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Did Chris Evans Take Steroids for Captain America?

Did Chris Evans take anabolic steroids to pack on 30lbs of muscle for Captain America or are his gains natural? Find out here.

Chris Evans Steroids

Chris Evans never looked particularly buff, but then he appeared in the Captain America/Avenger movies, and everybody started talking about his incredible physique. What was most audible though, was a straightforward question – steroids or natty?

Just remember the Super Soldier scene in Captain America, how awesome it was, with Steve Rogers transforming from a skinny geek to a ripped beast.

That scene was CGI created, but it caused an avalanche of discussions on all sorts of fitness and bodybuilding forums, not to mention on social media. Did he use anabolics? Or is this lean, mean hero machine a product of a lot of effort?

Well, if you ask experts, it’s more than possible to achieve this kind of physique naturally, even for hard gainers. Also, it’s not like he’s insanely ripped, or like he is the same size as his fellow Avenger Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

So Evans is 6 feet tall, and during Captain America, he had 200 pounds and 8-9% of body fat, so he wasn’t too massive for his height; this means that it’s possible for the famous actor to achieve these results naturally. But, just because something’s possible, doesn’t say that it’s also true.

In the comics, scrawny little Steve got an injection that was miraculous. He became super strong, after just one shot. Did Chris Evans go through a similar process? A few steroid injections would give that same effect.

Before we declare our verdict, we shall look into the evidence at our disposal.

Fantastic 4

Evans’ first Marvel Universe experience was in 2005, and then again in 2007, during the Fantastic Four films. You can’t say you didn’t like him as the Human Torch, and the ladies won’t even try to deny that they love the fact that he took his shirt off more than once. So, he was already in decent shape, and, what is more important, he had an amount of mass very similar to what he has today. Just pay attention, and compare Johnny Storm to Steve Rogers, and you will notice that six years made little to no difference.

According to some articles, Chris Evans had to gain 20-30 pounds of muscle to become Captain America, which is pretty impressive. But, when you have in mind the fact that Henry Cavill had to add 15 pounds for his role of Superman, it is clear that Evans didn’t add this much because he’d be a lot bigger than he was in Fantastic Four.

chris evens young

What is more likely, is that Chris forgot all about working out until he got his Captain America role, and then he put in some serious effort to regain his Human Torch figure. In that case, it’s is entirely possible for him to gain 20 pounds within a few months. Another fact that speaks to this theory is Chris’ movie Puncture, where he was a lawyer, and where he was in very similar shape to that in Captain America.

But, Did Chris Evans Use Steroids Before Fantastic 4?

To us, it’s undeniable that this actor did not use steroids for his role of Captain America. Why? Well, he is pretty much the same size now, as he was in 2005 when the first Fantastic Four movie came out. Also, he didn’t get any bigger, or leaner.

So, ok, he didn’t use anabolics for his Captain America role, but is there a chance that he used it to become muscular in Fantastic 4? Since he isn’t exactly a beast in that movie, we doubt it, but, there’s a possibility.

We checked his topless photos from Cellular (2004), and Another Teen Movie (2001), and nothing. He didn’t suddenly become big at one point. We can notice some newbie gains, but nothing more.

No Symptoms

Evans has smooth looking muscles, no gynecomastia, no signs of bloating, no skin redness, no signs of hair loss.

When people use steroids, their skin tends to deteriorate, because anabolics are responsible for a decrease in collagen levels. Your skin needs collagen to look smooth and to be tender.

Another side effect of steroids is hair loss, which comes with a rise in DHT levels. Anyone can see that the actor in question has a good head of hair.

Chris Evans has natural muscles that look smooth. When people use Winstrol, Anavar or Trenbolone, they have that cut look, because those are diuretic steroids, and they flush the water out. That’s what causes the “dry” look.

When someone uses steroids, they tend to darken his skin, because anabolics elevate the body temperature. We can’t see a single sign of that when Chris is in question.

And, last, but not least, bloating. Bulking steroids will add to your size, but they will also cause bloating. If you look at Chris, you will see nothing of the sort – he has a small waist and a slim face.

The Verdict Is In: Chris Evans Doesn’t Use Steroids

Even though many people accuse Chris of taking anabolics, we are entirely confident that he is altogether natural. And, it was a straightforward analysis, since this man didn’t make a significant gain since 2004.

Seriously though, this actors’ physique is impressive proof that people can accomplish a lot, without sacrificing their health. He looks great, lean, muscular and pretty big, without having a lot of muscle.

And his secret is no secret at all. Once you have under 10% of body fat, you will look more prominent.

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