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Does Jaco De Bruyn Take Steroids?

Jaco de Bruyn is a popular bodybuilder that has made some suspicious gains. His fans are now wondering, did he take steroids?

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Jaco De Bruyn is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Jaco de Bruyn is a South African bodybuilder that competes with the WBFF. The bodybuilder has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. Jaco currently has nearly 5.000.000 likes on his official Facebook page. Therefore, supplements manufacturers such as EHP labs love to sponsor the pro-muscle model.

Jaco de Bruyn’s physique can best be described as shredded and lean. When this guy is on stage his conditioning is on another level.

His Measurements

Height: 6 foot 1

Weight: 211 pounds

Body-fat: Seven %

In our opinion de Bruyn possibly has the best rear delts in the industry. Since his physique is so perfectly built some of our readers are wondering if the bodybuilder has used steroids to build his signature look.

In this article, we’re going to find out.

Drug Tests

Jaco de Bruyn competes with the WBFF, in their muscle model contest. Some federations are stricter than others when it comes to steroid use. Therefore, let’s have a look at this organization their policy.

Never mind, they don’t do drug tests and unlike most federations, they don’t have a drug policy on their website. Of course, they don’t have to test for drugs, but it does reflect on their competitors.

Our guess is that bodybuilders that don’t use steroids 9/10 times choose to compete with a federation that conducts drug tests. If they don’t it’s very likely they’re competing with people that do use steroids.

This doesn’t automatically mean that Jaco de Bruyn uses steroids, but it is suspicious that he competes there where they don’t test for steroids.


Jaco de Bruyn transformation

A very effective way of determining steroid use is by analyzing a bodybuilder his transformation.

Thanks to social media we are able to find pictures of bodybuilders at any points in their career. Using these pictures a ‘gains timeline’ can be made.

Jaco started lifting in his early 20’s. When we look at his transformation it’s very likely that he didn’t use steroids until ’11. As all natural bodybuilders know we are able to gain the most significant muscle in the first few years of lifting. After a couple of years, we can only make tiny gains.

This is not the case with Jaco, in ’11 he made very serious gains compared to his gains in 2008, 2009 and 2010. This makes us think that he started using steroids around 2010/ 2011.

Red Skin

Red (flushed) skin is something we often see in steroid users. It’s caused by an increased body temperature, something typically caused by cutting steroids.

Androgen Receptors

Certain muscles respond heavier to steroids than others. Usually, the more Androgen Receptors muscles have the more obvious potential steroids use is.

Steroids have the most effect on the delts and traps because these muscle groups have a lot of these receptors. Both Jaco his traps and delts are developed incredibly well which may indicate possible steroid use.


Jaco de Bruyn vascularity

If you look at photos of Jaco de Bruyn earlier in his bodybuilding career you’ll see that he has just a bit of vascularity.

However, since ’11 he’s gotten significantly more vascular to the point that he has excessive vascularity.

This also is a typical indicator of steroid use. Why?

That’s because steroids may get your skin to become thinners since they can decrease collagen levels.

As collagen levels decrease the skin becomes thinner making veins more visible. And as you can see for yourself Jaco his veins are super visible.


Looking at all the factors above we think it’s very likely that the bodybuilder has used steroids. Especially since his most significant gains were made years after he started working out, which indicates the moment he could’ve possibly started using steroids (2010/2011).

Steroids or not, he definitely built one of the best physiques of our generation which deserves nothing but respect.

Listing the Steroids Jaco De Bruyn Could’ve Used

When we look at Jaco we think he probably used Trenbolone and Testosterone. Together these two steroids allow one to build a great competition worthy physique.

We think he’s on Trenbolone because his delts and traps are very developed. These androgenic muscle groups are very likely to respond to Trenbolone use.

Furthermore, Trenbolone allows for easy striations (dry look) as we can see in Jaco his chest.

Lastly, it’s likely de Bruyn takes testosterone because of the amount of mass he gained after ‘10/’11.

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