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Does Connor Murphy Take Steroids?

Connor Murphy is a bodybuilder and a YouTube prankster. Many people think that he is using steroids. Is he? Let’s find out.

Connor Murphy steroids

If you do not know who Connor Murphy is, then it is high time you found out.

Connor Murphy is a bodybuilder and a YouTube prankster who has more than 500k Instagram followers. Also, his charming persona allows him to rake in those YouTube views by trolling people – he currently has about 1.5 million subscribers.

His viewing audience consists of skinny guys in college who want to pull girls with their shredded physiques. Needless to say that Connor is a role model for them.

But, no one is safe from Internet trolls. Because of that, some rumours have been going around in the bodybuilding industry, and many people think that Connor is using steroids.

That issue is on our agenda today. Has Connor Murphy been juicing so that he can attract more women than Barney Stinson? Or is he naturally beefy? You are about to find out.

Natty Claim

Lying is never a good thing, especially if you are trying to deflect steroid accusations. Because of that, we are happy to report that Connor Murphy has stated in a YouTube video that he has never used steroids. He claims that he is natural and that he has never touched enhancements that would help him beef up in a short amount of time.

That doesn’t mean that he is not lying. However, there are some clues in the way he said it. For example, he used the past tense to explain that he’s natural. Furthermore, he’s not stressed about his “lying” – he looks calm, which may indicate that he’s telling the truth.

Nevertheless, many bodybuilders have lied about steroid use. The fact that Connor doesn’t stray from the subject tells us a great deal about him and his honesty.

In the video, he also says that he knows that not everyone can look like him. It is mostly due to genetics, which is something trolls hate to hear.

Proper exercise and a healthy diet are important factors – but your genetics play a vital role in bodybuilding as well. Anyone who says differently is lying to himself.

Physique Analysis

Connor Murphy natural

You can tell a lot about a bodybuilder just by looking at a picture of him. That’s what we did during this investigation. The results are apparent – Connor doesn’t look like a steroid user.

For starters, he is not red, and his shoulders are not bulky enough for us to say that he’s juicing. Furthermore, his skin is smooth, and there aren’t many veins protruding.

We can even say that he’s probably natty. Just take a look at his shoulders – we don’t want to bash him, but they are somewhat weak.

Steroid use means that your shoulders will resemble cannonballs because the enhancements affect your deltoids the most. That’s because there are many androgen receptors in the deltoids – and using steroids will make them grow fast.

Also, his muscles speak for themselves. They are big, but they are too smooth, which is not something we can say about steroids users. Usually, various steroids, like Winstrol or Trenbolone, make the muscles look dry.

His Transformation

His gains timeline tells us a lot about his potential steroid use. At 17, Connor Murphy seems ripped, even though he weighed about 185lbs.

During the next three years, he plateaued. Afterwards, he gained about 20lbs in just one year – but how did he do that?

There is a simple answer to this, and Connor explained his progress in detail. He says that he was bulking up while still growing. He also got taller.

Furthermore, he changed up his exercise routine, which significantly contributed to his look today. Instead of working out every other day, he did 3-day split programs.

An exercise routine like this one might seem weak, but if you have fantastic genetics, it is as good as any other.

So, considering all the evidence, Connor gained those 20lbs naturally, and it probably had nothing to do with muscles. He tripled his training volume, which helped him to bulk up naturally.

On that note, there is another clue that leads us to think he’s natty. If he had taken steroids after he turned 17, he would have gained a lot more – probably about 65lbs.

Drug Testing History

NPC does steroid tests, but they let you know in advance when they will conduct them. Thus, you can just cut your cycle short and cleanse yourself of any steroids left in your body.

Meanwhile, legal federations are not that kind, and they will often surprise you with a drug test.

Still, this doesn’t mean that Connor Murphy is lying about his steroid use. It just means that he’s probably competing against steroid users who have passed their scheduled drug tests.

Besides, it’s difficult to find credible natty federations that conduct the steroid tests properly. They do exist, but they are also quite rare.


During this investigation, we have seen Connor Murphy’s gains timeline, and we have also compared his puberty photos with his body today. But, even though most Internet trolls want to see him fail, there is not a doubt in our mind – Connor Murphy is all natural.

However, you have to bear in mind that this is mostly due to his genetics. When you are lucky in the genetics department, there is little that could go wrong. Your body can transform quickly, and you will probably never have any problems maintaining it.

His body does not have any signs of steroid use, and he is not retaining water. Also, his skin is not red like a tomato, and his veins look pretty good.

If you are not convinced, then take a look at his body without his shirt. He looks enormous then, but as soon as he adds some clothes to his body, it’s not that impressive. So, even if you are lean, you can still look pretty jacked and brawny. You do not have to use steroids and become a mass monster with cannonball deltoids.

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