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Does Bradley Martyn Use Steroids?

Bodybuilder and Youtube superstar Bradley Martyn is a fitness icon. Some of his fans wonder if he has used steroids to build his physique. Did he?

Bradley Martyn steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Bradley Martyn is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Bradley Martyn is one of the few bodybuilders that doesn’t appear tiny next to Olympia legends such as Phil Heath.

He is what many people would consider the epitome of masculinity, tall, jacked, and no-nonsense. Basically, Bradley Martyn is the definition of testosterone. The bodybuilder easily benches 405 pounds, with a close-grip.

Bradley is incredibly popular on YouTube where he makes workout related videos in his gym. Furthermore, the bodybuilder has accumulated over 2.000.000 likes on his Facebook page.

His Measurements

Height: six feet three

Weight: two hundred sixty pounds

Body-fat: approximately seven percent

Many fitness enthusiasts seem to be convinced that Bradley Martyn takes steroids since he’s absolutely jacked. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Guys like Simeon Panda prove that you can be buff and natural.

Today we’re going to give our opinion on the matter. How did Bradley Martyn get so big and did he use steroid?

Gains Throughout the Years

Bradley Martyn first started working out back in 2005, he was 16 at the time. 5-years later in 2011 Bradley Martyn went pro when he competed in his first bodybuilding competition with the NPC.

Bradley Martyn transformation

Bodybuilding experts argue that the really big natural bodybuilders must have already been huge in their late teens. Reason being that when you first start lifting you’ll be able to experience the most significant gains due to the new impulses.  If you’ve got great genetics building a huge physique naturally at a young age is possible, look at Mike O’Hearn for example. Mike built his most significant mass early in his teens. This allowed him to steadily grow to his current size.

Steroid users on the other hand usually get big out of nowhere, years after they initially started lifting.

From what we’ve seen it’s pretty clear that Bradley Martyn has good genetics, in 2011 he was in pretty good shape. But, years later he suddenly exploded in size. In our opinion, it’s very unlikely that someone who has been working out approximately six years suddenly makes huge gains without the help of steroids. Usually, a natural bodybuilder that has been working out for so long will only be able to make small additional gains each year, like Mike O’ Hearn.

Tissue Density

Bradley Martyn wallpaper

Bradley Martyn his muscles are super dense. This is something we typically see in Deca users. This steroid helps develop full muscles. If you look at Bradley Martyn his pictures you’ll notice that his arms, shoulders and traps are incredibly full and dense.

Red Skin

Bradley Martyn flushed skin

In some pictures, the bodybuilder seems to have really flushed skin. This is a common side effect of steroids that are of thermogenic nature (they raise the internal body temperature).

Bodybuilding Contests

Bradley Martyn has competed with the National Physique Committee. This federation organizes natural competitions, however, we highly doubt their drug tests are conclusive.

The NPC doesn’t mention anything about drug tests on their site. The NPC does conduct a test, but not at random. This allows juicing bodybuilders to stop cycling just in time to pass the test.

Furthermore, unlike other federations, the NPC doesn’t have a ‘hall of shame’ where they post bodybuilders who failed their test. Just google “Bodybuilding hall of shame” and you’ll get the idea.

Bodybuilders who are accused of steroid use, but want to prove that they’re natural often choose respected natural competitions to prove people wrong, take CT Fletcher for example.

Verdict: Bradley Martyn Might Have Used Steroids

We think it’s likely that Bradley Martyn has taken steroids. He shows several signs of steroid use as mentioned above.

The biggest tell in our opinion is that Bradley gained most of his mass years after he initially started working out. Natural bodybuilders won’t be able to gain a lot of muscle mass after their ‘newbie gains’.

Possible products used:


Deca allows bodybuilders to build full/thick appearing muscles like those of Bradley Martyn. This steroid is mostly used for strength gains. This allows the user to break his/her personal records.


Dianabol is the most popular bulking steroid. Bodybuilders use it to pack on muscle mass faster and to give the muscles a smoother appearance. The smooth appearance makes the user look natural and thus it’s hard to spot Dianabol use.

Most experts agree that these are the steroids Arnold used in his prime. Which wouldn’t surprise use, Bradley and Arnold share many similarities. The most significant one being that their physiques don’t look super artificial.

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