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Brock Lesnar: Steroids or Natural?

WWE Superstar and former American football player Brock Lesnar is super buff. Does the wrestler juice or is he all natural? Let’s find out. 

Brock Lesnar steroids

No matter where you support him, the man-mountain that is Brock Lesnar delivers. During his football run with the Minnesota Vikings, he achieved a range of impressive scores. The first of these would be him bench pressing 225 pounds for 30 reps. He followed this up by running a 40-yard dash in 4.65 seconds. And finally, he had the vertical jump that reached 35 inches. All of these are impressive results for this six feet three tall, 286 pounds massive beast.

Even during his Vikings days, Lesnar was a force of nature. Someone you’d not want to irritate or try to challenge. But it’s his presence at the WWE that confirmed these words as fact. As a wrestler, Brock Lesnar managed to beat both John Cena and The Rock. That earned him the championship at 25, making him, at the time, one of the youngest champions in history. Naturally, it was only uphill from there for Lesnar. When he started in MMA, he beat Min Soo Kim. Later matches would see him face Frank Mir and Randy Couture. Defeating these gentlemen earned him the title of UFC heavyweight champion.

No matter how you slice it, Brock Lesnar is a massive force to be reckoned. However, his physique and track record got him in hot water, as people kept on wondering if Lesnar took steroids. Is his impressive frame natural, or did the big giant get some substance help? Join us as we try to find out.

Absence of Denial

Now, this in and of itself is not proof of anything, but it’s a great start. When asked about the topic in 2016, Brock Lesnar responded with ‘I’m white, and I’m big. Deal with it.’ This statement he followed up with ‘What do you want me to say?’ And really, what can an athlete say in this situation? Admitting to using an enhancing substance means the death of your sports career. So, at a bare minimum, you can understand Lesnar’s lack of concrete response.

However, this is also a telling sign. Lesnar never outright said ‘I’m not using enhancements’ or ‘I’ve never used steroids before.’ The words ‘what do you want me to say’ are just as telling. These are words that come out of the mouth of someone under a lot of pressure. Or, potentially, someone hiding something important. In other words, him replying with ‘what do you want me to say’ is halfway to an admission itself.

But as we stated in the first sentence of this section, this is hardly concrete evidence. For that, we have to dig a bit more deeply.

Examining Brock Lesnar’s Body

One cursory glance at the man tells you that his muscles don’t LOOK natural. Brock Lesnar is stacked, yes, but he looks hugely bloated. It’s as if his body is trying to retain a lot of water, which is the case with most steroid users. His gut matches the guts of athletes on Human Growth Hormones, or HGH. Furthermore, there are his cobra-like trapezii (or ‘traps’ – no, not the anime kind, the kind us Bulk Hulks flex).

Another, more evident sign of steroid use, is Lesnar’s skin tone. While he might be ‘white and jacked,’ as he puts it, he usually looks pink-to-reddish. This effect is the result of high bodily temperature. The man might be too hot to handle. Using steroids can spike up your blood pressure and body heat, making you both red in appearance and far sweatier than usual. Lesnar’s sweat level is also pretty obvious from his photos alone.

But again, these might not be evidence in and of themselves. So let’s dig even further and see the timeline of Brock Lesnar’s growth.

His Transformation

Their transformation is probably the best way to judge someone’s physique and spot potential steroid use. Brock Lesnar is a Minnesotan child of a farmer. If any of you readers have happened to ever work on a farm, you know very well what that means for your body.

Farm work is intense, requiring a lot of work with your whole body. Naturally, you would be physically fitter than your non-farmer peers, and this is true for Lesnar. One look at the picture of a 15-year-old Brock says it all – that’s a robust and healthy adolescent boy.

But just one year later, at 16, Brock Lesnar is 80lbs heavier. Eighty pounds! In a year! That cannot be achieved by farm work alone. Or intense training, for that matter. No, this is probably a combination of steroids and a fierce increase in food intake.

Someone with a naturally bulkier build would be more significant than Lesnar at 15, but would also grow into a bigger man gradually. Lesnar, on the other hand, gained an insane amount of weight in a short period. Besides, him juicing as a teenager would make sense, as most teenagers set on having that perfect body start at around the age of 15.

However, there is more concrete, more damning evidence of Brock Lesnar roiding it up.

Steroid Drug Testing

Brock Lesnar mugshot.jpg

In the mid-summer of 2016, Brock Lesnar fought and won against Mark Hunt. However, he failed no less than two drug tests at the time, one before and one after the fight with Hunt. The substances he used were anti-estrogens clomiphene and hydroxy-clomiphene. You would typically use these after a steroid cycle, mainly to get your testosterone production back to normal. On a side-note, Lesnar wound up paying a $250.000 fine for this, followed by a two-year-long suspension from wrestling.

Fifteen years before this, however, Lesnar was arrested for allegedly possessing steroids. Four months after this he was let go because what he had were growth hormones, which don’t count as steroids. That might not seem like evidence that he used steroids, but think about it – if he’s not opposed to using growth hormones, what’s stopping him from using actual steroids?


Both direct and circumstantial evidence point to Brock Lesnar using steroids, and that he has done so since at least early high school. Well, imagine my shock, as Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars tends to say. What makes us confident of this verdict, though? Well, four particular elements. First off, he has apparent visual symptoms of a steroid user, with his gut, skin colour, and face. Next, when you look at his timeline, all signs point to him using enhancement substances as a teenager. Furthermore, the man himself never denied taking steroids in the past. Lastly, Lesnar got caught and fined for using anti-estrogens.

Yeah, there’s no dodging this – Brock Lesnar probably used steroids.

Possible Stack

As stated earlier, Brock Lesnar has what seems to be HGH gut. Naturally, this means he used growth hormones, which got him into police custody. Other telltale signs of HGH use are the head size, as well as nose growth – both likely with Lesnar. HGH promotes tissue and bone growth, so using it will give you a more massive noggin.

His massive traps you can explain away with a combined intake of HGH and insulin. Judging by the white mountain’s HGH history, this is possibly the case.

But his massive gains probably didn’t come about with HGH and insulin alone. For this, Lesnar had to have used bulking steroids, and several fit that bill. Those are Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, and Anadrol. Both Dianabol and Deca Durabolin would give Lesnar the thick, full-looking musculature he has. But Lesnar appears to be retaining a lot of water. With that in mind, Anadrol would be fit, as it is known to build mass quickly and keep the excess water.

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