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Does CT Fletcher Take Steroids?

CT Fletcher, once the strongest man in the world is a bodybuilder known for his 22-inch arms. Some wonder, did he build these with steroids?

ct fletcher steroids

If you’re a fan of bodybuilding, you’ll have heard of CT Fletcher. If not, are you a fan of bodybuilding? Mr Fletcher is immensely popular on YouTube where he shouts at his biceps that they must grow bigger.

The bodybuilder holds quite a few titles, including “world bench press champion (650 pounds)” and “world strict curl champion.” Noteworthy, these are both won in drug-free contests.

It’s not just his title’s that make this bodybuilder immortal; there’s more. CT Fletcher got resurrected during surgery, 3-times!

CT is keen to let everybody know that he’s natural. According to him, his mega twenty-two-inch arms have been build without the help of any anabolic steroids. However, many people don’t believe him, including fellow bodybuilder Leroy Colbert. Leroy called out CT Fletcher on YouTube. CT Fletcher then responded to Leroy Colbert with a video of his own:

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Leroy Colbert is a bodybuilding legend. He’s known to be the first bodybuilder to build twenty-one-inch arms without using performance-enhancing drugs. Thus, his story is very similar to that of Fletcher. Therefore, Colbert, his opinion is biased. He might not like the fact that another bodybuilder is gaining fame.

We don’t care if CT Fletcher has used steroids or not. The guy’s a beast anyway. However many of you requested us to find out. Therefore, we’ll look at the facts to determine if the bodybuilder has taken steroids or not.

Drug Tests

Just like Simeon Panda, CT Fletcher went as far as hiring a doctor to perform a drug test on him to prove that he doesn’t use steroids. He captured the whole process and uploaded it to YouTube:

He has also been tested by bodybuilding federation NASA before winning the world bench press championship. However, in our opinion, the tests by most federations are not conclusive. They don’t test at random, which means a bodybuilder can precisely calculate when to stop using steroids to pass.

However, CT Fletcher, just like Mike O’Hearn did compete in the INBA. This federation of natural bodybuilders tests very thoroughly. They conduct blood, urine and polygraph tests at random. An unannounced check makes it impossible for bodybuilders to plan steroid cycles carefully.

If you fail an INBA test your name will go on a list on their site with all bodybuilders that have used steroids according to their criteria. In other words, CT Fletcher would’ve taken a considerable risk competing in this Federation if he used steroids.


So we don’t think Fletcher has used steroids during his INBA days. However, there’s still the possibility that he has used steroids before or after competing with this federation.

If you looked at a photo from CT Fletcher when he was a powerlifter rather than a bodybuilder you’ll notice that he’s been huge for years. If he’d used steroids at that time and then stopped during his INBA years, he would’ve not been able to maintain his muscle mass. CT Fletcher didn’t change a lot in regards to his muscle mass, but he did shred a lot of fat when he transitioned into a bodybuilder.

ct fletcher transformation

In our opinion, this proves that lean muscular physiques look way better. Furthermore, it makes steroid use earlier in Fletcher his career unlikely.

Cardiovascular Failure

Long-term users of illegal synthetic steroids have an increased risk of heart problems ranging from high blood pressure to heart failure.

CT Fletcher has experienced the latter. There are a few factors that could’ve contributed to this next to possible steroid use. His mom also had heart problems. Therefore, it could be a genetic issue. Furthermore, he ate a lot of McDonald’s during his strongman days. In this case, a lot is at least one McDonalds meal a day for 20 years.

It could be that the McDonalds habit is the reason behind his heart failures. The documentary “Super-Size Me” proves that a perfectly healthy man will experience serious health issues from a similar McDonalds diet, even if it’s for a short period.

Synthol Allegations

CT Fletcher also gets accused of shooting Synthol into his arms for size, an oil that significantly increases muscle size the moment it gets injected.

However, you might think such a thing must come with a downside? You’re right.

Synthol users are the least respected people in the fitness industry. Their muscles look very artificial and start sagging within no-time.

In our opinion, the biggest downside of Synthol is that your muscles will lose a lot of definition. CT Fletcher, on the other hand, has defined muscles.

Compare Mr Fletcher to a Synthol user, and you’ll know he didn’t inject this bullshit.

As you can see in this video Synthol will cause muscles to deform. CT Fletcher his muscles are in great shape, especially his biceps. Even though his arms are the most developed muscles, they’re still in proportion to the rest of his physique.

If Fletcher had injected Synthol into his arms, he would’ve also had to use it for other muscle groups to keep his proportions.


There’s no hard evidence that points towards steroid use and this powerlifter turned bodybuilder checks many of the “natty boxes,” of which passed drug tests is the most concrete.

CT Fletcher built the most significant amount of his muscle mass when he was a powerlifter. Powerlifters eat to get big and lift very heavy. CT has participated in this sport for years which build him a solid fundament for his bodybuilding career.

Furthermore, one of the bodybuilder’s primary sources of income is his YouTube videos. He doesn’t have any motivation to fake being natural as actual steroid users make thousands of YouTube by telling their steroid experiences. Take late Rich Piana for example (R.I.P.)

CT also has a great explanation for his massive arms. He explains that he build his signature big arms by overtraining them. He says that working out his arms daily for 1.5 years is how he got them to 22 inches. Lately, overtraining has become more popular.  Overtraining can deliver significant results if done right and responsibly. Don’t overtrain muscles that are overstressed or if you’ve only had a few hours of sleep.

Lastly, CT Fletcher doesn’t show any side effects from steroid use. He doesn’t bloat, doesn’t have puffy nipples, no extreme vascularity, and his traps seem normal.

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