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Brandon Carter: Steroids or Natural?

Brandon Carter is a fitness entrepreneur known for his amazing transformation that has people wondering if he’s natural or on steroids. 

Brandon Carter steroids

Amazing abs and chiselled muscles are highly-coveted features in the bodybuilding industry. So, when someone like Brandon Carter appears, most people wonder if his transformation is natural or not.

Brandon Carter is a fitness model, as well as an entrepreneur. He is a personal trainer who has transformed thousands of physiques worldwide. In the meantime, he also became a best-selling author as well.

There is something in his physique that reminds us of Dwayne Johnson. But, there are some similarities with Terry Crews as well.

Even though he is only 34 years old, his resume is more than impressive. As a model, he worked with famous brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas and Men’s Health. Furthermore, he also became a self-made millionaire before the age of 40.

But, an investigation of his gains is due. Did Brandon Carter take steroids to bulk up or is he just blessed in the genetic department? If you want to know the verdict, then keep reading.

His Measurements

First, we checked his stats. Brandon Carter is over 6ft tall – 6ft 2, to be exact. But, he is unusually light – he weighs only 190lbs. If you know how steroid users look like, then you also know that most of them are carrying a lot of water weight. That accounts for up to 20lbs of water retention during a steroid-taking cycle.

Natural Claim

The Internet trolls have a field day every time someone accuses a bodybuilder of steroid use. So, if he doesn’t deny it, it is almost as if he’s admitting it.

Brandon denied the use of steroids in a YouTube video, but as you all know, most bodybuilders would lie about this. Therefore, we cannot just take his word for it.

Drug Dealer

Brandon Carter had a tough life. He always wanted to be rich, and this led him to make some wrong choices in his early life. He started dealing drugs, thinking it would bring him the wealth he has always wanted.

Even though he revealed unpleasant facts from his past on his YouTube channel, it still doesn’t mean that he is not juicing. Our research has shown that most bodybuilders, who have dabbled in drug dealing in the past, are using steroids as well.

Take, for example, Sly Stallone and his HGH smuggling attempt. And, Josef Rakich, a well-known personal trainer, was even busted for dealing mephedrone.

It looks like drug dealing leads to steroid use, at least on the bodybuilding scene. However, just because we have other examples, it does not mean that Brandon Carter is doing the same thing. Let’s see if there is anything else associating him with steroid use.

Impressive Transformation

Brandon Carter transformation

If you want to check if someone is using steroids, compare their progress photos. Fortunately, for this investigation, we found a picture of Brandon when he was 16 years old.

That picture tells us everything we need to know about his puberty. He wasn’t an adult yet, but he was already lifting weights at that point. Thus, he had visible muscle definition, although it’s because he has fantastic genetics.

Brandon Carter says that he was doing home workouts in 2012 and that he didn’t want to look too bulky – just lean and fit. Nevertheless, after he got a gym membership, his physique changed.

The difference in his weight is the most significant clue we have so far. He only gained 20lbs in two years, and that’s just because he started training hard – like a real bodybuilder.

So, we cannot say that Brandon Carter looks like he has been using steroids. If he had taken steroids, the changes would have been a lot bigger, and he would have reached his full muscular potential in a blink of an eye.

But, Brandon’s physique hasn’t changed much since 2015, so we can honestly say that there’s nothing unusual about his gains.

Side Effects

Most steroid users are easily recognised, especially if they have some of the most common steroid side effects. Those are steroid gut, massive deltoids or traps, and acne. Steroid bodybuilders also suffer from gynecomastia, and their vascularity is usually quite prominent.

But, while examining Brandon Carter his photos, we couldn’t find any of these symptoms. The only thing that caught our attention is his midsection.

It is smooth, which can indicate steroid use water retention. However, the difference between Brandon’s modelling days’ body and his midsection today is minimal.

It just seems like he is retaining some water, but it’s not anything unusual. We examined his eating habits and discovered that Brandon is a fan of intermittent fasting.

Eating for only a few hours every day, and then fasting, can lead to water retention. Nevertheless, Brandon’s midsection is not smooth enough to make us say that he is using steroids.

Shredded 365

Brandon Carter physique

In the bodybuilding community (and on the Internet), there is an absolute myth going around. It seems as if everyone thinks that you cannot stay lean all year round if you are not using steroids.

Like we already said, that is a myth that’s making people think Brandon Carter is on steroids. However, the answer to his all-year-round leanness is simple: he’s not overeating.

If you eat maintenance calories over the year, there’s little to no chance at all that you will lose your gains. What’s more, Brandon has only 8% of body fat, which isn’t that difficult to maintain.

All you have to do to maintain your physique is to have enough willpower and knowledge about nutrition. Eating right and not overeating might be impossible for some people – but it’s doable.


Given the fact that Brandon Carter gained his bulk slowly and that he has healthy nutritional habits, our final verdict is that his muscles are all natural.

The muscle growth is not extreme, and when you compare his 2012 photos with his body today, there isn’t anything unusual. He is big since puberty, and that’s long before he ever laid eyes on a gym or a dumbbell. Therefore, the only logical answer is that he’s gifted with fantastic genetics.

Nevertheless, if you want to look like him, don’t get discouraged right away. You can still get the same results, but you have to be diligent and a gym rat. It might take a bit longer, but it is not impossible.

Going to the gym and exercising will result in an incredible looking physique – even if it takes years. However, if you want to use steroids and you think they will help you look like Brandon Carter, then you are in for a rather unpleasant wake-up call.

It doesn’t matter which steroids you take, or how careful you are. Brandon Carter his body is natural, and nothing beats that.

Hence, one thing is for sure – building muscle mass is not easy. But, even if you do not have perfect genetics, you can achieve a lot with proper nutrition and training. These three factors are the bodybuilding dealbreakers so you cannot expect results if you are not ready to commit.

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