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Hugh Jackman: Steroids or Natural?

Hugh Jackman is an actor popularly known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies. Did he use steroids to build his Wolverine physique?

Hugh Jackman steroids

Ask a random fan of the Marvel franchise who their favourite character is, and many will answer Wolverine. Millions of fans around the world were sad the moment Hugh Jackman announced he would no longer be playing the mutant.

Hugh Jackman first appeared on the big screen as Wolverine back in 2000 when he played the character in the movie X-Men. Although he was in good shape, his physique didn’t match that of the Wolverine people knew from comics. Hugh Jackman wasn’t as shredded.

He resembled a guy that lifts now and then rather than an unbeatable mutant monster. Fast forward a couple of years to 2009, and that’s how Hugh looked. He’d become a shredded monster for X-Men Origins.

As if this physique wasn’t insane enough Hugh Jackman became even more ripped for his roles in ‘The Wolverine’ and ‘Days of Future Past’.

It’s a known fact that steroids are readily available to specific subsets of the population such as bodybuilders and actors. Hence why many people started assuming Hugh used steroids to build his signature Wolverine physique.

His Transformation

hugh jackman transformation physique

Firstly, the actor didn’t become that much more muscular over the course his career. The reason Hugh Jackman started looking fitter with every movie is that he dropped his fat percentage by approximately four per cent. He went from ‘lean’ to ‘ripped’.

For those wondering, dropping 4% body-fat won’t take you thirteen years as it took Hugh, and using steroids is also not a necessity within this time frame.

However, this doesn’t prove that the actor hasn’t used any steroids. Therefore we have to look at several other factors.

Extraordinary Vascularity

Something that stands out is how vascular Hugh Jackman is. His vascularity enhanced with every movie. Steroids typically cause vascularity due to thinning skin and increasing red blood cell production.

However, usually, it only takes steroid users one or two cycles to achieve this level of vascularity, whereas it took the actor sixteen years. Collagen production naturally slows down with age. A lower amount of collagen leads to thinner skin, making or veins more visible. If you were to keep the same physique for 20 years the body in 20 years from now would be much more vascular.

If you’ve got any old guys at your gym you’ll start noticing this; their veins often resemble roadmaps.

Hugh his age (41) combined with his fat loss explains his excellent vascularity. So we don’t think it’s the result of steroids.

Flushed Skin

Hugh Jackman lean

In ‘Days of Future Past’ Jack his skin is very flushed, especially in his chest area. This effect emerges when the body temperature significantly increases.

Flushed skin can also happen to non-steroid users when their blood pressure suddenly increases. For example, this may occur during a visit to the sauna or when lifting. However, these are always temporary cases.

Hugh Jackman’s skin was super red throughout the movie; this indicates some severe thermogenic activity. Such activity often happens when someone is using a cutting steroid such as Clenbuterol.

The reason Clenbuterol causes this effect is because it triggers the user’s central nervous system, causing the internal temperature to rise, which in turn promotes fat loss.

This process burns fat because it demands the body to cool you back down. As your body is working hard to cool you down a lot of calories are burned.


Hugh Jackman his shredded physique can be built naturally. But, his flushed skin makes us suspect that the actor might’ve used Clenbuterol.

The actor hasn’t used any bulking steroids, like Dianabol, as he didn’t pack on ridiculous amounts of muscle mass within short periods. If he had taken such steroids, he would’ve turned into the Hulk rather than Wolverine.

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