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Does Josef Rakich Take Steroids?

With over 3 million Facebook likes Josef Rakich is New Zealand’s most popular PT. Is the nutrition and fitness expert on steroids or is he natural?

Josef Rakich steroids

Josef Rakich is a bodybuilder and certified PT from New Zealand. He is highly successful on social media, where he has over 4.000.000 followers which landed him a sponsorship with supplement manufacturer EHP labs.

On a typical day Josef will post the following mix of photo’s to his socials: 1. personal training session, 2. his abs, 3. Before/after photos, 4. Flashy sports cars.

How does he afford such cars? His PT company alone made half a million profit in 2013 (source).

Josef Rakich his success motivates fitness enthusiasts all over the globe. He inspires people to go from skinny to big like himself.

In today’s article, we’re going to find out if he’s used steroids for this transformation or if he took the natural route.


First, let’s have a look at his stats.

Height: 5 foot nine

Weight: hundred-ninety-one pounds

Body-fat: 5%


Some wonder how Josef Rakich stays lean. We think this has a lot to do with his innovative dieting style.

Those who follow the personal trainer knows he doesn’t bulk for long times. He bulks for short periods which allows him to stay lean throughout the year.

This guy is an expert in dieting. Just a glance at his website will tell you that he knows what he’s talking about; if you want to find out what to eat to gain muscle and cut fat, it’s worth checking.

Josef is an advocate of the IIFYM philosophy, popularly known as flexible dieting. This philosophy says you can eat anything to your liking as long as it fits your macros.

To prove his point, he ate McDonald’s for a couple of weeks while staying lean.


Between 2008 and 2010 the bodybuilder made a lot of progress. A few years later between 2013 and 2015, he made some serious gains again. This time he gained approximately 20 pounds of muscle, which is very difficult to achieve if you’ve already been bodybuilding for years.

Natural bodybuilders usually build most mass in the first few years, after that they only experience small gains. Just look at Jeff Seid for example.

Josef Rakich, however, gained tons of muscle long after he first started working out and then continued to build a lot of muscle; this raises our suspicion.

The muscle gains Rakich made are almost too good to be true. Therefore we think there are two possibilities:

  1. He has got great genetics: there are a few bodybuilders like Mike O’Hearn who were genetically destined to be in shape.
  2. He used steroids: juicing helps bodybuilders pack on muscle mass at speed impossible for natural bodybuilders.

To find out what’s the deal with Rakich, we have to look at all the possible evidence of steroid use.

Flushed Appearance

Joseph Rakich flushed

The personal trainer his skin is often very red and flushed; this is something we often see in steroid users because of certain steroids their thermogenic nature. Dianabol and Testosterone can increase the internal temperature, and as a result, the skin turns red.

Popular cutting steroid Clenbuterol may also cause this side effect. Clen can boost blood pressure because of its stimulating nature. Elevated blood pressure levels flush the skin. On Clenbuterol the nervous system produces more adrenaline, and more adrenaline equals increased blood pressure.

Josef Rakich is the most flushed when he’s super lean which may indicate Clenbuterol use as this is a cutting steroid.

Facial Bloat

Even though Josef is shredded nearly 365 days a year his face often seems to be bloated. This bloat could be due to water retention, a common side effect of side effects. Often D-Bol, Test, and Anadrol lie ground to this effect; this isn’t always the case though. A lot of 70’s bodybuilder have used these steroids, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and he didn’t retain water.

Insane Vascularity

This guy’s veins are popping out! This popular sought after look is possible with steroids. That’s because juicing decreases collagen levels in the skin, allowing for better vascularity.

With age collagen levels lower naturally. Older people tend to be more vascular as younger people. Therefore a young bodybuilder with insane vascularity is suspicious at least.

A lower fat percentage and good diet also enhances vascularity, but usually not as much as we see in Josef.


When we look at all the available evidence, we think its very likely that the personal trainer/ bodybuilder has used steroids to enhance his physique.

We find the fact that he gained a lot of muscle after his ‘newbie gains’ suspicious. Furthermore, the bodybuilder shows several symptoms of juicing, including flushed skin, bloating and enhanced vascularity.

Keep in mind that even though we suspect Josef Rakich used steroids, it’s not just juice that helped him get to where he currently is. This guy went from skinny to jacked and to so dieting and working out matter just as much.

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