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Henry Cavill: Steroids or Natural?

Actors often transform their physiques for movie roles. When Henry Cavill got jacked for Superman people started wondering if he used steroids. Did he?

Henry Cavill Steroids

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Any bodybuilding fanatic that has seen either ‘Man of Steel’ or ‘Batman vs Superman’ must have thought: “that dude is jacked!”.

Playing Clark Kent, Henry Cavill is approximately 220lbs sitting at 8% body-fat.

It’s no secret that Hollywood actors have access to the best steroids and performance-enhancing drugs like Sustanon. Therefore, as you might’ve expected fitness enthusiasts on social media and bodybuilding forums have questioned if the actor has built his physique naturally or with the help of steroids.

Henry Cavill his personal trainer, Mark Twight, has mentioned that the actor is natural. In this article, we’re going to find out if Henry Cavill bulked up on juice or if he is indeed natty.

Henry Cavill’s Transformation

henry cavill transformation

The actor and his personal trainer worked on his physique for nearly a year. Five months into their program Henry started shooting for the new Superman movie.

In the first five months, the actor packed on twenty pounds of mass. He then maintained these gains. This new found muscle transformed Henry Cavill from a fit guy into a bodybuilder.

This wasn’t the first time Henry got buff for a movie. Two years before appearing in Man of Steel the actor played in the movie Immortals. Back then he managed to pack on fifteen pounds of muscle for his role.

Naturally Attainable Physique

Henry Cavill natural

Henry Cavill has proven that he knows how to gain muscle mass for a role. Although his gains were quite significant they don’t appear suspicious.

From what we’ve seen experienced guys can pack on 15lbs in 5 months if their diet and workout program is up to par.

Henry Cavill went from low volume workouts to heavy lifting for nearly 3 hours a day. Additionally, Henry Cavill made sure he had enough hours of sleep during this period allowing his body to optimally recover.

Determination, a healthy diet and good sleep definitely make it possible to naturally gain 3 pounds of muscle a month as the actor did.

Sleep Schedule

Mark Twight instructed Henry to sleep for 10 hours a day. If you push your limits in the gym on a daily basis sufficient sleep allows max natural testosterone/ growth hormone levels. Insufficient sleep will have the opposite effect.

By sleeping so much every single night the actor fulfilled his optimal potential and boosted his body’s anabolic hormones allowing for maximum mass gain.


While bulking up Henry Cavill ate approximately 5.500 calories a day. Given how hard he worked out he needed to consume this many, otherwise, he’d definitely have lacked energy.

Eating this much results in a calorie surplus, with a workout program such as that of the actor this will allow you to pack on muscle mass at an enhanced rate. Furthermore, it prevents the central nervous system from failing after intense workouts.

Lastly, A calorie surplus is proven to have a sedative effect on our brain, overeating promotes sleep hormone production. As a result, we’re then less likely to overtrain.


To conclude, we believe Mark Twight that his PT client Henry Cavill is natural.

The actor worked out for nearly three hours a day for almost 6 months. Add a daily intake of 5.5k calories and you’re definitely going to pack on mass.

His training program isn’t suitable for everyone, but if you’re able to keep up it’s guaranteed to get you into monster shape.

Lastly, the actor shows no side effects of steroid use such as gynecomastia, facial bloat, red skin, roid gut, or acne.

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