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Chul Soon: Natural or Steroids?

Chul Soon is a professional bodybuilder from Korea. Steroid allegations surround the Muscle Mania Pro. Is there any truth to these?

chul soon steroids

Hwung Chul Soon is a professional bodybuilder from Korea. He’s popularly known for winning Muscle Mania their ‘Natural’ championship.

In Korea Chul Soon is a huge celebrity thanks to his acting and modelling jobs.

The bodybuilder is envied for his incredibly develop abs. At first, Chul Soon was even accused of photoshopping his six-pack.

Without a doubt, Chul Soon has one of the greatest physiques in bodybuilding. He’s super shredded, and his chest and shoulders are amazing.

Many people like the bodybuilder his aesthetics, because his body is in perfect proportion. Many modern bodybuilders are mass monsters, which is a look that’s becoming less popular.

Natural Claim

On his official website, Chul Soon claims to be natural. However, if you go to any bodybuilding forum, you’ll find people questioning if he is. Fact is, he’s incredibly buff and his muscles look nearly photoshopped.

Frequent readers of our blog will know that just appearance is often not enough to determine steroid use. Therefore we must look at different types of evidence.

In this article, we’re going to find out if the Korean bodybuilder is, in fact, natural, or if he has used steroids.

Drug Testing History

The federation a bodybuilder competes with often says a lot about the bodybuilder. Some are known to be popular amongst steroids users. Other leagues test thoroughly for drugs and only attract real natural bodybuilders.

Muscle Mania, the federation Chul Soon competes with drug tests their top 5 contestants when they come off stage. If any traces of steroids are in the bloodstream, an athlete cannot participate for 24 months.

What’s suspicious about this testing policy is that the tests are not at random; this means a bodybuilder can stop using steroids just in time for it not to show up in the tests.

The federations that are known to attract real natural bodybuilders will perform several tests at random moments making it nearly impossible to use steroids.

To conclude, steroid users can pass Muscle Mania its tests, but this doesn’t automatically mean that Chul Soon uses steroids.

His Transformation

A great way to determine steroid use is looking at someone their transformation.

Natural bodybuilders typically plateau after a couple of years. If a bodybuilder suddenly starts packing on a crazy amount of muscle they’re very likely taking steroids.

Is this the case with Chul Soon? Let’s find out.

chul soon transformation


We can see that at this point Chul Soon already was in great shape and had been lifting for a few years.


At this point, Chul Soon maintained his physique and looked similar to how he did in ’08 one year earlier.


In 2012 Chul Soon got much more significant than he was before. We estimate he packed on approximately fifty extra pounds of lean muscle mass at this point. These are typical gains for a steroid user.


chul soon shoulders

Chul Soon arguably has the best shoulders in professional bodybuilding.

They’re huge!

A natural bodybuilder can develop big shoulders, but this 3-d effect as we can see in Chul Soon is something we usually see in steroid users and rarely in natural bodybuilders.

That’s because the shoulders relatively have a lot of androgen receptors and steroids are androgenic. Muscle groups that have many of these receptors grow relatively straightforward when a bodybuilder uses steroids.

Facial Changes

Chul Soon side effects

Chul soon his face significantly changed with time; this is something we typically see as a side effect of HGH use. Taking growth hormone may alter facial features, often the nose and skull are affected.

Some of our frequent readers may wonder why he doesn’t have a bloated gut, another side effect of HGH. Well, that only happens when HGH is in a stack with Insulin.


We think it’s very likely that the bodybuilder has used steroids to build his physique.

  1. He started gaining tons of muscle years after he first started lifting
  2. His androgenic muscle groups are out of this world
  3. His facial structure has changed

Human Growth Hormone: It’s likely Chul Soon uses HGH to gain muscle mass and burn fat; since his cranium got bigger.

Testosterone: Test helps bodybuilders gain a lot of muscle mass quickly. Considering how big he has been since 2012 we think he has used testosterone for his muscle gains.

Deca-Durabolin: The Korean Bodybuilder his muscles are so thick that they almost look photoshopped. Deca gives muscles that full look that his muscles have.

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