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Jeff Seid: on Steroids or a Natty?

Jeff Seid is one of the most famous bodybuilders out there, and a lot of you are wondering if he’s on steroids or not? Find out here.

Jeff Seid Steroids

This young man made history last year when he became the youngest pro that the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness had ever seen. He is only 21 years old, and he already competes at Men’s Physique – which is why most people are wondering if he’s using anabolics, or is he natural?

When you look at him, Jeff seems like a real-life anime character, Goku, with his cut body, buff muscles, and spiky hair. And, because of his authentic look, he became an ideal for gym-rats.

His aesthetic look is the secret that lies behind his popularity. Guys, who crave that look want tiny waists, broad shoulders, and cut bodies. They aren’t looking to be beasts with huge stomachs and wide necks.

V-Taper Look

Frank Zane, the once-upon-a-time Mr Olympia, is mostly responsible for the popularity of the v-taper look, but Jeff is doing a lot to promote it.

He isn’t a beast, but he has almost perfect measurements, he is pretty big, and he is lean to the bone – which is why so many hard gainers dream of looking like him.

If you know anything about Jeff, then you’re aware that he is all about embracing the “you only live once” lifestyle. Social media is full of random videos of him posing without his top in public, for no reason whatsoever.

Another reason Jeff’s so popular is the fact that he’s giving the impression that he gets more tail than the infamous ladies’ man, Barney Stinson himself.

This guy has more than 2 million fans just on his Facebook page, not to mention his Twitter, and Instagram accounts – this much we see pretty clearly, a lot of guys admire Jeff Seid.

With this kind of popularity, he had to attract some negative attention. People often claim that he’s taking steroids, because of the “no one can look that good and be a natty” logic.

People often accuse him of being fake on his social media profiles, and he always claims that it’s all just a result of hard work.

So, let’s see if he’s natural or chemically enhanced.

God-Like Genes

Most of the time, when people use steroids, it’s blatantly apparent because they become huge in a short period. Why is it obvious? Well, if you ever tried to become muscular, you’ve noticed that it’s a slow process, and unless you’re a beginner, there are no quick gains.

For some, an argument that proves that he’s using anabolics is his youth. He is only 21 years old, but, what most people don’t know, he started lifting when he was just 12. So, it’s entirely understandable for someone who spent nine years working on their body intensively to look like that.

We took a look at some of his older photos.

When taking a look at his photos from when he was 17, and what we saw was that he didn’t gain much since then. That can only mean one thing – Jeff has incredible genetics that enables him to burn fat and build muscles incredibly effectively.

And it’s not like he ballooned in size since he was in his teens. Jeff Seid has been growing in size progressively since he was 12, and if you don’t trust us, check his photos on social media. You’ll notice what we have, that he is more or less the same size as he was at 15,16,17, 18 or 19 years of age.

His most significant jump, when it comes to growth of his muscles, was when he was 12 to 13 years old, and that makes sense because that’s the time when he started lifting. Everybody knows that the first year of training is when you achieve the most of your gains if you’re going natty.

No Signs of Side Effects

Jeff once said that before he was into lifting, he was a World of Warcraft addict and that he was a geek who even had acne.

How is this proof that he’s natty?

Most people who use anabolics experience acne as a side effect, and they show up on the shoulders, back and face.

You see, steroids are responsible for an increase in androgenic hormones in the organism. These hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce excess oil.

If you have poor genetics, you will most certainly get acne from anabolics. So if you didn’t have acne while you were in your teens, you probably wouldn’t get them even if you start using steroids.

But, if you had acne while you were young, and you start juicing, you are guaranteed to get acne breakouts.

And that is our proof – Jeff’s skin is natural and clear in every one of his photos. He is genetically prone to acne, so if he used anabolics, his sebaceous glands would have acted up, causing acne.

No Physical Symptoms

If he has used anabolics, he had to start at a very young age. We got that from looking at his photos. If he started using them as a child of 12,13 years, he would have some visual side effects of anabolics. And we can’t see any.

His hair isn’t thin – taking steroids can cause hair to be weak, or even recede, and his hair is exceptionally thick.

Jeff Seid has no gynecomastia – steroid use often causes the growth of breast tissue, mainly if a person uses them before finishing puberty.

Clean skin – no redness, no acne; this means that his glands aren’t working overtime and that his body temperature and blood pressure are normal (anabolics often increase both of these)

No signs of bloating – When people use anabolics, especially the bulking ones, they add to their size, but they cause bloating as well. If you take one look at Jeff, it will be clear that this is not the case.

He has a baby face – no wrinkles, no premature ageing. When people use steroids, their bodies produce less collagen, making their skin look older.

Comparison with Serge Nubret

serge nubret

Serge Nubret, one of the most famous, and best Mr Olympia contestants, used steroids, and his stats allegedly used to be the same as Jeff’s are now. So, 6 feet of height, 200 pounds of weight, arm size of 18”, and only 6% of body fat.

People claim that this can’t be a coincidence and that Seid claims to be natty so that he would keep his sponsors and fans.

It would seem logical if we didn’t compare their photos. If you look at their pictures, you will see that Nubret was a lot more muscular, and a whole lot bigger than Jeff Seid. So, those numbers could just as quickly be fake.

Steroids Are Completely Against Jeff Seid His Ideals

In one video on YouTube where Jeff talks about steroid users, he says that he met a guy, his age, even more, muscular than himself, and the guy said that he’s been lifting for only three years. Jeff says that he was curious if the guy was natural or not. The guy said no.

That is when Jeff Seid goes into it.

He just doesn’t get it, how can someone who wants to look like a fitness model, take steroids to get there. He’s worked for nine years for his aesthetic look, and it just isn’t right to take shortcuts.

He’s not just looking to get buff, or to compete at Men’s Physique, he wants to be natural, healthy, to prolong his life, and steroids simply do not fit into that picture.

Sure, anyone can lie, especially in front of a camera, but his advice is solid, and he does seem honest when he tells people that going natty is the best thing that they can do for themselves.

The Verdict Is In

In our opinion, Jeff Seid is entirely natural.

There is no proof at all that he ever used steroids. All that we found out is that some people have more luck than others and that this guy has insane genetics.

For hard gainers, it must seem like Jeff is juicing, but there’s nothing about him that supports that theory.

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