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Does Jeremy Buendia Use Steroids?

Jeremy Buendia is a successful bodybuilder who has been winning competitions since the age of 16. Is he natural or did he have some help from steroids?

Jeremy Buendia steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Jeremy Buendia is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Jeremy Buendia is a professional bodybuilder who won Olympia’s Men’s Physique competition three times. He is to Men’s Physique what Phil Heath is to regular bodybuilding.

Fun fact, the two athletes share the same trainer, Hany Rambod.

Jeremy Buendia his most popular features are his arm and waist. He’s incredibly vascular and super lean. We’ve never seen any of Jeremy his competition (guys like Seid and Hadzovic) as lean as him. In competition shape, Jeremy Buendia probably sits around 3 to 3 percent body-fat.

Buendia his dad was an amateur bodybuilder back in the seventies. This explains why Jeremy started lifting relatively young. He won his first competition, the NPC Excalibur in ’12 when he was only sixteen.

His Measurements

Jeremy Buendia ripped

Height: five feet eight

Stage Weight: 165 pounds

Normal Weight: 195 pounds

At first glance, these measurements seem not too crazy for a professional bodybuilder. In our opinion, Jeremy looks bigger on stage than he actually weighs. The thing is, his signature big and full muscles make him appear heavier than he actually is.

Are these amazing muscles the result of steroids? Let’s find out.

Career Start

Jeremy Buendia transformation

If only I had Jeremy his physique back in high school.

All jokes aside, 17-year old Buendia had more muscle mass than most of us can wish for. Judging by pictures from that time Jeremy Buendia gained approximately 9/10 of his muscle mass back then.

The main difference with now is that his fat percentage was higher. Therefore, he didn’t look as shredded.

Natural bodybuilders pack on most of their muscle mass in the first few years of lifting. The longer you’ve been lifting the harder it gets to keep gaining muscle mass. The reason behind this is that when you’re starting out your muscles respond significantly stronger to the impulses you get from lifting weights.

Therefore, If we see someone like Bradley Martyn who packed on a lot of muscle mass later in his career we suspect steroid use.

Our first guess is that if Jeremy Buendia had taken steroids like Dianabol in the last couple of years he would have been much bigger by now. Considering how big he got in his first few years of lifting, he would likely be the size of Phil Heath.

Jeremy Buendia Steroid Tells

Jeremy Buendia has no obvious steroid tells.

Firstly, his shoulders are in proportion to his arms. Steroid users typically have huge shoulders and traps due to the androgenic receptors (these make certain muscle groups more susceptible to anabolic steroids).

Secondly, his facial structure remained the same throughout the years. Heavy steroid use may sharpen the jaw for example.

Furthermore, Jeremy Buendia, his skin isn’t flushed/ red, which also points towards him being natural. Some steroids are thermogenic, causing the skin to turn red-ish.

However, Jeremy Buendia does have one steroid symptom, amazing vascularity. This doesn’t always have to be because of steroids though. Jeremy only is extremely vascular when he’s about to compete. Remember how much weight he cuts before competing? Having a low-fat percentage automatically makes you appear more vascular.

jeremy buendia vascularity

Steroid users often experience enhanced vascularity throughout the entire year, this is not the case with Jeremy Buendia.

Lastly, the bodybuilder often competes in championships exclusive to natural bodybuilders. Federations he competes with include NPC and INBF. These federations don’t mess around, they test for drugs using different methods at different times. This makes it impossible for bodybuilders to plan steroid cycles prior to being tested.

Verdict: 100% Natural

We are pretty sure that Jeremy Buendia doesn’t use steroids. He shows no obvious signs of steroid use and his physique is developed in a very natural manner. In other words, he didn’t start gaining tons of muscle out of nowhere.

Just have a peek at a photo of young Buendia and you’ll realize that he’s just genetically blessed.

The only possibility we can’t exclude is if he has used cutting steroids, like Clenbutrol or Winstrol. These often come with less obvious tells. The only typical thing you see with these products is that bodybuilders manage to get extremely dry when they use them.

However, even though Jeremy Buendia manages to get pretty dry for competitions he doesn’t look artificial/ photoshopped.

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