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Does Chris Jones from Physiques of Greatness Use Steroids?

Chris Jones is a bodybuilder and fitness entrepreneur. In this article, we discuss if he has built his physique with or without the help of steroids.

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Chris Jones is the founder and owner of the popular fitness Youtube channel ‘Physiques of Greatness’. The bodybuilder often referred to as Chris “beastmode” Jones has a humongous social media following of 408.000 Facebook fans, all interested in his bodybuilding journey.
Furthermore, Chris works as a personal trainer next to operating his own clothing company ‘Pump Chasers’ and supplement company ‘Physiques of Greatness’ which can be bought from renowned supplement stores.

Chris Jones His Measurements

Height: five foot seven

Weight: 177-200 pounds

We’ve got a few requests to determine if Chris Jones has used steroids. He hasn’t competed in bodybuilding competitions, so there are no public drug test records of him.

So today’s question is: “Did Chris build his signature physique with the help of steroids?”

Chris Jones says he did not use steroids

Chris himself has been asked about steroids a lot, therefore he decided to dedicate a Youtube video to the topic. In this video, he claims to be fully natural, in theory, this could be a lie, however, most times we see that people this transparent have nothing to hide.

People that have used steroids, but don’t want this to be known often try everything in their power to avoid the topic. Take Phil Heath for example.

In other words, if you were natural and people asked you if you’ve used steroids, you’d likely have no problem telling them you didn’t. This is exactly what Chris Jones has done with the following video:

In our opinion Chris seems to be very sincere in this video, however, this is not enough evidence to come to a conclusion, therefore we need to look at additional factors.

Signs of Steroids Use

When we look at Chris Jones physique we can’t spot any typical steroid tells such as flushed skin, ridiculous vascularity, gynecomastia, monster trapezoids or bloated gut.

Beastmode Jones doesn’t have the typical steroid user’s physique, he looks very natural. He’s both not cut enough or massive enough for his physique to indicate steroid use.

However, bodybuilders can take steroid without looking like typical steroid users. People that moderately use products such as Dianabol or Testosterone can get away with a natural appearance.

Take Arnold Schwarzenegger for example, he arguably had the best physique ever. The Austrian didn’t suffer from any effects such as void gut or flushing, even though he is known to have used various steroids. Like most steroid users from his prime, he didn’t have an artificial appearance.

Suspicious Transformation

chris jones transformation

Chris Jones posted a transformation picture of himself earlier this year that shows him both in fat and shredded shape. This transformation, especially the fat loss raised suspicion amongst some of his followers.

Some figured he might have had used steroids since it appears as if he packed on a lot of muscle mass for the after picture.

However, this is not the case.

What these fans seem to forget is that Chris has a similar amount of muscle in the before picture, but his fat percentage was much higher. Therefore, his muscles were not defined at all.

In the after pic, the bodybuilder has a very cut physique that allows him to show off his defined physique. Cutting and retaining lean muscle mass is accomplishable by any athlete that knows what they’re doing.

Let’s say Chris had added an additional 10 pounds of muscle mass next to burning away his fat, then this would indicate possible steroid use since packing on muscle during a cut is much easier with these products. Jones, however, did not pack on any additional mass.

Gains Throughout the Years

Taking a peek at someone their ‘gains timeline’, their results throughout the years is a great way to spot potential steroid use.

For example, someone starts working out and gets great results, then they hit a plateau and after a while, they experience massive gains out of the blue. In this case, steroid use is likely.

However, let’s say someone gradually slow muscle throughout the years then it’s likely that they’re a natural bodybuilder.

Below you can see a couple pictures of Chris Jones throughout the years. He was already in great shape back in 2009, then he is said to have bulked for an entire year which becomes obvious in his 2010 picture as he packed on fat as well. This is possible natural, if he were to have gained the same weight in pure lean muscle something fishy would’ve been going on.

One year later in 2011, Chris was in great shape and he’d lost 33 pounds, from the picture we can tell that it’s obvious that he had shredded the fat he’d packed on when bulking. His ’11 physique is definitely natural because of the chain of events.

Chris Jones is obviously someone who believes in eating to get big as he’d packed on quite some fat in 2010. One reason people use steroids is that they don’t want to or can’t get that fat for a bulking phase.

Great Genetics

Black males on average have higher natural testosterone levels compared to Caucasian and Asian men, allowing them to pack on muscle mass a bit quicker. When this gift from nature is combined with hard work and dedication a lot of muscle mass can be built.

The Verdict Is In

Chris Jones has never shown any typical steroid tells. His measurements are great, but nothing crazy. Secondly, his gains were made steadily throughout the years, not within a short period of time. We do think genetics have played a role in his success, as goes for Mike O’Hearn.

Do note that good genetics still require someone to put in a lot of work!

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