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Christian Bale: Steroids or Natural?

Christian Bale managed to pack on 50 pounds of lean muscle mass in just 5-months time for his role in Batman Begins. Is this the result of steroid use?

Christian Bale steroids

You’re likely reading this because you’ve seen Christian Bale as Batman in Batman Begins. Chances are you’ve also seen him play an addict in The Machinist. If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering how he managed to become super jacked in such a short period.

It’s no secret that Hollywood actors got access to all sorts of anabolic steroids like Somatropin. So, did Christian Bale take steroids to get in shape for Batman Begins?

In this article, we’re going to find out if the actor got in shape the natural way or if he has juiced.

Unbelievable Transformation

What intrigues us and many others is that The Machinist and Batman Begins were shot 5-months apart from each other. Why? Because Christian Bale went from looking starved to super fit.

The actor gained approximately 50 pounds of lean muscle mass in just under half a year. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a big part of the fitness community suspects steroid use.

Can a bodybuilder pack on 50 pounds of new muscle in 5-months time without the help of steroids? Well, that’s very unlikely. We’ve only seen this happen to people with outstanding genetics.

However, can a bodybuilder regain 50 pounds of muscle mass in 5-months time without the help of steroids? Yes, because of something called ‘Muscle Memory’.

Have you ever seen how Christian Bale looked in older movies? Take American Psycho, for example, portraying wall-street manager Patrick Bateman he was super muscular and lean. His physique in this movie is very similar to that in Batman Begins, except for a higher fat percentage.

Therefore, there’s the possibility he got in shape in just 5-months thanks to muscle memory.

For your information, there are two types of muscle memory:

  1. A bodybuilder stops working out, and his/her muscles shrink because he/she doesn’t lift anymore.
  2. A person’s muscle mass decreases because of insufficient calorie intake.

In case of type 1, muscle memory will kick in when someone starts lifting again. In the case of type 2, a person must overeat to get back their lost muscle mass.

Different Physiques

The many bodies of christian bale

This picture shows the many bodies of Christian Bale. The main difference between the ‘Reign of Fire’ and ‘Batman Begins is his body-fat’.

Because producers deemed the actor overweight when he initially arrived on the Batman set and it’s very likely he overate to get back his lost muscle mass.

To conclude, we don’t think he used steroids to get in shape for Batman Begins. We believe his fantastic transformation is the result of Muscle Memory.

American Psycho

However, that doesn’t mean he’s natural. There’s still the possibility he initially built his muscle mass for American Psycho with the help of steroids like Dianabol. Did he?

We don’t think so.

The actor’s physique in American Psycho is achievable naturally. Furthermore, he didn’t show any signs of illegal steroid use back then. No balding, lousy skin, steroid gut, flushed skin, crazy vascularity or gynecomastia to be spotted.

Then add the fact that he has got access to the best personal trainers and workout facilities in the world.


In conclusion, it’s very likely that Christian Bale has built his physique in a natural matter. We can link his amazing transformations to muscle memory, and he’s never shown any typical signs of steroid use.

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