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Ryan Terry steroids

Ryan Terry: Steroids or Natty?

Ryan Terry is a famous IFBB bodybuilder and ex Mr Britain. Did this Brit build his signature physique with the help of steroids? Ryan Terry is a British bodybuilder that has competed against industry heavyweights like Jeff Seid in competitions such as Men’s Physique and Mr Olympia. Ryan got the …

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sergi constance steroids

Does Sergi Constance Use Steroids?

Sergi Constance has taken bodybuilding by storm. The megastar has built one if the most iconic physiques in the sport. But, does he use steroids? Sergi Constance is a twenty-seven-year-old professional bodybuilder from Spain. The athlete has been featured on the covers of several leading fitness magazines such as ‘Muscle & …

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Anton Antipov steroids

Anton Antipov: Steroids or Natural?

Anton Antipov was successful as a model and is even more successful as a bodybuilder. Did he build his physique naturally or with steroids? Anton Antipov is a professional bodybuilder that competes in IFBB competitions. He came to the United States in 97’to pursue a modelling career and he succeeded. …

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Hugh Jackman steroids

Hugh Jackman: Steroids or Natural?

Hugh Jackman is an actor popularly known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies. Did he use steroids to build his Wolverine physique? Ask a random fandom of the Marvel franchise who their favourite character is and many will answer Wolverine. Millions of fans around the world were sad the …

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Chris Hemsworth steroids

Chris Hemsworth: Steroids or Natural?

Chris Hemsworth is an actor known for his roles in Thor and Ca$h. Some people think he’s used steroids for his signature physique. Did he? Did actor Chris Hemsworth use anabolic steroids to get in shape for his role as Thor? Many of you asked us to find out if …

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Matt Ogus Use Steroids

Does Matt Ogus Use Steroids?

Matt Ogus is bodybuilder and fitness entrepreneur with a huge social following. Many of his fans wonder if he’s on steroids or not. We’ve done the research. Matt Ogus is a popular bodybuilder from the United States who became famous back in 2011 when he started his fitness Youtube channel. …

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Donte Franklin steroids

Does Donte Franklin take Steroids?

Donte Franklin is a professional bodybuilder that has competed in natural competitions including INBA and NANBF. However, did he really not use steroids?  Donte Franklin is a builder that was recently awarded the prestigious title “greatest natural bodybuilder” by fitness network Generation Iron. As you might’ve figured this sparked a lot …

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chris jones steroids

Does Chris Jones from Physiques of Greatness Use Steroids?

Chris Jones is a bodybuilder and fitness entrepreneur. In this article, we discuss if he has built his physique with or without the help of steroids. Chris Jones is the founder and owner of the popular fitness Youtube channel ‘Physiques of Greatness’. The bodybuilder often referred to as Chris “beastmode” …

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Mike Thurston steroids

Does Mike Thurston Use Steroids?

Mike Thurston is a British bodybuilder with a huge fan-base. Some wonder, did the athlete use steroids to build his dream physique? Mike Thurston is a twenty-six-year-old bodybuilder from the United Kingdom. The social media star from Leeds starting getting attention back in ’13 when his Instagram page blew up …

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Bolo Yeung steroids

Steroids or Not: How Did Bolo Yeung Become Buff? 

Bolo Yeung is a martial arts film actor. In this article, we review if “The Beast from the East” has used steroids for his signature buff physique. Bolo Yeung, born as Yang Sze, often referred to as “The Beast from the East” and “The Chinese Hercules” is a well-known Chinese …

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sylvester stallone steroids

Did Sylvester Stallone Use Steroids?

Sylvester Stallone fans can’t help but wonder if the buff actor has used steroids to build his signature physique. We found out if he did. A lot of our readers have requested us to do a steroid analysis for the famous Rocky Actor, therefore today we’re researching if Sylvester Stallone has …

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Pham Vu Steroids

Did Pham Vu/ Woodbridge Use Steroids?

Pham Vu (Woodbridge) is a bodybuilder known for his amazing abdominal and trap muscles. In this article, we discuss if the athlete has used steroids.   Pham Vu often referred to as Pham Woodbridge due to a mistake by a popular bodybuilding website who used the name of his hometown …

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Tom Holland Steroids

Tom Holland Used Steroids for Spider-Man Homecoming?

Tom Holland, the actor surprised the fitness world when he appeared shirtless in Spider-Man. Some people say he used steroids for his physique, did he? Tom Holland started out in film acting at the age of 16, having previously acted in theatre. His first film was The Impossible (2012), and …

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Steven Cao Steroids

Did Steven Cao use Steroids?

Steven Cao, the twenty-two-year-old bodybuilder is admired by thousands for his amazing physique. The question is, did he use steroids or is he natural? At just twenty-two, Steven Cao is a pro-bodybuilder and social Rockstar. He’s got an enormous fan base with over 300 thousand followers on the gram. It …

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Kris Gethin Steroids

Kris Gethin: Steroids or Natural?

We’ve had several questions if Kris Gethin is natural? Did the CEO of Kaged Supplements take steroids? We’ve found out that:  If you have heard of Kaged Supplements, the supplements company, then Kris Gethin, a Welsh bodybuilder and CEO, is no stranger to you. Even though his transformations have gained …

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