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Jamie Alderton: Steroids or Natural?

Jamie Alderton A.K.A. ‘Grenade Jay’ is a British bodybuilder and veteran that got in top shape in just 6-months. Did he use steroids or is he all natural?

Jamie Alderton steroids

Jamie Alderton has one of the best transformations in bodybuilding history, in 2014 he became another person in just half a year.

And as if that wasn’t enough to get the rumour machine going the bodybuilder lives a lifestyle that’s not common in fitness models. He says he loves fast food and alcohol. Those of you that follow him on Instagram know he regularly shares pictures of his ‘cheat meals’.

Typical for Jamie Alderton is his fluctuating weight. He’s nearly 18 kilograms heavier during the off-season than when he is competing when he’s preparing for a competition the bodybuilder gets to around 4% body-fat.

From what we’ve read online some fitness enthusiasts consider it impossible to be this cut and remain a  full/ photoshopped look. This look is indeed tricky without the use of steroids like Clenbuterol and Dianabol, but in rare cases it is possible.

So, can we place Jamie Alderton in the category ‘genetically blessed’ with guys like Mike O’Hearn and Helmut Strebl or is he using steroids? Let’s find out!

Jamie Alderton His Transformation

Jamie Alderton transformation

The British bodybuilder did a complete 180 in 2014 when he went from bulky and smooth to super jacked and cut in just six months. According to himself, he did this entirely naturally which started many rumours implying that he was lying. Was he?

As our regular readers know, if a transformation looks too good to be true it usually is. However, that’s mainly the case for muscle mass. If a bodybuilder packs on pounds and pounds of muscle mass out of nowhere it’s often due to steroid use.

Jamie however, didn’t gain any muscle mass. His physique got better because he shredded a lot of body fat. As a result, his muscle definition and vascularity increased significantly.

If we look at his transformation, we think he approximately went from around 15% body fat to just over 4% body fat. To be more precise, he lost 16 kilograms of fat and 11% body fat.

On average bodybuilders can naturally cut 0.9 kilograms (2 pounds) of fat a week, which comes down to about 0.5% of body fat. Interestingly this correlates with Jamie Alderton his transformation.

Let’s say the bodybuilder lost 0.9 kg a week, at his quickest he would’ve got to his competition physique in twenty weeks. However, as some of you might’ve experienced cutting isn’t always smooth sailing due to plateaus and other factors.

Jamie needed 24 weeks to lose 16 kilograms, which doesn’t seem impossible at all for a dedicated athlete.

His transformation looks more impressive than it is. He had a lot of hidden muscle due to a high-fat percentage. By getting to a meagre fat percentage, he could proudly show off all his hard earned muscle.

Great Genes

jamie alderton before

We can place Jamie Alderton in the category ‘genetically blessed bodybuilders’. Just have a look at the guy when he was a thirteen-year-old teenager.

Even though thirteen-year-old Jamie is far from jacked he had more muscle than your average 13-year-old, and peep that vascularity.

Because Jamie has worked out for nineteen years since this photo, it’s not that surprising that he’s in great shape nowadays.

Drug Testing History

Alderton has competed with the natural federations BNBF and Muscle Mania. In our opinion, most natural organisations are a joke as many steroid users manage to join (that’s because they test don’t test at random).

The BNBF, however, tests very thoroughly at random moments throughout the year, making them a credible federation.

Since Jamie Alderton has competed with these guys it is less likely that he’s used steroids; however, this isn’t conclusive evidence. Therefore we have to look at the typical symptoms of steroid use:

Androgenic Muscles

Many bodybuilders that juice have very well developed androgenic muscle groups because of the androgenic receptors in these muscles. Muscles that are high in androgenic receptors respond relatively better to anabolic steroids than other muscle groups.

The most common over-developed muscles in steroid users are the trapezius. Jamie’s traps, however, are pretty weak, to be honest. It’s likely that a steroid user that doesn’t train traps will have better traps than him.

Red Skin

Androgenic Muscle Groups typically only respond to bulking steroids. So if you thought that Jamie Alderton could’ve used a cutting steroid such as Clenbuterol and his androgenic muscles wouldn’t show, you’re right.

However, cutting steroids such as Clenbuterol typically have some thermogenic effect causing the skin to turn red/ flushed, and we couldn’t find a picture of Jamie with flushed skin.

Thinning Hair

Steroid use can cause the user’s hair to become thinner, as we’ve seen in Zac Efron when he got in shape for Baywatch. Jamie however, even though he’s thirty years old, still has a head full of thick hair.


Considering the facts stated above, we think it’s doubtful Jamie Alderton has taken illegal anabolic steroids. No hard evidence proves that he has used any performance-enhancing drugs.

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