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Is David Laid Taking Steroids?

David Laid is a 20 y/o American bodybuilder. His claim to fame is the stunning transformation video he uploaded to YouTube. Is he natty or on steroids?

David Laid steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, David Laid is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

When the video starts, his height was 5 ft 7 in, and he weighed 98 lbs. By the end, however, he was 6 ft 2 in tall and weighed 190 lbs. It’s no wonder that the video has in excess of 26 million hits.

This transformation took place over just 3 years. During that time, David Laid went from looking borderline anorexic to a real muscle beast. His example has inspired countless fans across the globe.

Indeed, his physique has allowed him to accumulate over 850 thousand Instagram followers, in addition to securing him a lucrative sponsorship with Gymshark, where he joins the likes of Steve Cook, Steven Cao, and Ryan Terry.

Not only does David look amazing, he is also incredibly strong. He can bench press 390 lbs and deadlift 635 lbs. He was doing 315 lbs bench presses at only 17 years of age! That is no small feat at that age, and it deserves a lot of respect.

However, all of these impressive stats beg the question – did he do it naturally? To find that out, we need to see the evidence.

David Laid Is Not Huge

First of all, we need to say that you can absolutely look like David using all natural means. It has to do with genetics, most of all. Still, even if you haven’t won the genetic lottery, you can still get to where David is through a lot of hard work.

The thing about David Laid is that he looks more buff than he really is because he is very lean. When you take a closer look, you see that he doesn’t actually have that much muscle mass. Still, just because people can do it naturally, doesn’t mean that David did it that way. Let’s press on.

Says He Never Took Steroids

His YouTube video used to be called ‘3-Year Natural Transformation’, so we see that he claimed to have been all natural. In one video, he even speaks on the topic. Someone asked him whether he would consider doing steroids. He said that it wasn’t worth it for him.

That is not exactly a strong denial, not an outright condemnation. His overall body language indicates that he is uneasy about the question. For example, we can see him licking his lips in the video. That is a classic sign that a person is lying.

When we lie, our adrenaline levels go up, which causes the lips to dry out. That’s why people often lick their lips when they are lying. The same thing happened with John Cena when he was giving a TV interview, and the interviewer asked him about steroids.

Another interesting aspect to his answer is when he says people who take steroids are not bad people. It’s as though he was attempting to defend himself by speaking in such general terms. It could mean that he feels guilty about it, and thinks he needs to go on the defensive.

He also says that steroids are neither good nor bad, declining to condemn them outright. However, almost everyone is aware that steroids can wreak havoc on the body. It may be debatable whether these are a health hazard, but they’re not good by any means.

His Condemnation of Steroid Users

David does actually condemn some steroid users. He takes issue with three groups in particular. Firstly, people who claim they are natural, but they are taking steroids, and then they try to sell people their health products.

Secondly, he goes after people who compete in organizations which have drug testing rules. They do this through deception, and it gives them an unfair advantage.

The interesting part is that he doesn’t fit into any of those categories. He has no products to sell, and he doesn’t do professional competitions. Nevertheless, this is still not evidenced that David is using steroids.

Interesting Hoodie

David Laid natty

We saw David Laid wearing a hoodie inscribed with the words ‘Half Natty’ at the Arnold Classic. There are two ways to interpret that term. Firstly, it could mean that someone used to take steroids, but isn’t taking them anymore. Alternatively, it could mean that someone is taking small doses of steroids.

In any case, that means the person is not all natural. It seems strange that someone who is all natural would choose to wear such a hoodie.

The man who founded the ‘Half Natty’ clothing brand, Matt Ogus, was featured a few months ago in this very column. At the time, we concluded that he was on steroids. Matt also went through a transformation very similar to David’s, from thin to ripped.

Signs of Steroids Use

Right off the bat, it doesn’t look like David has any symptoms of having used steroids. He doesn’t have the bodybuilder belly, gynecomastia, nor bloating. Still, that is not proof enough that David is all natural. We have had examples of this in the past in this column.

However, a point of concern that stands out is the fullness of David’s muscles. In certain pictures, he looks as though he is much bigger than normal. This means he might have been in the middle of a steroid cycle. The physiological explanation for this phenomenon is that steroids increase the amount of water the muscles retain, which makes them look fuller.

His Transformation

David Laid transformation

As we have said before, the best way to tell if someone is on steroids is to look at the timeline of their gains. To do this, we find several good photos of a person, showing them when they just started, and where they are now.

When someone just starts lifting weights, they will usually gain 20 lbs really fast. We call these ‘newbie gains’ in the business. After that, the gains start coming in much more slowly. If someone keeps growing at the initial rate after the first 20 lbs, that’s a sign of steroid use.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at David. When we compare pictures of him at 14 and 20 years of age, we see something interesting. He hasn’t just added 20 lbs of muscle,

it’s more like 70 lbs. The math checks out since steroids can get you 50 lbs, plus the 20 lbs of newbie gains.


Looking at all the evidence, it seems to us that David Laid could have taken steroids. The timeline of his gains is a typical example of steroid use. When we couple that with his defensiveness in the video, there is cause for suspicion. On top of that, nobody who is all natural would ever wear a ‘Half Natty’ hoodie.

Listing the Steroids He Used

There are several steroids David could have taken. Our money is on Dianabol, Testosterone, Deca Durabolin, or some combination of those.

Since his gains were so huge, he had to have taken some of the strongest steroids. Testosterone and Dianabol certainly count among those.

We can rule out Anadrol since there is no bloating, and no water retention. We can also rule out Trenbolone, since he is not dry, and his traps are normal.

Deca Durabolin is a suspect since there are several pictures where he looks absolutely huge. The Deca Durabolin cycle grants you a further dimension of muscle gain, unmatched by any other substance.

Some Final Words

Still, we could be wrong about this verdict. Maybe David is just a prime specimen whose genetics have allowed him to achieve these fantastic results. The main thing to take away from this is that he could have taken steroids. In fact, he hasn’t really denied it himself!

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