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John Cena: Steroids or Natural?

John Cena is an ex-bodybuilder and WWE superstar. Many of his fans wonder if he has used steroids to build his physique. Did he?

John Cena is a famous WWE superstar who’s capable of deadlifting 664 pounds, that’s approximately the weight of four average men.

Cena who once dreamed of becoming a bodybuilder found his fame and fortune in professional wrestling. Within the ring, he quickly became the sworn enemy of Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock.

As many of you are aware, John Cena is enormous. Therefore, many of his fans wonder if the wrestler has taken steroids, which is what we’re going to find out today.

John Cena’s Measurements

Just looking at his measurements may already have you thinking “this guy uses steroids,”. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Some big guys are 100% natural, take Mike O’Hearn for example.

Height: 6 feet 1

Weight: 251 pounds

Body-fat: 9%

Lifetime Natural Claim

John Cena himself has denied steroid allegations on TSN. He says he hasn’t touched steroids since day one. In other words, he claims to be a ‘lifetime natural’.

To find out if he is we must have a look at all the evidence:

Suspicious Transformation

john cena transformation

The photo above shows that John Cena gained a lot of muscle after his 18th.  The pro wrestler first started working out when he was just 12 years old (source). So John had lifted for six years by the time the athlete was 18. Within this time frame, he should’ve experienced his most significant gains; this is because you’re able to grow the most muscle in the first few years of lifting.

Usually, the massive natural bodybuilders like Simeon Panda got big in their first few years of lifting and then only gained a bit of additional muscle each year. As naturally, your progress tails off.

Steroid users on the other hand often blow up years after they initially started lifting when they start using a steroid like Dianabol. John Cena also experienced his most significant gains years after he initially started lifting.

Bloated Stomach

John Cena bloated

Bloating can be a possible side effect of steroid use hence why this symptom labelled steroid gut. Bloating is something you barely see in natural athletes, but it’s prevalent for athletes that use steroids.

Huge Traps & Delts

John Cena has had boulders for shoulders and huge traps since his bodybuilding days. These muscle groups are often very well developed in steroid users because of their androgenic nature. What this means is that the shoulders and traps are relatively high in androgenic receptors.

When one takes androgenic steroids these muscle groups will often be the first to grow in size.

John Cena transformation


It’s possible that John has used steroids, next to showing several signs of steroid use his most significant gains were years after he started lifting which is typical for steroid users.

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