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Is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Using Steroids?

Does Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) use steroids for bigger, better, faster gains? We think that these are the steroids responsible for his muscular physique.

The Rock Steroids

Another big name with a big frame – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Maybe you know him from WWE or his many appearances on the big screen, but whatever the case, you’re probably wondering – if The Rock is on steroids?

Now, there is no denying that Dwayne has the size in his genes. His father, Rocky Johnson, was humongous during his career as a pro wrestler. What’s more, his grandfather from his mother’s side was Peter Maivia, one of the best known WWE wrestlers of all time. While not as big as Dwayne’s father, he still had quite some muscle on him.

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. “The Rock”, however, shows several telltale signs of steroid use. So, is he using them? Let’s find out!

Dwayne Johnson Openly Admitted to Using Steroids

A few years back, in an interview he did with Fortune, The Rock said that he was taking steroids when he was 18 years old. However, he did also mention that he was ignorant and that he has not used steroids since.

Now, there are two possible reasons as to why Dwayne Johnson made that claim. The first and more unlikely one is that he genuinely did not use them after that. However, it is far more likely that he said it not to set a bad example.

The Rock His Transformation

The rock his transformation

When you compare The Rock today to the Dwayne Johnson from the WWE days, you can see that he bulked up significantly, and with no fat whatsoever! His body fat percentage seems to have dropped, as he looks much more cut now than he did 20 years ago. This kind of progress is highly unrealistic as he was adding muscle and burning fat simultaneously, which is very hard for the human body. Furthermore, he’s older, and his physique should be reflecting that. It is not.

Also, note that his cranial and jaw muscles have developed as well. This change is another typical sign of steroid use, as you can’t train those muscles. All in all, his physique looks much more “synthetic” than it did before, which is another dead giveaway.

Flushed Skin

Dwayne’s skin is much darker today than it was in his heyday. Mind you; this is not the result of excessive tanning or anything. Instead, it is the result of elevated body temperature. In Caucasian men, this leads to the pinkish/red skin. For those of African/Samoan descent, it leads to a several shades darker skin.

This increased body temperature can point to steroid use. How so? Merely because they cause a significant rise in blood pressure, which is tied in with heightened testosterone levels. Testosterone increases cholesterol levels, which then raises blood pressure, resulting in higher internal body temperature.

This fact also explains why men are generally more prone to heart attacks. Their much higher natural testosterone leads to more cholesterol in the blood, which is the root cause of heart disease.

Massive Trapezoid Muscles

Rock traps

The traps are, without a doubt, one of the Rock’s dominant muscle groups; this occurs very rarely among natty bodybuilders but is found very common among those who use steroids. The upper body muscles have a higher number of androgen receptors and are thus the most affected by steroids.

As such, if you were to start a steroid cycle, your traps and delts would be the first muscles to be affected.


Based on everything we have seen so far, it is possible that Dwayne Johnson could indeed be using steroids.

He admitted to using them for a total of two weeks when he was 18, but it’s likely that it goes beyond that. After all, he only got bigger as he aged. We think his gains can’t be made natural.

The Steroids He Might’ve used

  • Testosterone
  • HGH

It’s a public secret that bodybuilders, wrestlers and professional athletes use steroids. The Rock sure has excellent genetics, but even then, a natural bodybuilder cannot compete with a steroid-user. So, if he also managed to get on a steroid user’s level naturally due to abnormal genes, why would he stop there? He could easily have dwarfed the competition. After all, he admitted to having experimented with steroids already.

Testosterone would also explain the large traps, which he had even back when he was in WWE. Once he finished his wrestling career, he significantly increased in size by focusing on bodybuilding. This mass gain is nothing too insane, mainly since he was already quite big before, but his body fat percentage dropped significantly.

Now, he is likely to have used HGH to be able to gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously. The cranial and jaw muscle mass increase is a common sign of HGH use. On another note, people did point out that he does not have that “steroid gut” that comes from HGH use. It is not bulging and doesn’t look bloated. However, this happens much more often when people combine HGH and insulin, rather than just taking HGH. After all, rumours have it that even those competing in Men’s Physique take HGH, and that is a division focusing on aesthetics and small waists – no “pregnant bellies” there.

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