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Anton Antipov: Steroids or Natural?

Anton Antipov was successful as a model and is even more successful as a bodybuilder. Did he build his physique naturally or with steroids?

Anton Antipov steroids

Disclaimer: This is a subjective review based on evidence found online. We can’t guarantee it to be correct. Furthermore, Anton Antipov is not affiliated with this site nor the products on this site.

Anton Antipov is a professional bodybuilder that competes in IFBB competitions. He came to the United States in 97’ to pursue a modeling career and he succeeded. Anton was signed by top agencies such as Wilhelmina models.

During his modeling career, Anton started working out and fell in love with lifting. The model gradually turned into a professional bodybuilder.

Not only his muscles got bigger, his social media following did as well. Nowadays the bodybuilder has over 1.000.000 followers on Facebook.


Height: 5 feet eleven

Weight: 186 pounds – 193 pounds

Body fat: 7-percent

Career Achievements

After a successful modelling career, Anton Antipov managed to become a successful bodybuilder. He has won several professional competitions with the IFFB and NPC.

The question on many people their minds is if the ex-model managed to win these competitions with or without the help of steroids.

Anton himself claims to be natural. If you comment that he’s a steroid user on his Facebook posts your likely to get a response from the Bodybuilder in which he defends his “natty-ness”.

However, bodybuilders lie about being natural all the time. In order to conclude if he’s juicing or not we have to look at additional factors.

From Model to Bodybuilder

Anton Antipov transformation

Anton was twenty one when he first went to the gym in 2004. Big natural bodybuilders build about 9/10 of their muscle mass in the first few years that they workout. During these years lifting has the most significant effect on muscle growth. That’s why gaining additional muscle mass gradually becomes more difficult.

When you look at Anton in 2002 (left picture) you’ll notice that he already had a bit of muscle mass as a model. Since this picture was shot before the bodybuilder started lifting it’s more likely that he’s natural because he had a good foundation of muscle tissue before he started working out.


Back in 2007, Anton got amazing results, to our surprise he supposedly partied really hard at that time. He eventually stopped the party lifestyle, quit cigarettes and started paying attention to his diet. As a result, his gains got more significant from 2007 on.

Then in 2009, Anton Antipov seemed to have hit a plateau in regards to muscle gains. However, he did burn some serious body fat. This resulted in the bodybuilder going from lean-ish to absolutely shredded, which really enhanced his physique.

We don’t see any gains that can’t be accounted for, everything seems natural. Anton his earlier gains were serious, he then bulked up a bit until he hit his max and maintained this physique since.

Anton Antipov Steroid Tells

Steroid users typically experience some form of side effects like skin that’s flushed, roid gut, huge traps, or extreme vascularity.

Anton doesn’t suffer from these examples, however, he does have the boulder shoulders you often see in steroid users. However, he already had these back in ’02, so it’s very likely he has these due to genetics.

Furthermore, Anton shows signs of Gyno. Gynecomastia, often referred to as ‘male boobs’ is another possible side effect of steroid use. Increased testosterone levels may lead to higher estrogen (female hormone) levels that make your nipples puffy.

Gyno doesn’t have to be the result of steroid use, it’s also very common amongst men going through puberty. Again, Anton Antipov was already suffering from puffy nipples back in 2002, so it’s likely caused by hormones rather than steroids.

Verdict: We Think He’s Natural

Anton Antipov really doesn’t have any typical steroids tells, he slowly built his muscle mass throughout the years. Furthermore, he doesn’t suffer from symptoms such as roid gut. He did suffer from Gynecomastia, but we think it’s very likely this is due to a hormonal imbalance, which many men suffer from during puberty.

A lot of people that think the bodybuilder’s on steroids seem to overlook the fact that the most significant part of his transformation is due to fat loss. As mentioned Anton Antipov his main progress was made cutting. The bodybuilder’s super shredded and the living proof that muscle definition plays an important part in looking huge.

Lastly, if he had taken a steroid like Dianabol between ’07 and ’09 he would’ve been a lot bigger. Just look at Bradley Martyn for an example.

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