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Does Matt Ogus Use Steroids?

Matt Ogus is bodybuilder and fitness entrepreneur with a huge social following. Many of his fans wonder if he’s on steroids or not. We’ve done the research.

Matt Ogus steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Matt Ogus is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Matt Ogus is a popular bodybuilder from the United States who became famous back in 2011 when he started his fitness Youtube channel. Currently, he has nearly 600.00 subscribers on the video-sharing site. Add his 1/2 million Instagram followers to the mix and you get how big of a fanbase this bodybuilder has.

Not too long ago the bodybuilder landed himself a GymShark sponsorship putting him up there with the fitness industry’s biggest stars.

Matt Ogus his most significant characteristic is his incredibly dry and shredded appearance. He could play a real life ‘Dragon Bal Z’ character if he’d gotten a crazy haircut. Another dominant feature of the bodybuilder is his leg muscles, Matt is definitely not the type to skip leg day.

Some of our readers questioned if it’s possible to build a physique as dry as that of Matt without the use of steroids. That’s what we’re going to find out today.

Matt Ogus His Stats

Firstly, let’s take a peek at Matt’s stats:

Height: 5 foot five

Weight: 185 pounds

Age: 26

No Claims

A trend we’ve seen on the social profiles of many bodybuilders that claim to be natural is them mentioning being natty. Take Donte Franklin and Mike O’Hearn for example.

Matt Ogus doesn’t claim natty or steroid use on his socials. This raises some suspicion because Matt is known to be very transparent and friendly.

Matt did once post a picture on Instagram with a caption saying that he uses steroids, however, this was on 04-01. Therefore he’d obviously posted it as an April fools joke. However, some might argue it was not a joke.


As some of you might’ve read in previous articles regarding steroid use a typical sign of someone using a cutting steroid is having a super dry physique all the time.

Matt Ogus has a serious shrink wrap going on, he’s one of the driest bodybuilders we’ve ever seen (not to be confused with lean). FYI: Dry means having minimal water retained underneath the skin resulting in a very shredded appearance.

In theory, every bodybuilder can cut down to this level of dryness in a natural way. Many bodybuilders do this right before competing. Remaining this dry all the time, however, is pretty much impossible without the help of steroids. Hence why his dryness is the main reason Matt Ogus gets accused of steroid use.

Gains Throughout The years

On Instagram, Matt posted a picture of himself as a beginning bodybuilder from when he started lifting at the age of 15. When we compare this photo with other pictures of him we can make a ‘gains timeline’.

The pictures below show the bodybuilder at approximately 15 and 19:

Matt Ogus youngMatt Ogus Teen

It’s a known fact that bodybuilders pack on the most muscle mass in their first few years, a period known as the ‘newbie phase’.

There’s a group of bodybuilders who’re naturally capable of packing on a lot of mass at this time thanks to their amazing genetics. These people basically have a higher natural testosterone level. This extreme group is able to pack on around 20 pounds of muscle max. Therefore, larger amounts are very suspicious.

In approximately 4 years Matt Ogus was able to pack on what seems to be around 50 pounds of lean muscle mass, which is about the amount someone one steroids can gain within this time frame.

Facial Changes

Some might not know this, but synthetic steroids like HGH may affect more than your muscle tissue. They can cause facial changes such as ‘Steroid Jaw’.

Steroid jaw means that the jaw widens, giving it a more masculine appearance. This is due to the fact that the jawline will be more prominent. Followers of Matt will have noticed that the bodybuilder has a very wide jaw.

However, this could also be due to genetics. Therefore, it can’t be used as a reason to prove steroid use.


Matt Ogus own a clothing company called half-natty. Furthermore, he also has a dog called ‘Tren’, a popular name for the Trenbolone steroid.

This could either be him making fun of the fact that people think he uses steroids or it’s a hint of some sort. This is up to you to decide.

Interesting Transformation Video

On his Youtube channel, there’s a video of Matt Ogus his 5-year bodybuilding transformation. In this video, he didn’t make any real significant gains. However, as we’ve seen Matt started bodybuilding 10 years prior to this video. Back then his gains were so extreme we’ve labelled them suspicious.

This could indicate that he’s used steroids earlier in his bodybuilding career but is natural now. This might be a wild guess, but it might explain the whole “half-natty” thing.

Conclusion: Suspicious

Matt himself has never lied about being on steroids, he’s one of those bodybuilders who doesn’t directly claim natty or steroid use. This may have something to do with his half-natty brand.

We’re not able to 100% determine if this bodybuilder is on steroids or not. We do think that the amount of muscle he packed on earlier in his career clearly indicates steroid use. There are also several other factors that steer our opinions towards ‘not natty’, such as his jawline and super dry skin.

One thing is clear, Matt Ogus must’ve worked very hard for his physique regardless, we know guys that are 100% on steroids that don’t look as well built as he does. Therefore we have to respect him a lot.

If Matt Ogus has used a steroid it’s likely Trenbolone. This cutting steroid would explain his full shoulders, huge gains and extreme dryness. Cycling trenbolone makes a 30-50 pounds of lean muscle gain, as we’ve seen in Matt possible.

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