t have that nasty look that guys who use Tren get.

We can conclude that Chewning’s physique can be a result of clean exercising, but only for those who have the “right” genes. Plus, if your muscle insertion is greater than his, you can be larger in some places, such as the calves. So, in the case Maxx Chewning: Steroids or Natural, we are leaning more towards “no. However, you don’t have to be huge if you are using something — that is a fact. Look at Lance Armstrong; he wasn’t a massive guy, but he was unnatural.

Still, we can argue that Chewning’s lack of mass shows that he is definitely not a heavy user.


Since he has quite long arms, Chewning is best built for deadlifts. Now, when we combine that with the fact that the deadlift is less dependent on mass than the bench or squat, we get a recipe for madness.

630 lbs at 175 lbs personal body weight equals a 3.6BW deadlift. You have to agree that that is world-class deadlift strength.

Anyone who has ever trained in a powerlifting gym can tell you that nobody can pull 3.6BW naturally. As a matter of fact, most guys in those gyms cannot even do a 3.6BW deadlift.

Now, you can think that all of those guys are weak because you regularly see some next level performance on the Internet. However, you would be wrong. All of those men in powerlifting gyms are strong.

We once met a guy who could do a 660 lbs / 300 kg bench press with a shirt. On top of that, his raw deadlift was 737 lbs / 335 kg in the 275 lbs / 125 kg weight class. Of course, he was on steroids.

There was another guy who was competing as a 182.6 lbs / 83 kg lifter. He had an incredible deadlift that was closer to 4BW than to 3BW. However, that guy was using too.

Now, you might be wondering — how do we know that they were not natural? Actually, it is very simple. These guys were talking about drugs quite regularly. They didn’t care if anyone was listening to their conversations; a kid doing Starting Strength could have easily heard them. Plus, we found needles in the locker room more than once.

But imagine that we haven’t heard those conversations and seen those needles. Relying only on our observations and experience, we would still have a hard time concluding that an average natural guy could do a 3.6BW deadlift.

If they have the required structure — long arms and joint strength — guys who are not on steroids can do incredibly heavy deadlifts. When it comes to Chewning, we do have to emphasize the fact that it took him several years to reach his current level. Nothing happened overnight. On the contrary, the whole process was long and strategically planned.

His Friends

If we want to know someone, we should look at his friends. When it comes to Maxx, we often see him in photos with “juicy” guys. Many of them are massive, and some even showcase the 3D Photoshop effect.

So how does someone who is natural fit into this picture? In the end, we always seek the company of those with whom we have similar interests.

Final Thoughts

If you have better muscle insertion and a better frame, you can look more impressive than Chewning without using steroids.

Still, we need to take the insane strength Maxx showcases, as well as his relationship with suspicious guys, into consideration too.

If he is not using steroids, he has a mutant tier level of deadlift strength. For that reason, we find it impossible to determine with certainty whether Chewning is a completely natural guy or not.

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