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Chris Bumstead: Steroids or Natural?

Chris Bumstead is a potential future Mr Olympia according to Generation Iron. Does this promising bodybuilder use steroids or is he natural?

Chris Bumstead steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Chris Bumstead is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Chris Bumstead is a professional IFBB bodybuilder from Canada. The twenty-one-year-old was named ‘potential Olympia champion’ by Generation Iron. Talking about high expectations!

Aesthetic Chris stands out in an industry dominated by bloated giants, a look that’s losing popularity. Bumstead’s generation seems to prefer the classic 70’s bodybuilder physique, a slim waistline, and big chest.

Chris Bumstead is fully aware of this trend and regularly shows off his non-bloated stomach by posting photos of himself pulling his stomach in a vacuum.

Drug Testing History

In order to become a certified professional bodybuilder, Chris Bumstead competed with the CBBF. Canada’s official federation of bodybuilding states that they conduct drug tests on their website.

From what we’ve heard their drug testing policy can’t be taken seriously since many competitors don’t get tested. A colleague Canadian bodybuilder, ‘Steve D.’ says the following about the CBBF:

“Back in the day, they used to randomly test at our provincial show when I was back east. Since then, they’ve changed things around and no tests are done unless you’re in the tested stream.”

A natural federation its drug testing policy may only be considered good when all participants get tested. That’s because otherwise, steroid users may be able to compete.

We suspect the CBBF only tests a few bodybuilders in order to gain a clean reputation.

Steroids Symptions

Chris Bumstead shoulders

Boulder Shoulders

3D shoulders typically indicate steroid use because they’re extremely hard to build naturally.

The reason steroid users can build huge shoulders is that the delts relatively have a lot of androgen receptors. Steroids are androgenic and thus they have a lot of impact on androgenic muscle groups.

As the picture above shows Chris Bumstead definitely has 3d shoulders, which raises our suspicion.

Bad Skin

As most of you probably are aware steroids can cause acne because they promote oil production. After taking steroids that are of androgenic nature the sebaceous glands go into overdrive.

Steroids > Oily skin > Acne

Red Skin

Red or flushed skin is another typical side effect of steroid use which we often see in Chris Bumstead.

Steroids are thermogenic and can cause internal temperatures to rise which gives the skin a red appearance, especially in the chest area.


From what we’ve seen there’s a high probability that the Canadian bodybuilder uses steroids. 1. He has 3D deltoids, 2. He has acne, 3. His chest is flushed.


Judging by Chris’s physique we think he has used Trenbolone.

Firstly, his body-fat percentage is in the single digits and he’s super jacked. Trenbolone burns away fat and helps gain muscle mass without retaining water.

Secondly, Acne is a possible side effect of Tren use and it’s the steroid most bodybuilders use to build big shoulders.

Trenbolone also makes it easier to get muscle striations as Chris Bumstead has in his chest.

Furthermore, Tren helps gain tons of muscle mass which makes sense considering how big the bodybuilder is.

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