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Kris Gethin: Steroids or Natural?

Kris Gethin is a professional bodybuilder and the CEO of Kaged Supplements. Does he take steroids or he is natural? Find out here.

Kris Gethin Steroids

If you have heard of Kaged Supplements, the supplements company, then Kris Gethin, a Welsh bodybuilder and CEO, is no stranger to you.

Kris Gethin his transformation has gained a lot of publicity online. Whether you are an amateur or a professional bodybuilder, you must have wondered just how did he do it? How did he go from a chubby guy to a lean and mean beast?

His Measurements

Firstly, let’s look at his measurements. At 5 ft 8, Kris weighs about 185lbs, that number goes up to 220lbs during the off-season.

If we ignore the numbers for a moment, we cannot say that Kris looks like your typical bodybuilder. He is a great deal more.

His smooth physical appearance appears to be a result of great genetics and extreme bodybuilding. It would take years for an amateur to get to this point, but it is possible. However, we cannot help but wonder if he has had a bit of help.

Does He Claim Natty?

If you go to Kris Gethin’s site and try to find some clues about whether or not he is using steroids, you’ll get disappointed.

Although it is an obvious choice to state that he is a natural or “natty” bodybuilder, Kris does not mention it anywhere.

However, his profile on Bodybuilding.com does provide us with some info. Kris his profile says that he is a “lifetime natural pro bodybuilder”.

Steroid Symptoms

Can Kris his body show us that he is using steroids?

His thick abs stand out to us because steroids can help make the abdominals look bigger and more prominent. To give you an idea what we’re talking about we’ve compared Kris to Rob Riches.

Rob Riches is a natural bodybuilder popularly known for having amazing abs. Upon closer inspection, we can notice that the thickness of Kris (left) his abdominal muscles trumps those of Rob Riches.

kris gethin abs

Kris and Rob are about the same size. Kris Gethin is even 2 inches smaller than Rob Riches, so he looks more prominent because of his shorter frame. However, Rob is famously known for his ab exercises, and, on top of that, he does bigger compound lifts which also enhance the abdominal muscles.

The fact that Kris his abs are better than those of the “king of natural abs” is suspicious.

Bloated Appearance

Kris Gethin appears to be bloating, something we often see in steroid users.

You have to differentiate between a steroid gut and the bloat. The first one looks like your belly is beginning at the bottom of your stomach. The second one makes your whole midsection look noticeable.

Natural bodybuilders often have a flat and solid midsection, without any bloating (take Jeff Seid for example).

Steroids users are more likely to bloat. Take Dorian Yates for example. This bodybuilder is known to use steroids that make him bloat. When we compare Kris Gethin’s midsection to that of Dorian Yates, there are similarities.

Dorian Yates Kris Gethin bloated

What About Drug Tests?

Everyone knows it by now: you can’t take steroids and expect it to not show up in tests. So, if you claim you are a natural bodybuilder, you should be able to compete in any federation, right?

Most federations implement various random tests to remove steroids users from their competitions. A polygraph, a urine test and a blood test are the usual tests you have to pass. Pretty simple, right? Well, not so much if you are using steroids.

When we took a look at the competition history of Kris Gethin, we see that he has competed in two natural competitions.

Kris competed in the Natural Idaho Championships and the Natural World Bodybuilding Championships. Those require the contestants to be steroid-free for seven years. You can do the math here. There is a chance to win the competitions even if you have been using steroids for 20 years.

What raises our suspicion is that Kris Gethin hasn’t competed with federations that require you to be completely steroid free since birth (such as the BNBF).

His Transformation

Now, let us inspect Kris his progress.

If you compare the before picture with Kris today, there is a fair amount of lbs added to his body. About 50 to 60 pounds, to be precise. Now that is not something you will often see in a natural bodybuilder.

Source: Tim Hinton Blog

Did Kris Gethin use Steroids?

Based on all of the evidence and photos, it looks as though Kris Gethin could have had a little help. Maybe not recently, but certainly at some point in his career.

The most critical evidence is in the midsection and the gains.

Kris probably took steroids early on to gain a lot of muscle. He then likely stopped taking them and just trained a lot to keep most of his gains. That would explain how he could have competed with federations that require the contestants to be seven years steroid-free.

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