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Does Lazar Angelov Take Steroids?

Lazar Angelov is a bodybuilder popularly known for his great abs and natural, aesthetic look. Some wonder, did he build his physique with steroids?

Lazar Angelov steroids

The thirty-two-year-old athlete has one of the best fan-bases in the industry. He has currently accumulated over 13.000.000 likes on his official Facebook page.

Lazar Angelov is an example to many fitness enthusiasts because he’s considered the ultimate natural bodybuilder. We understand why. At 194 pounds and 5% body fat, the 6″ bodybuilder is an absolute beast!

However, from experience we know, someone that looks natural doesn’t have to be natural.

In this article, we’ll analyse if Lazar has used steroids to build his signature physique.

Signs of Steroid Use

Firstly, Lazar shows no typical symptoms of steroid use such as baldness, steroid gut, gynecomastia or baldness.

Furthermore, steroid users often have delts and traps that are not in proportion to the rest of their physique; this is not the case with Angelov either.

But, as we’ve mentioned, someone that looks natural doesn’t have to be natural. Lazar hasn’t competed with federations that conduct drug tests. Thus we can’t use his drug test history.

Therefore, we have to look at other factors to determine if the bodybuilder takes steroids.

His Transformation

Someone their transformation is an excellent indicator of steroid use — this picture show’s Lazar Angelov his ten-year gains timeline.

The bodybuilder lifted since when he was about 12 years old, and he’s born in ’84. So the before picture was shot in his late teens, by this time he would’ve been lifting weights for about eight years.

Any natural bodybuilder will agree that at this point it becomes much more difficult to pack on muscle mass, this is because the most significant muscle gains happen in the first few years of bodybuilding.

Lazar, however, started getting bigger and bigger from this point on.

The picture below also shows that the bodybuilder has made mega gains in a relatively short time, which also raises suspicion.

Lazar Angelov transformation

Natty Claim

On his official website lazarangelov.com, the bodybuilder claims that he has built his physique without steroids and that he never will use steroids.

What confuses us is that Lazar didn’t gain significant muscle for over ten years and then all of a sudden became huge within two years.

Furthermore, most natural bodybuilders mention the fact they’re natural everywhere, not just on their website. It’s their unique selling point in an industry primarily dominated by steroids users.


In our opinion, the gains the Bulgarian bodybuilder made between ’04 and ’06, years after his ‘newbie gains’ are made possible by steroids. In our opinion, these gains are very suspicious as a natural bodybuilder should’ve plateaued at this point.

Unlike some of the other bodybuilders, we reviewed Lazar was not that huge before his monster gains in ’06. Hence why some people might assume he’s natural, because he’s not artificially huge like guys such as Phil Heath.

But you must keep in mind that guys like Phil Heath were already massive before they even started using steroids.

To conclude, Lazar Angelov still deserves a lot of respect for his amazing transformation. Even if he used steroids, he has to have worked extremely hard to get as jacked as he is. This guy might have the world’s best abdominal muscles.

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