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Chris Hemsworth: Steroids or Natural?

Chris Hemsworth is an actor known for his roles in Thor and Ca$h. Some people think he’s used steroids for his signature physique. Did he?

Chris Hemsworth steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Chris Hemsworth is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Did actor Chris Hemsworth use anabolic steroids to get in shape for his role as Thor? Many of you asked us to find out if he did. Today we’re going to find out if the actor juiced to become an Asgardian.

The bodybuilding forums seem to be convinced the actor has had help from performance-enhancing drugs. The most common argument is “he packed on too much mass”. However, just this argument is not convincing enough to conclude he’s using steroids.

Pointing at someone their muscle mass and claiming they must be on steroids is not enough evidence. Many individual aspects such as genetics must be taken into account. Every athlete has their own limits.

For example, there are guys that workout for 20 years and still have similar physiques to genetically blessed teenagers like Mike Thurston.

What people tend to forget is that bodybuilding is largely determined by factors like genetics. Unfortunately, hard work will allow you to build the best version of yourself, but it won’t turn okay genetics into great genetics.

Does Chris Hemsworth fall into the great genetics category or did he get help from steroids?

Gains Timeline

Chris added around twenty pounds of muscle mass before featuring in Thor.

A great way to detect steroid use is analyzing a bodybuilder their gains throughout the years. A ‘gains timeline’ can help us find a moment when someone suddenly packed on a lot of mass out of nowhere. If the gains don’t match the usual time frame needed steroid use is likely.

Firstly, let’s check how Chris Hemsworth looked before Thor. The picture below is from Ca$h, one of his previous movies.

Chris Hemsworth Ca$h

Although not as ripped as in Thor, he obviously has some muscle mass. What surprises us is that in an interview with Men’s Health he says he didn’t lift prior to Thor.

This leaves us with the question: How did he gain his mass for Ca$h?

Amazing Genetics 

If what he told Men’s Health is true he was muscular before he started lifting weights. Then if we look at a picture of him from Thor we estimate he’s packed on around 20 pounds of muscle. This is in compliance with what experts consider to be possible for first-time lifters.

Chris Hemsworth would’ve been able to pack on 30-50 pounds of muscle between Ca$h and Thor if he’d used steroids.

Therefore, we have to conclude that if what he say’s about his first time lifting the gains he made between these two movies are most likely natural. However, he must’ve amazing genetics since he already looked pretty muscular in Cas$h.

Furthermore, if you look at 2007 Chris Hemsworth vs Chris Hemsworth in Thor you’ll notice that given the 4-year time frame the gains don’t look artificial.

chris hemsworth home and away

Verdict: Chris Hemsworth Probably Hasn’t Used Steroids

Chris Hemsworth gained quite some muscle for the movie Thor. When we take into consideration the fact that he already had a good amount of muscle due to genetics and he first started lifting in preparation for Thor we must conclude that it’s very likely that these are natural gains.

Furthermore, he didn’t gain an explosive amount of muscle mass out of the blue and he doesn’t show any typical side effects from steroid use. Chris Hemsworth has no gynecomastia, bloating, dry/ flushed skin, bald spots, steroid jaw, etc.

Considering his earlier physiques we think that if Chris had used steroids like Deca-Durabolin he wouldn’t have gained just twenty pounds of muscle, around 40 pounds would be likely.

God, we wish we had this guy’s genetics…

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