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D-Bal Max

D-Bal Max is a popular legal steroid. This bodybuilding supplement is designed to help you get maximum muscle, strength and performance.

D-Bal Max

  • Powerful legal muscle building formula – great results without side effects
  • There is ample scientific backing for all ingredients – gains guaranteed
  • All-in-one steroid combats fatigue, burns fat, speeds recovery, and builds muscle
  • Worldwide discreet shipping including free shipping to the US and Europe


D-Bal Max gives users similar results to synthetic Dianabol, the most powerful and popular bulking stack of all time. However, thanks to its natural ingredients D-Bal Max comes with no side effects, making it the perfect alternative to Dianabol.
D-Bal MAX is a unique anabolic supplement that the designer refers to as “Pure Bodybuilding Dynamite”. If you ask us this name is more than deserved. D-Bal Max is manufactured using a blend of very potent ingredients. These natural ingredients mimic the effects of synthetic Dianabol thus giving you similar results without side effects. D-Bal Max remains one of the best sold legal steroids even though competition is getting fiercer because it utilizes the highly sought after “herbal (muscle building) steroid” 20-Hydroxyecdysterone. Furthermore, D-Bal Max contains powerful amino acids and high-power protein concentrates. Together this blend stimulates metabolism, shreds fat, develops and feeds muscle, and increases stamina. In other words, D-Bal Max is all you need to improve your workout program. This diverse supplement fits perfectly in all bulking stacks and is an ideal boost for any bodybuilder.

Pure Bodybuilding Dynamite

D-Bal Max packaging

D-Bal Max is a legal anabolic supplement that may help you sculpt your dream physique and experience bigger gains in less time than you’re used to. This is a unique blend which ingredients have a lot of scientific research validating their effectiveness. The 3 main components, a herbal steroid, whey protein complex and powerful amino acids work together to deliver the ultimate performance-enhancing boost that you need in the gym for optimal results.

This anabolic supplement works hard to promote muscle development and makes workouts more effective. Its formula increases the synthesis of protein, provides the “fuel” your muscle needs to grow and boosts metabolism. Additionally, this bodybuilding supplement makes you less vulnerable to fatigue by boosting your stamina, allowing for more and heavier reps. Lastly, Image how motivated you’ll be when you can work out more intensely, be less sore, and see results more rapidly.

Bauer, the manufacturer behind this product has labelled it  “Pure Bodybuilding Dynamite”. The pills come in red tubes packed in dynamite crates making it look like TNT. In our opinion, this is one of the most awesome packaged legal steroids for sale on the bodybuilding market today.

The Benefits and Disadvantages

The pros of D-Bal Max are:

  • Only uses natural ingredients
  • All-in-one formula for extreme gains, quicker recovery, fat burn, and more stamina.
  • The manufacturer has many health & fitness consultant who you may talk to, helping you reach your bodybuilding goals.
  • All claims made by the manufacturer are backed by science and proof.
  • Only legal steroid with a fair 60-day money back guarantee.

The cons of D-Bal Max are:

  • This supplement is fairly new, so there are only a few independent expert reviews.
  • Pretty expensive, unless you buy in bulk

The Manufacturer

D-Bal Max is one of the latest products by supplement giant BAUER Group DMCC, an organization that has dominated the market for hardcore bodybuilding supplements for years. Next to D-Bal-Max BAUER makes a wide range of workout boosters, muscle growth promoters and fat burners. Furthermore, BAUER is well-known for employing a wide variety of fitness and supplement experts who customers can talk to pre and post-purchase. When you buy a BAUER supplement you’re getting the most out of your purchase, it’s their mission to make your investment in your health pays off. Therefore, when you purchase one of their supplements you can count on BAUER to advise you on supplement use, nutrition, workouts and any other concerns you may have. In other words, this manufacturer’s relationship with the customer doesn’t end after check-out. They want to make sure you maximize your results with their products.

How Does D-Bal Max Work?

By now you likely have an idea what it is and what it does, so now it’s time to understand how it works. This section will go into detail on this legal steroid’s ingredients. D-Bal Max utilizes a couple of very potent ingredients to make this a super powerful bulking & strength supplement. Many bodybuilders are very aware of the great result of branched-chain amino acids, popularly referred to as BCAA’s. These powerful amino acids are blend together with a powerful protein concentrate that enhances protein synthesis. Most importantly, D-Bal  Max contains 20-Hydroxyecdysterone, nature’s own Dianabol.

Protein Synthesis

Lifting weights cause your muscle fibres to tear down. After your workout, a process called ‘protein synthesis‘ occurs that’s necessary to fix your muscle tissue and restore your muscles to an improved stage opposed to before your workout.

Unfortunately, normally the protein synthesis takes quite a while causing bodybuilders to have a difficult time putting on some real mass. However, when you’re able to boost this process you’re likely to pack on muscle mass at a much quicker rate than before. This is where D-BAL MAX comes into play, this legal steroid was designed to speed up protein synthesis. Its carefully selected ingredients have a stimulating effect on protein synthesis that allows for maximal muscle development.

Testosterone & IGF-1 Boost

A lot of bodybuilders will agree that testosterone plays a major role in muscle development. Regardless of your age, you can always increase your testosterone levels. So if your goal is to develop more muscle mass it’s beneficial to boost your test levels. However, please be aware that if you do so in an unnatural way you may hard your body. An example of an unnatural way is synthetic, illegal steroid use. Fortunately, D-Bal Max utilizes natural and safe ingredients to increase testosterone levels, boost muscle mass and decrease your fat percentage.

Not only that, but it also has the potential to increase IGF-1 levels in your body. IGF-1 is the hormone responsible for creating new muscle cells. When you increase the number of muscle cells, it has a profound effect on your strength and you are able to lift significantly more weight, which is part of the reason this product produces results so quickly.

Increased Energy

Working out stimulates your body to make serotonin, which boosts the perception of fatigue. This is your body telling you that you’re getting exhausted. As a result, you’ll experience fatigue and decreased energy levels, therefore you won’t be able to lift as heavy as you’d like. D-Bal Max will minimize your body’s serotonin while lifting, this allows for maximum energy throughout your training. Therefore, you will experience enhanced performance and increased strength.

D-Bal MAX Ingredients

Many competing products feature more components, however, in this case, less is more. These three high-quality ingredients give you exactly what’s necessary to get bigger gains, decrease fatigue, and maximize your workouts. Secondly, many other supplements that are made with herbal ingredients are not backed by science in any way.

When it comes to legal steroids, a couple potent components is definitely preferred over a laundry list of nonsense ingredients that have minimal effect.

D-Bal Max ingredients

BCAA Complex

As a bodybuilder, you’re likely familiar with these essential amino acids, these micronutrients allow us to build muscle at an enhanced rate. Branched Chain Amino Acids provide the users with the power necessary to kill their gym workout. Furthermore, since they’re so versatile, they’ve been the topic of many studies. A lot of research shows that using these acids during your workout program enhances power and strength, and prevents fatigue. Together these factors allow for a very efficient workout program.

Secondly, BCAAs are known to be the building blocks of protein, meaning that implementing them into your diet regimen will promote lean muscle synthesis. As a result of this capability, these micronutrients are known for reducing and preventing soreness of muscle tissue. Thirdly, BCAAs will decrease the amount of serotonin present in your system while lifting. This is beneficial due to the fact that high serotonin levels are likely to boost a bodybuilder’s perception of fatigue. This unfortunate effect will make the bodybuilder want to quit the workout since they feel like they’ve got nothing left. Lastly, BCAA’s will help you shed excess fat by enhancing your metabolic rate.

One benefit of BCAAs is that they can reduce the levels of serotonin present in the body during a workout. Serotonin, when high, can increase your perception of fatigue, meaning you’re more likely to stop the workout when you still have something left. Probably because BCAAs increase your ability to grow muscle, they also help you to burn fat and increase your metabolic rate.

They make up 35% of your muscle mass and must be present for molecular growth and development to take place.” Bodybuilding.com


Research-backed 20-Hydroxyecdysterone is great because this plant extract is known as nature’s own steroid thanks to its three great anabolic properties. First, it promotes the synthesizing of muscle tissue. This means that you’ll pack on more muscle mass than ever before, especially in combination with amino acids and whey extract.

Secondly, this component boosts the retention of nitrogen, which also promotes enhanced muscle development. Third, this extract boosts the concentration of adenosine triphosphate (better known as ATP) in muscles, which is essentially your muscle’s fuel. Bodybuilders that have used creatine monohydrate in the past likely are aware how it feels to have this extra power boost that allows you to increase reps and lift heavier.

However, this is not all. Additionally, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone is popular because of its effect on muscle fibres that are contractile.

20-Hydroxyecdysterone is especially well known for its impact on contractile muscle fibres. As the name suggests, these fibres are the ones that tighten when you lift. In fact, one Russian study compared its effects on these fibres to the anabolic steroid Dianabol. The study found that the plant steroid actually had a stronger anabolic effect.

Whey Complex

You might be thinking “Hey, why does a legal steroid alternative use whey?” The thing about whey protein is that the quality and its effects vary a lot across brands. Usually, you get what you pay for. The Whey concentrate in this anabolic is packed with amino acids and is specifically manufactured to be released into your muscle tissue throughout the entire day. As a result of this managed release, you can be sure of the fact that regardless what you’re doing, even when you’re sleeping your muscles are increasing in size.

“In the world of bodybuilding, protein is a big deal. You need protein to help your muscles to rebuild and repair themselves after a workout.” Livestrong

Results and Reviews

We understand you’re curious about D-Bal Max’s results, therefore we’ve listed several testimonials you can easily find online. Each of these bodybuilders achieved their own personal goals thanks to this powerful supplement.

D-Bal Max review #1

D-Bal Max review #2

D-Bal Max review #3

How To Use?

D-Bal Max oral capsules
D-Bal Max Capsules

Using D-Bal Max is super, unlike traditional steroids, you can just take this tablet orally. The manufacturer recommends users to consume three capsules a day with water. It’s best to take this supplement with breakfast, 30-45 minutes after your workouts, and with dinner.

For optimal results use D-Bal Max for at least two months. Keep in mind that this is a supplement and for supplements, to work you must combine them with a proper workout program and healthy diet

Noteworthy: This supplement is not toxic to your organs and will not increase blood pressure.


“A supplement stack is when you take several supplements throughout the day that compliment each other and maximize your ability to achieve a certain goal, like gaining muscle or losing weight.”Wikihow

Stack D-Bal Max with DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin), Anadrole, (Anadrol), Trenorol (Trenbolone) and Testo-Max (Sustanon) for best results!

Money-back Guarantee

D-Bal Max definitely has the best refund policy in the supplement industry, you can use it up to two months to decide whether you look it or not. During these 60 days, you can chat with Bauer their fitness experts if you’re in need of any existence, so you can the most out of your program. However, if you’re unsatisfied you can return your empty boxes as well as non-consumed pills to Bauer for a full refund. They refund 100%, no questions asked.

Where To Buy?

You can buy D-Bal Max from the brand’s official website.

The steroid is available in many quantities, beginners may want to start with a one-month supply to see if the supplement is what they’re looking for. A basic 1-month supply costs $68.95 and features two tubes of 45 pills each. The next biggest option is a 3-month package, which features a free 0.5 month supply for a total of $139.95. Lastly, the largest and best-priced package is a 6-month supply that comes with two months free. In total, you’ll receive 12 tubes of D-Bal Max for $279.85.

D-Bal Max definitely has the best refund policy in the supplement industry, you can use it up to two months to decide whether you look it or not. During these 60 days, you can chat with Bauer their fitness experts if you’re in need of any existence, so you can the most out of your program. However, if you’re unsatisfied you can return your empty boxes as well as non-consumed pills to Bauer for a full refund. They refund 100%, no questions asked.