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What Side Effects Can Anavar Cause?

So far, Anavar has not gained international recognition yet. Still, some scientists claim that Anavar has the potential to be a very effective drug. Its side-effects are mild compared when compared to other steroids, and its benefits are very apparent.

Anavar Side-Effects

Anavar, scientifically known as oxandrolone, is an AAS (Androgen and Anabolic Steroid). In other words, it’s a testosterone-like steroid hormone that affects the synthesis of complex molecules and catabolic energy in the body.

Anavar is a well-known dietary supplement that helps bodybuilders gain strength and build muscles without having to follow extreme eating regimens. It promotes weight gain, but it does so by intensely burning the fat in the body.

So far, Anavar has not gained international recognition yet. Even though it’s fairly popular in the US, it’s been banned in most parts of the world.

Still, some scientists claim that Anavar has the potential to be a very effective drug. Its side-effects are mild when compared to other steroids, and its benefits are very apparent.

Typical Uses

Overall, Anavar has 2 uses — medicinal and body enhancement.

1. Medicinal Use

Anavar stimulates protein catabolism in the body, so it has the ability to help individuals who suffered an injury. For example, it can speed up the recovery process with burn victims, as well as osteoporosis and anemia sufferers.

And even though it works like testosterone, it can even help women with Turner’ssyndrome and other genetic disorders.

2. Physical Improvement

As we previously mentioned, Anavar tends to burn a lot of body fat. Bodybuilders often use it to gain muscles quickly. And not just that — Anavar can also help men and women lose weight without much effort.

The Side-Effects

All of the side-effects come from the fact that Anavar works almost the same as testosterone. In the next couple of paragraphs, we’ll go through those side-effects and explain them further.

Keep in mind that every person is different, and thus not everyone experiences Anavar the same. Those that have it better will have mild side-effects or none at all. And others might have to endure serious consequences. The point is — all users should be careful when taking Anavar.

1. Hair Loss/Growth

Testosterone causes some of the body hair to grow, and some to fall out. Anavar does the same.

Men who take Anavar might experience hair loss. As genetics plays a big role here, you don’t have to worry about baldness if you don’t have the genetic predisposition for it.

When it comes to overall body hair growth, both men and women might encounter hair loss.

2. Acne

Whenever our hormone levels go up, our bodies go through significant changes. One of those changes being –  increased oil production. And we all know how excess oil affects our skin, especially on our face.

Anavar can cause your face to break out. However, as with hair loss — you probably won’t experience acne flare-ups if you don’t have acne-prone skin.

3. Testosterone Levels (for Men)

It’s no secret that steroid hormones tamper with testosterone production. Every steroid has a different effect on the body, but most of them simply lower the testosterone levels.

Anavar, however, increases the natural testosterone levels when you first start taking it. However, there’s a chance your levels will go down with time if you take Anavar long enough.

4. Virilization (for Women)

There’s one other side-effect, and it concerns women, in particular.

Even though Anavar has relatively mild side-effects compared to other AASs, some women might experience them anyway.

When women take Anavar, they run a risk of becoming more masculine. For instance, their body hair might grow thicker and intensify, their voice might get deeper, and their overall physique might become more masculine than before.

The Bottom Line

Anavar’s side-effects might be relatively mild, but they are definitely not non-existent. Changes like acne and excessive body hair growth are the most common. But if something goes wrong, you could end up with imbalanced hormonal activity, or worse.

Every drug causes a different reaction, and Anavar is no exception. Therefore, I strongly advice people to not use Anavar, the risks are not worth it.

I recommend people to try a safe and legal alternative instead.

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