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Kali Muscle: Steroids or Natural?

Kali Muscle is a famous bodybuilder with a massive physique. This guy is the definition of big! Did he use steroids or is he all natural?

Kali muscle steroids

With approximately two million Facebook fans and nearly 1.2 million YouTube subs, Kali Muscle is one of the most influential guys in the bodybuilding industry.

Kali is a callisthenics expert; he knows all there is to know about bodyweight exercises. Few execute the human flag as well as he does.

Next, to bodybuilding, Kali Muscle has acted in several commercials for companies such as Geico and Taco Bell.

A factor behind Kali Muscle his success is that, according to himself, he’s 100% natural. However, (mainly due to his size) not everybody believes him.

There’s a video in which he says he doesn’t know what D-Bol (Dianabol) is. We find it hard to believe that a professional bodybuilder has never heard of D-Bol, regardless if he has used the bulking steroid or not.

However, you must always give someone the benefit of the doubt. According to Kali, he was capable of gaining all his muscle mass by eating four thousand calories a day. A lot of tuna and ramen noodles to be specific.

In this article, we’re going to find out if this diet is indeed the reason why Kali Muscle managed to get this big, or if he has used steroids.

His Transformation

A great way to determine the possible use of anabolics is looking at someone their gains throughout the years. If a bodybuilder suddenly packs on a lot of muscle mass it’s likely they’ve juiced.

When we looked at Kali Muscle his transformation video, we noticed that his physique significantly changed between ’09 and ’15.

Kali Muscle has gotten incredibly vascular, he increased in size (especially his shoulders and trapezius), and he appears to be more shredded.

Prominent trapezius, like those of Kali, are very common in steroid users since traps have many androgen receptors. Muscle groups with many of these receptors grow immensely quick when you use steroids.

Drug Testing History

The bodybuilder has competed in a couple of NPC bodybuilders shows. This federation allows beginning bodybuilders to get a pro-card that grants access to the IFBB, the main bodybuilding federation.

Firstly, the NPC provides no information on drug tests or natural bodybuilding on their official website. Google this organisation, and you’ll find a lot of steroid allegations, it seems very likely that many of their athletes use steroids.

Of course, that doesn’t automatically mean that Kali Muscle has used steroids. However, usually, the guys that are keen on letting the world now that they’re natural will compete with federations that have strict drug testing policies, such as the INBA and BNBF. If you want to compete with these federations, you’ll have to pass all sorts of tests including blood, urine, and polygraphs.

Steroids Symptoms

Kali Muscle bloated

When we look at pictures of the bodybuilder back in ’07, we see that Kali used to have a natural slim waist. Nowadays his gut is distended, which is a trait in many modern bodybuilders. This side effect labelled as ‘Roid Gut’ is often caused by HGH.

In the last decades the main bodybuilder physique has shifted, Olympia contestants started getting bigger every year, and so did their waists.

Look at every champion after 1980, and you’ll know what we mean. Take a look at Phil Heath for example.

On the other hand, many young bodybuilders like Jeremy Buendia and Jeff Seid are falling back in love with the look of the seventies bodybuilders. Icons like Schwarzenegger and Zane had aesthetic physiques defined by stunning proportions, big muscles, and a tight waistline.


In conclusion, we suspect that Kali has started using illegal steroids somewhere between 2007 and 2015 because of the following tells:

  • Packed on a lot of muscle mass years after his newbie gains
  • Has become incredibly vascular
  • Very developed androgenic muscle groups
  • Bloated gut

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